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  1. Hello @mycel, Welcome to the forum. This is the introductions section. You will have better results if you post in the Identifying Mushrooms section. Have fun!
  2. Welcome to WildMushroomHunting.org, where eating weird fungus we find in the woods is normal.
  3. Its been an odd year. I haven't had much of a chance to get out and forage this year. When I did it was slow. We had no rain for a while. Then it rained and I didn't get a chance to forage. Now we're in a dry spell again. Oh well, I just hope we get a little rain so I can get my easy picks... the Miatake in the front yard.
  4. Hi @Briar Piper. Feel free to post them here but if you're going to post a whole years worth of finds, it might be easier to upload them to an album on imgur.com, then link to that album here. Thanks for sharing your finds. That is a lot of variety. Its cool to get to see them that close up.
  5. Hello @dondford@gmail.com. We're glad to have you. There are some very knowledgeable foragers here who are glad to help out. Have fun!
  6. Thanks for sharing. My wife asked me if I new what the death cap was recently. She had read a story about a bunch of people in California eating these (recently?). It sounds like conditions are good for them to grow this year in California.
  7. It was attached to the wood. Its hard to tell but when I saw it, it looks almost like it was attached in a small hole on the wood. I'll have to keep an eye out in the area for more like this and look more closely next time.
  8. Wow, that looks like a prime morel environment. I need to look for some past burns in my area.
  9. Thanks for the insight @Dave W. At least it was still neat to see :-)
  10. I'm going through photos I took last year and realized I may have unknowingly taken a photo of a cordyceps. However, I've never found one and until now, I didn't even know they could be found in Minnesota. After seeing the photo, I decided to do a search for "cordyceps minnesota" and came up with a little but not much. All I have for info is about the location since we're still there quite often. There is a lot of white pine and oaks. I believe this is an oak branch that broke off a tree. I could be wrong. I don't know my wood grains very well. So does this look like a cordyceps or just a sprout of an off chance seed landing?
  11. Nice find. I love how some mushrooms peal away from the bulb so cleanly like this one. I've never (knowingly) found or tried eating this mushroom. The color and look of the skin reminds me of stink horns that I see pretty often. It probably doesn't smell or taste like one but I have to ask, how does this taste? What flavors are there?
  12. Some of them look like they were fresh enough but looks can sometimes be deceiving. It sounds like you took a look at the gills to determine their health. That is how I decide if I'm going to eat them. And if I find some, I usually make them within an hour of harvesting. Although, I've only had Coprinus comatus (shaggy mane). The mushrooms you found might be a little different as far as how long they stay edible after harvesting. I'm curious, what camera were you using? It almost looks like you had an IR filter on the camera. It looks kind of cool. Just curious :-)
  13. This forum thrives because of two things. First, we have a great community of people who want to learn and also share what they know. Secondly, there are members of our community who are willing to help keep it going by giving donations that help cover the expenses of running the site. Below is a list of those who offered to help with funding this site. Thank you for your contributions, they are all greatly appreciated. If you are interested in donating, just scroll to the bottom of this page for options. Donor List 2018 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- anonymous $20 anonymous $20 @bobby b $20 @catphysh $25 2017 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @vitog $20 (May) @bobby b $25 (May) @The Mushroom Whisperer $40 (June) Anonymous $20 (August) @nh_heart $30 (Sep) Anonymous $10 Anonymous $5 Anonymous $20 @Nick clapham $1 2016 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- vitog $20 (Sep) Anonymous $30 (Sep) Yergadera $7 (Sep) tautautau $5 (Sep) shroomersue $10 (Sep) alooney11 $5 (Sep) Anonymous $20 (Sep) Anonymous $25 (Sep) my_silly_M $20 [0.3291260 Bitcoin] (Oct) John Smalldridge $20 (Oct) jsalva $25 (Oct) 2014 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gary Gilbert $20 (July 