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  1. I started doing it as another means to learn more about nature and enhance my self-reliance. I always feel like I should be closer to nature, understand it better, and make better use of it when I can. Mushroom hunting has its own challenge/reward symbiosis like hunting animals and other plants. And yes, they're yummy and promote health. I haven't sold them, but maybe I should. I recently threw away a whole wheelbarrow load of various mushrooms that I didn't eat in time and they got freezer burned. I'm going to do more dehydrating this year and less freezing. I hate seeing them go
  2. Ok. Thanks. I'm not familiar with them. I'll have to look them up.
  3. That one's a beauty. I found several big, prime ones in the last few weeks here in western Pa. I didn't weigh them all, but two that I did weigh were 14.4 lbs and 15.2 lbs. And that's after trimming enough of the bases and underside away in the woods to remove all dirt and debris.
  4. This is mostly an old thread, but I'll use this opportunity to post pics of some mushrooms I've found in the last week or so here in western Pa. I thought it was going to be a bad year for sheepshead, but we got rain just in time, and while I haven't found a record amount, I've found some really nice ones. A week ago I found these. And here they are 6 days later, yesterday, when I picked them. Last year at this tree, they grew a blonde color in the exact same locations as each of these. Does anyone have any idea what determines their color? Rain? Sunlight? I though it
  5. Here's the view from the side. Aside from the shadow, it looks relatively normal this way. And here's the view down the back of the bow as it is now.
  6. Thanks for the info. I checked a few spots here in western Pa over the weekend and found nothing. The ground seems very dry and the springs, and little feeder streams are dried up, even after the rain we got last week. But I'll keep checking.
  7. I'm no expert, but the one in the first picture looks like tinder fungus. Also known as false tinder fungus, hoof fungus, or tinder conk. I have no idea what's in the other two pictures.
  8. Yeah Cajun, I'm working on the snakiest piece of osage I've ever seen. Gonna sinew back it, then put copperhead skins on the limbs and snapping turtle skin on the grip. I don't know if I'll get it done in time for this hunting season, but maybe. Foulhook, that sounds like an awesome day. I live in Butler county and have a camp up in Potter. Your story makes me think of a spot way up on top of the mountain next to my camp, and I've never checked it for chants. If I go up there next weekend, I may crawl up there and check. Like you said, even if you find them too old this year, there
  9. Hi guys. I used to visit here, then my browser got old and gave me fits and wouldn't jive with this site so I couldn't access it. Now I'm using the Chrome browser and it works, and it feels good to be back. Anyway, I don't see any threads or pictures of chanterelles. I know it hasn't been a good year for them here in western Pa because we got no rain when we really needed it, but I kind of expected to log on and see that someone somewhere was having better luck than we are, but no chant pictures? Eventually we got a few days of rain and I made one last trip for them an
  10. Nothing yet here for me in Butler county, although a few of my friends are finding a few here and there. I picked some Dryads Saddles and Watercress two days ago. It's been quite cool at night, but is supposed to warm up tomorrow. I'm going to hit it hard here in a few days.
  11. All very interesting. Boy, you should have seen it Dave... I live in Butler county btw... one day I went way down deep into this area, where I used to bow hunt near some old apple trees, crabapples, hawthorns, and combed it until I was exhausted and frustrated... found nothing, zilch... was taking/busting through the most direct route through the wall of multifora rose to a horse trail that would lead me back in the general direction of the truck. I labored up this steep hill, into the pines, stepped onto the trail, and right there at my feet 2' off the trail, growing in the white
  12. I have a lot to learn about them yet, but found as many morels near trees I hadn't previously heard they were associated with. White pine, aspen, and hawthorn for example. Found some real beauties in the pines, 8-9" tall. And my best spot is all hawthorn trees. Hopefully the weather cooperates this year. Good luck to all.
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