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  1. Happy Holidays

  2. Happy Holidays

    Belated Merry Christmas!
  3. hello from the buckeye state! Ohio!

    Welcome aboard
  4. Happy Birthday

    Have a fantastic day!
  5. Hedgehogs

    Thank you, and to you, too!
  6. Hedgehogs

    I am completely jealous. They are on my "have to find" (again) list.
  7. Found these today in MA

    Thanks for the response.
  8. Found these today in MA

    How good are lobsters on the plate, BTW? Same question re: Cinnabars.
  9. Hello mushroomers.

    Welcome, Dan
  10. Hello All

    Welcome aboard, Jon.
  11. Hungry NOOB thinks he's found Oysters

    If it's hot there, I'd pick 'em now. If not, then wait until the weekend. There are so many, and I think they're better young, that if it was me, I'd pick now. Also, if they are publicly visible, someone else might beat you to them
  12. Hungry NOOB thinks he's found Oysters

    Oysters. Smell them, they smell like oyster (some people say like balloons). Welcome aboard
  13. Found a caulie!

    Butts in Sauteed, then made into a risotto. /butts in
  14. Hello from Western PA

    Welcome aboard