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  2. Bird-Man

    Private property ethics???

    I read an article that was in a local newspaper written about the recent surge in interest fire wild mushrooms. In it the author admitted to jumping out of her car and harvesting wild mushrooms from someone else's property. Trespassing and theft I say. It is so easy to ask permission. Funny story. My grandparents owned 40 acres in southern Illinois where I would spend all of my summers. One of my uncles was walking down the public road that ran the length of their property when he saw a man with 2 grocery bags full of morels walking out of my grandparent's woods. When my uncle informed the man he was trespassing he apologized and offered to give the morels to him. My uncle declined and told him not to come back without permission. When my grandma heard him tell that story she shouted, "NEAL, YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE MUSHROOMS!!!" Live and learn I guess . 😂
  3. Today
  4. BastedBrew

    Stink horn just for fun

    I delivered a fully developed fruit and two eggs on a paper towel to a co-worker who is a novice forager. Many snapchats and insta-whatevers and selfies followed. 😬 i read something about the French enjoying this particular species of stinkhorn
  5. BastedBrew

    Ink cap?

    5-6 hour print. Almost black to the eye. Second photo edited for vibrancy/saturation with no other modification and shows purple tones. The last photo I tried to backlight to show the print on black. There’s a reddish tone in some light... i can’t make a decision based on your suggestions. They’re both very close!
  6. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Is this a gym?

    I believe Gym's have rusty brown spore prints. Those gills look pretty light, so you may want to try getting a print on black paper, too, in case the print is white.
  7. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Stink horn just for fun

    I have heard the "eggs" are worth eating, but I have not personally attempted to do so!
  8. Scarbro1230

    Is this a gym?

    Found these this morning in damp wooded area growing off of a fallen tree. Need help Identifying I live in ohio Here's the gills. I couldnt get a spore print on white paper
  9. Superduper81

    Identification help

    These are growing in my yard, any ideas?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Dave W

    Ink cap?

    I think these may be a species of Lacrymaria http://www.mushroomexpert.com/lacrymaria_velutina.html . If correct the spore print will be very dark, possibly black. Coprinus/Coprinopsis mushrooms --species of Inky Cap-- have black prints. But I don't see any sign of deliquescing (dissolving into "ink") with these. Also, the caps look kinda broad for inkies. Another possibility, genus Psathyrella. These types mostly have dark purple brown --some almost black-- spore prints. Taking a print on a black surface may help bring out any subtle difference between the print color and pure black.
  12. Evan


    I realize this post is in the wrong place, but this is where it will be seen by everyone. Our silent auction only has a few more days and still no bids. I realize that most of us scroll right past the link after all this time without even thinking. This is just a reminder in case you forgot. I'm sure whoever wins the auction will be very happy.
  13. Dave W


    I think this is a Macrolepiota (classic Parasol). The ornamentation on the stalk looks right... very small dark scales that sometimes form little "chevron" or V shapes. Like has been said, spore print is a good idea here.
  14. Dave W

    Clitocybe nuda/purple wood blewit

    Yup, the light spores of Lepista/Clitocybe nuda appear (almost) white unless you get a nice thick print. Also, I believe I have observed actual variation in the pinkishness/fleshinessm of the L. nuda speore print. Some collections seem to have very light print, even when the print is substantial.
  15. BastedBrew

    Stink horn just for fun

    Another fun find from the walk today. Humming with flies. Not so much fun to look at or smell. Plenty of “eggs” still ready to fruit. Can anyone comment on edibility? I’ve heard yes, I don’t know if I would even if they were delicious...
  16. Dave W

    Ringless honey mushrooms??

    I think so... although the gills attachemnt (to the stalks) seems so variable for this species (Desarmillaria tabescens). These look to have notched/adnexed attachment. Most of what I have seen of this type features subdecurrent to decurrent gill attachment (running down the stalks).
  17. BastedBrew

    Ink cap?

    My hunting grounds are producing a lot of new mushrooms this year (or I’m getting better at noticing) and I’m not familiar with this one. Larger/older specimens cap size 3.5”. These are degrading quickly and are very brittle. Pleasant odor, if a bit spicy. Taking a spore print now. Caps are leathery to the touch, gills are fragile. Old ones turning black around the edges.
  18. Dave W

    Alien or Mushroom Help!

    Fungus on a fungus. The "yellow foam" is probably a species of Syzygites http://www.mushroomexpert.com/syzygites_megalocarpus.html .
  19. Dave W

    Identification on this one???

    Probably growing form buried roots (from a tree that had once been there). I would suggest Polyporus radicatus, except this species does not stain... I think you're saying it stained, fabio...?
  20. Dave W

    White Chanterelle?

    Cuphophyllus virgineus (or something very close... there are a couple other white wax-cap species). http://www.mushroomexpert.com/cuphophyllus_virgineus.html Many years ago, I made the same ID error. White Chanterelle (Cantharellus albidus) is strictly a western NA species. It has a thicker stalk and shallower hymenium (false gills).
  21. Dave W

    Anybody else seen these?

    Monk, do you post on Mushroom Observer at all? It would be interesting to see if anyone else may have an opinion about this interesting collection. It may be useful to dehydrate/preserve one of them.
  22. Dave W

    Chicken of the woods??

    I agree. Not Laetiporus. The elongated pore openings are wrong, and the thick brown stalk is wrong. I think B. berkeleyi, as has been suggested.
  23. The Mushroom Whisperer


    Curious to see the spore print.
  24. BastedBrew


    You’ll need to take a spore print to confirm, but since it was in the yard it’s probably the toxic c. Molybdites/false parasol/“vomiter” if that’s the case, the gills would turn greenish with age and have a green spore print. My experience with the non-toxic parasol vs toxic here: https://wildmushroomhunting.org/index.php?/topic/3539-chlorophyllum-rhacode-shaggy-parasol/
  25. Sherwood


    Found this in the yard today.
  26. BastedBrew

    Clitocybe nuda/purple wood blewit

    Yours looks pinkish on the brown but is a much thicker print than mine. My caps were wet from rain and probably dropped a lot of spores already. I’m going to swing back tomorrow and see if I can get some fresh ones that are drier and try again
  27. BastedBrew

    Grifola Frondosa

    Yup. Hens for sure. I like to peel the ears off like string cheese, poach them in butter and then grill them My only concern when picking hens for consumption is their environment. There is an oak at the base of the alleyway that I share with 4 other neighbors. The concrete drains right into the roots of the tree, so all of our car oil, dirt, road slush and other toxic garbage runs into the base of that tree. Every year it produces huge, beautiful hens that are fun to look at but I won’t eat.
  28. Found these growing in the lawn right against the woods. They say ringless honey grow mid September around here and all descriptions seem to match. I found about 8 clusters. Does anyone have any input?
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