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  1. John Smalldridge

    Quick walk

    Those are some nice finds Matt! It's been a little dry here but we're supposed to get some rain this week.
  2. John Smalldridge

    Chanties and trumpets OH!

    The thing about trumpets is that they are highly aromatic but very thin fleshed. Because of this I tend to use them in a way that doesn't emphasize the use of garlic or onions. A very plain omelet or scrambled eggs or maybe steamed with rice or as risotto. Nice finds!
  3. John Smalldridge

    Ticks !

    Yeah those blood suckers are nasty. I try to spray clothing around all potential entry points especially shoes socks and pant legs. Hope this doesn't put your mom off to going mushroom hunting again and I also hope that she suffers no ill effects from her tick bites.
  4. John Smalldridge

    Things are looking up!

    Nice photos! The Russula parvovirescens are one of my favorites although I don't find them in much quantity.
  5. John Smalldridge

    Cool looking bolete

    Nice one! To me all the boletes are interesting and fun to find and photograph.
  6. John Smalldridge

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

    Chanterelles are always a welcome find. Glad to see that you're on them Cajun!
  7. John Smalldridge

    today's finds

    Nice finds!
  8. John Smalldridge

    Chanty button 2018

    Cajun, we were very dry until last week and then we had the same system hit us that Matt got and the mushrooms went crazy. Hope everyone has a good season!
  9. John Smalldridge

    Chanty button 2018

    Hey Matt, I got into the woods on 5-31 here in eastern N.C. and there were more chanterelles than you could shake a stick at. I'm sure you'll be harvesting lots soon.
  10. John Smalldridge

    Sad day, yesterday

    Very sad indeed. I never met him, but did rely on his writings and videos of him to inform and encourage me to learn about mushrooms. It's always sad when a enthusiastic educator passes.
  11. John Smalldridge

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas to all the members here! CajunShroomer, you may end up finding some oysters when the snow melts.
  12. John Smalldridge

    Kings on the east coast?

    Here you go. Not true kings but a closely related species. found a few days ago under oak.
  13. John Smalldridge

    about cameras/mushroom photography

    That's a nice camera you bought dualsetters. It's still your talent behind the camera that produces the nice photos. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
  14. John Smalldridge

    Cantharellus cinnabarinus??

    Cinnabars tend to have a spicy flavor when raw.
  15. John Smalldridge

    Cantharellus cinnabarinus??

    Wow! Chanterelles allready! I often find the cinnabars mixed in with C. minor. I still look for interveining and fragrance with all chanterelle species.