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  2. When I create posts on my phone, there's a button labeled "Add Files", which lets me find photos I've taken already and attach them
  3. You are adventurous person. I wouldn't call our attempt to identify mushroom very solid and identification confident. It is misshapen so some features are not clear. Also whatever caused mushroom misformation may be also not good for a human 😕
  4. Found in hardwood forest in southwest Missouri. Some variety of aminitas, I imagine? Attempted spore print to follow, if I can find a place the kids won't disturb it.
  5. Nice find! Great taste! Love them!
  6. I cooked a few. Nibbled , waited , been 4 hrs and I ain't dead lol . I do believe they are older however. The stems are woody and the caps (some)were dry.
  7. Looks more like old cauliflower mushr
  8. It points toward honeys but may be there are other possibilities. May be others will provide opinion. Also I don't know what may cause such a misform cluster.
  9. Hello all I'm new here, so please forgive any newbie mistakes:) I need help with this ID, if you please, but I can't seem to add the photos. I've tried all the ways I see here, to no avail. Could anyone help me? Thank you!!
  10. Agreed, Mycena haematopus is possible. Mycena sanguinolenta is very similar but grows with conifers rather than deciduous.
  11. Yes, it's an old Bolete. Whether is stains blue or not when slicing it lengthwise will be important for identification. The pores look a little discoloured from age, so it might be difficult to ID. Try using the Bolete Filter if you want to ID it: https://boletes.wpamushroomclub.org/
  12. Mycena sp., maybe haematopus
  13. Good morning. Got white spore print !
  14. To me, it looks more like a rotting Lactarius, but Calvet's conclusions apply to this closely related genus as well.
  15. I found this on the ground in a forest nearby an oak tree. It smells quite strongly and looks like it could be a hen of the woods but I am new to the forgaging world so I thought it would be good to check! Any thoughts are appreciated :)
  16. Ty for your insight. I am trying a spore print on a black plastic plate with just the cap , covered with a glass. How long will it take to see a print ?
  17. You can try to isolate individual mushrooms. If it is honey, spore print will be white and stems have denser outside layer and fluffy inside
  18. What do I need to look for to identify it?
  19. Not a hen. Looks like deformed cluster of gilled mushrooms. Can't tell which, may be honeys
  20. Yesterday
  21. Well got no replies last time I posted this ID request... But found some more the other day, and got some new pics with more detail. -Drop of red on knife edge (center bottom) -Red stain on paper (center) -Fuzzy hairs at base of stem -Younger specimens more pink and white than the brown in old pic Caps were only about 3/4 inch across. Would be interesting to know what this is... with what would think would be an easily identifiable feature... RED fluid.
  22. I found it in the grass , not the forest. Was very curious what type of boletus (am I right?) it is. Thank you!
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