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  1. Staveshaver

    Two types of Chanterelles

    The smaller brown ones look like Appalachians to me too. I found them and smooth chanterelles growing within sight of each other a few weeks ago here in western Pa.
  2. Staveshaver


    Yes those are Chanterelles, but they appear to be far enough past their prime that I wouldn't eat them. I left several hundred in the woods that looked like those, or better, because I felt they were too old, dry, buggy, etc. Like me, it seems you were a few weeks late getting there. How they grow and how long they stay 'fresh' depends on the weather and temperature. They often grow in the same spot every year though, so be ready next year and get there earlier.
  3. Staveshaver

    good hunting

    Thanks so much Matt. I'll keep that in mind. Not too many places I can think of like that around here though. I wonder if they like grey birch? Grey birch I can find... especially up at camp. By the way, I found all of those Chants under shagbark hickory trees. Not more than an oak or two in the distance. They were also concentrated in places that tend to hold onto ground moisture a little longer than most other places. Shaded, facing away from the afternoon sun, washes, near creeks, ground cover, etc. I looked there because it's been dry here lately.
  4. Staveshaver

    good hunting

    Nice. I sure wish I could find some trumpets. I've never seen one. A narrow band of rain came through a few days ago. It missed my house and my chanterelle spots close to home, but the radar showed that it his one of my best spots about 20 minutes away so I stopped today after I left work to check on it.
  5. Staveshaver

    chanties! (and others)

    Vjhebert3, yes, definitely a bow making reference. I went out yesterday for a little while between the raindrops but didn't find any chants.
  6. Staveshaver

    Souther Ohio chanterelle pics

    Nice. I checked a few spots here in western Pa yesterday. Nothing yet.
  7. Staveshaver

    chanties! (and others)

    Ewww, Nice! I've been getting itchy to go look. A little early yet in Pa here, but I'm gonna start looking real soon.
  8. Staveshaver


    Hmmm, I haven't found a ton of them, but I've found dozens, of various stages of growth, and haven't seen bugs in them yet.
  9. Staveshaver

    Morels in Northeast Pa

    Nice ones, Dave. I didn't do too well here in western Pa on morels this year. I was busy when I should have been out there and by they time I got there, they were too far gone. I found about 30 morels total around apple trees, hawthorn and elm. I did find some nice Sulfur Shelf, first one I've found in the spring, and it was in perfect condition. The most tender Sulfur I've ever eaten. Found some Dryad's Saddle and Crown tipped corals too. We're getting lots of rain now, should be something growing in a few days.
  10. Staveshaver

    Morels in Northeast Pa

    Bobby, these were older Hawthorns but healthy. I didn't see any that were dying. There were a few old and dying apple trees at either end of this stand of trees, at least 200 yards between the apple trees, and yes there were a few Morels under the apple trees too, but most of the rest of the trees were Hawthorn and there were morels under many of them. Unfortunately, I was there a little too late and most of the morels were past their prime, but I'll be ready this year. Good luck.
  11. Staveshaver

    Morels in Northeast Pa

    Western Pa here. I've found them under old apple trees, big poplars, and elms, but I also found hundreds of morels last year under Hawthorn trees.
  12. Staveshaver

    Its Almost Time!!

    I'm in western Pa. It keeps teasing us... gets warm and makes us hopeful, then gets cold and snows a couple of inches. It won't be long now though.
  13. Nice. I found some BIG morels under white pines last year... by accident, on my way out of the woods after I couldn't find them anywhere else.
  14. Staveshaver

    What is it about mushrooms?

    I've been a nature nut since I was old enough to wander away from the house. I feel content and at home there. I make primitive archery hunting gear and when I go hunting, I don't just go 'hunt deer' as most do nowadays... I go as a hunter gatherer, hunting any opportunity at any wild game in season, always with an eye for wild edibles or other useful items as well. But mushrooms, especially, have been intriguing me for some reason recently. I think it's like Dave said, a lifelong Easter egg hunt, a challenge, and quest for knowledge. What better reason to spend more time out in the woods?
  15. Staveshaver

    Wild Mushroom Edibility

    Great post, Dave. Thank you.