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  1. Found in the red mulch along my house in upstate NY . Do mushrooms absorb some of the mulch dye? The mulch and the mushrooms are fairly close to the same color.
  2. Found a couple patches of these in the lawn. I’m in upstate NY about an hour south of Syracuse. Are these to young to identify?
  3. Here is the story too if you don't have a login to the telegraph. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6728349/Woman-diner-dies-hours-eating-poisonous-mushrooms-Michelin-starred-restaurant-Spain.html
  4. The spore print for it. I had a hard time finding good light this morning to take the picture. But this is close. Looked to be a real light brown color.
  5. I found these under a maple tree in a NY state park. I think they might be honey mushrooms?
  6. Other than the bugs, this one and a couple others were really dried out. The edges were real dark and crisp. We have not had much rain lately in upstate NY. Suppose to get a lot of rain this week tho! I am kind of hoping that new ones pop up in the same spot. It's a tough spot because its on a hill and when we do get heavy rain the water seems to run right through the mushroom patch, getting them all muddy or washing them out. I will check again and let ya all know!
  7. There were 4 I didn't end up using because the bugs got to them pretty bad. Pretty sure that one was one of them. I ate some,. and froze the rest.
  8. Thanks guys! I was almost 100% sure they were chants. I've seen tons of posts here about them. Just like posting here to get reassured. :)
  9. Are these chanterelles? Edible? I found them under a big oak tree. The white stems are throwing me off. This one has an attached stem too.
  10. Yep! I've watched his videos too. He has some very interesting videos, worth a watch for sure.
  11. Just a heads up there is a BBC show called The Magic of Mushrooms on Netflix now. It’s pretty interesting with some awesome close up videos of how different spores are released. Neat stuff!
  12. Thank you! Yea, I have been squirrel hunting a lot and have noticed these everywhere! I will be getting a bunch of them to cook with the squirrel next time I'm out.
  13. I believe they are called Lycoperdon perlatum? The spiky outside comes off like crumbs. And the inside is solid white and meaty. I am wondering if the inside of a young amanita mushroom look the same? Or would I see a cap shape? Sorry I didn't take a picture of the inside.
  14. Yeah. I left it tho. I still have a bunch from the huge one I got last year.
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