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  1. Is this a Yellow Gymnopilus I have here? found in Upstate NY at the base of a dying maple tree.
  2. Yep! Sorry. I edited my post to read Meadow Mushroom.
  3. Found these in my lawn in upstate NY. I believe these are edible meadow mushrooms? They donโ€™t stain yellow , or any color that I can tell. Smells like mushroom to me. Maybe a slight black licorice smell.
  4. My sport print looked just like this one. Definitely Blewits! Thank you everyone.
  5. It may be the result of the wet red mulch flakes sitting on the cap. We have been getting a lot of rain this year.
  6. I will update with the results of the spore print tomorrow. Thank you!
  7. I have these growing in my mulch and the closest I could find in my book is Blewit. Everything seems to match with description and fragrant smell. I am waiting on the spore print right now, but if it come back pinkish then is there anything to indicate that they are not Blewits? I am curious to read your thoughts! Edit* - Location: Southern Upstate New York, just outside Binghamton. Edit* 10/10/2021 - Confirmed Blewit Mushroom! Thank you!
  8. Found these in my neighbors yard under a pine tree in upstate NY about an hour south of Syracuse.
  9. Found in the red mulch along my house in upstate NY . Do mushrooms absorb some of the mulch dye? The mulch and the mushrooms are fairly close to the same color.
  10. Found a couple patches of these in the lawn. Iโ€™m in upstate NY about an hour south of Syracuse. Are these to young to identify?
  11. Here is the story too if you don't have a login to the telegraph. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6728349/Woman-diner-dies-hours-eating-poisonous-mushrooms-Michelin-starred-restaurant-Spain.html
  12. The spore print for it. I had a hard time finding good light this morning to take the picture. But this is close. Looked to be a real light brown color.
  13. I found these under a maple tree in a NY state park. I think they might be honey mushrooms?
  14. Other than the bugs, this one and a couple others were really dried out. The edges were real dark and crisp. We have not had much rain lately in upstate NY. Suppose to get a lot of rain this week tho! I am kind of hoping that new ones pop up in the same spot. It's a tough spot because its on a hill and when we do get heavy rain the water seems to run right through the mushroom patch, getting them all muddy or washing them out. I will check again and let ya all know!
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