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  1. From my limited knowledge, lobster mushrooms are normally a mushroom that has been attacked by a parasitic fungi. One of my favorites though. But I should add that I have never found one, I have bought them from a couple of shops .
  2. Very nice.! I also miss those blackberries.. Something is eating them as soon as they get ripe! šŸ˜—
  3. Thanks John.. She just turned 80, but no stopping her from shroom hunting! šŸ˜„
  4. Took my mom with me on our shroom hunt last Wed., and she has found 6 ticks so far . Lone stars all .They don't seem to like me much as I have only found 1 .But mom had to go to the Dr to have one removed. Use that deet ! Just a heads up .
  5. Well, got out for a chant hunt here in northern Va. today, and found a few buttons, they have started to pop but will wait another week to go back out. The little cinabars were up, but it takes a lot to amount to a handful.šŸ˜„
  6. I agree with Evan . You might try cutting the very outside rim, but the rest will be too tough to eat.Personally, I don't care for chickens,but that is just my opinion.
  7. Thanks Cajun! Good to be back! Still want to get back down to La. ! Need to catch some reds and specks ! Love them mud bugs too. There used to be a place in Lafayette,that had the best crawfish pie !! Can't remember the name of the place,been a long time.Mattva,that is awesome ! You are just a long stone throw from me, maybe they are up here too ! Will hit my best spot on Wednesday.. Will post the results.. Good luck all !!
  8. Well done,and congrats there Cajun ! I have had some serious medical conditions,and have been gone for a long time,even missed morel season.But I am back,and ready to hunt again. I love chants,and they should start up here in no. Va. soon. Thanks for the inspiration tšŸ˜€
  9. If I'm not mistaken, that looks like a very nice Browning there Cajun . Out of my price range, but a sweet rifle for sure ! I've just got an old Rem 700, in .270, but it works well . It's been frozen here since early Dec. , so haven't been out for shrooms in a long time .. Kinda waiting on the morels, as I'm not too fond of oysters .. Good luck on the buck .
  10. Merry Christmas all !! Our kids are all grown and gone ,so Christmas is not what it used to be . But you have to celebrate the reason for the holiday .. Happy birthday Jesus !
  11. I do not offer ID's , as I am no expert, or even closely related to one ! But I must agree with Lilly on this one . It appears to be a polypore .. Maybe buried wood below .. psychedelics ? Wrong forum ..
  12. Brendan, I live out in NW Va. .., and I have found the laws and codes very vague .. I hunt morels in the Shenandoah NP. .. I have been told by several people that I can harvest 2 gallons a day . But I have not seen that in print .. There is a state park not far from here that I hunt occasionally, and there is a sign when you enter that states, no minerals or plants may be removed . But no mention of fungi .. They do allow deer hunting however .. I have been approached by park rangers in the past without any incident, have never been told to stop my hunt ..I have been told by a ranger in the Manassas battlefield, not to remove so much as a leaf though.. I wish I could be of more help, but the laws are vague at best ..
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