2014) Mark Curtis $20 (Sept. 2014) Douglas Hopkins $25 (Sept. 2014) Vitalius Gudaitis $20 (Sept. 2014) Anonymous $5 (Sept. 2014) Data Image $10 (Oct. 2014) James Davis $40 (Oct. 2014) 2013 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scott C $10. (Aug. 2013) Sunny_One $25. (Aug. 2013) theplanets $20. (Aug. 2013) dakotabob $25. (Aug. 2013) wurdmeister $10. (Aug.2013) Vitog $20. (Aug. 2013) Scott C $40. (Sept. 2013) 2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anonymous $25. (July 2012) Sorin Galiceanu $5. (July 2012) Morel Hunters $20. (July 2012) Sue Manester $15. (Aug 2012) Heather Campbell $5. (Aug. 2012) Patrick Harvey $20. (Aug. 2012) drfugawe $20. (Aug. 2012) Cineri Wine $20. (Aug. 2012) Jonkotowski $20. (Aug. 2012) Vitalius Gudaitis $20. (Aug. 2012) Tasso $20. (Aug. 2012) William Pieper $50. (Aug. 2012) Jon Rapp $20. (Sept. 2012) DaveW $20. (Sept. 2012) Sunny_0ne $25. (Sept. 2012) Paul Wallace $10. (Sept 2012) George Sayers $10. (Sept. 2012) Jack Koslowski $10. (Nov. 2012) 2011 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zora $240. to get us started (Sept. 2010) this will keep us going until Sept 21, 2011 when we have to do it all over again! Heather $10. (April 2011) Feral Boy $10. (April 2011) Puzzledmattie $20. (April 2011) Tasso $25. (April 2011) DaveW $20. (April 2011) Anonymous $40. (April 2011) Jack Skrceny $20. (July 2011) Paul Calvert $100. (July 2011) Vitalius Gudaitis $20. (July 2011) Zora Naron $50. (July 2011)
  14. Thanks @Dave W thats what they look like to me. Aspen and Birch are often mixed in our area. I'm guessing he was just looking at it wrong. I find these mushrooms all the time but have never seen them with what appears to be a stem. I've just never been lucky enough to find them that young :-)
  15. @Sherwood, I agree. I don't think its too big a deal though. I think I'll pass on the ID on this one. He sent this to me from work and probably won't be getting more pics. @Old Oak, thats what I was wondering. Even with the poor photo, it doesn't look like a birch to me. But that's what he said it is and he's an outdoorsman... I'd hope he knows the difference between a birch and an aspen lol.
  16. A friend of mine sent me a photo of these little guys to ask if I could ID them. I've been looking online a bit for oysters or shelf mushrooms that grow on birch trees... I keep going back to Pleurotus ostreatus but its hard to say. The ones in the photo are pretty young still and I've never seen anything but Piptoporus betulinus (birch polypore) growing on Birch in our area. This one is throwing me a bit. Any help is appreciated. The photo was taken in northern MN.
  17. Someone posted on a forum I'm in, called "What Is This Thing" asking what this "thing" is in side their house. I'm not sure where to place this... is it still a wild mushroom since they didn't intentionally grow it in their home? :-D
  18. As others have said, smart phones are pretty good for this. I had a Nexus 5 which I could take ultra close up photos of bugs with. I could get about an inch away and then zoom in. Now I Have a OnePlus 2 which has about as good of a focus distance. The The Nexus 5 probably isn't the highest pixel ratio anymore. The OnePlus 2 shoots in higher resolution than my old Nikon DSLR (around 3000x4000 px) and I don't have it set to the highest resolution at the moment. Its still ends up being around 5°F in northern Minnesota right now. So no bugs to take photos of yet. Note: The field of view (object in focus & everything else out of focus) is natural. I didn't use an app or filter for this. Here are some examples: Snail and Mushroom Chrysalis Some Beatle I've Seen on Bear Poop... this time on a big Lego Some weird bug on my knuckle Moth on my Dirty Finger (worked on a car that day) One of my favorites: a lady bug larva eating a worm
  19. I got excited for a moment... then I looked out my window and remembered there is still snow out there. Thank you for giving us all hope for spring :-)
  20. @ladyflyfsh, I'm happy to hear this. Living mobile seems like a great way to go. It sounds like a never ending adventure. Have fun out there. I hope you catch a lot of fish and find a lot of mushrooms :-)
  21. Wow, I've never seen it grow straight out that far. Thanks for posting. Even though I'm late to the game, I'm going to just say that it appears to be chaga to me too.
  22. Thanks for joining. Looking forward to seeing some finds from FL. I've wondered what grows down there :-)
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