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  2. Renee is on a mushroom spreeeeee! 🍄. Cool find
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  4. wow, lovely color
  5. It's been awhile – we haven't had rain until the past week or so here. I am at wits end. Seems that these would be easy boletes to identify. Found 3 in my yard this morning. Red caps, bright yellow pores that stain blue. Appealing yellow flesh in cap does not stain. Found in FL around oaks and hickory. Distinguishing feature is a flat stipe mainly yellow with pinkish base. No reticulation, kind of slick with a bit of vertical (?) lines to it. Cut stem is stringy and stains lightly. Tubes about ¼ inch in length and appear to be attached but not decurrant. Now about 30+ minutes the cap flesh is bluing slightly.
  6. In Canada we originally had the $1 coin called the loonie because it had a loon on the front, and because people thought it was crazy to switch from paper bills to coins. When the $2 bill was eliminated the creative minds in Canada came up with the term of affection "twoonie". An extension of the popular loonie term. For the record, I among millions of other Canadians, absolutely hated the idea of taking our small denominations and making them into coins. Now....I wouldn't have it any other way.
  7. The photo doesn't really provide any information about its size. A toonie is about 1-1/16" or 27 mm in diameter.
  8. Both of these look like Russulas, most of which are very difficult to identify to the species level.
  9. That is definitely a Lobster Mushroom. Its host is usually Russula brevipes, a large, white, short-stemmed mushroom. The two Russulas that you photographed are probably not the host; there's a green Hypomyces that I often see parasitizing some of these smaller Russulas. It's normally pretty safe to eat Lobster Mushrooms, but you should start with a small amount to make sure that you are not allergic to them.
  10. Yes, that's Clintonia uniflora, a very common lily in BC forests, with its normal metallic blue berry.
  11. I've never seen this one but it looks like Leccinum aurantiacum.
  12. It looks like Lycoperdon perlatum. They puff from a hole in the center of the top.
  13. I agree with svs. It looks like a black staining polypore.
  14. It looks like Hericium coralloides. Supposed to be a good edible.
  15. I usually leave the ones behind that have been splashed on by the rain leaving lots of dirt deposits. They are a real pain to clean. I usually take the time and brush off dirt with pair brushes as oppose to washing with water As Trout mentioned I cut tips off in the field. Today I wasn’t planning on foraging so didn’t have a knife. I just bit the bottoms off and spat out lol. As far as bugs go, if all I’m finding are large buggy chanterelles, I’ll collect them, slice long ways , soak in water , then drain floating bugs, cook and freeze. lol
  16. Finally got out to do some foraging. Didn’t get it too bad from Barry in Acadiana A good soaking produced a nice patch Usually by this time I have a few sweet potato sacks full. Still have a few months to go so no complaints.
  17. Found them in the forest floor... amazing!
  18. Found this in Western NC today in a hardwood forest. The cap is light brown and only about an inch wide. The stem is very bulbous. Very small white pores. No signs of bruising. Any help is appreciated.
  19. Looks like Clintonia. Not positive though.
  20. I included a picture of the trees where all the mushrooms I have posted live in... tonight I went for a walk in the rain and all I could smell was mushrooms and earth. Unbelievable. 😍
  21. Not that I am pretending to know, but I think this is what it is - however i know to be careful about consuming them due to the mushroom they have attached to. How do I know if the Lobster mushroom is safe to eat or not? the bottom mushrooms, and the next ‘clip’ i post were found close by....
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  23. Renee


    Stumbled across this broken mushroom. Looks yummy?? Like a mushroom bought at the store? anyhoo... they are all so beautiful to me 😍😍😍
  24. But look similar... not sure if the same though
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