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  1. Money in the Bankeraceae; Taking a Bite Into Tooth Fungi Description: Noah will explore the Bankeraceae, a group of tooth fungi that include Hydnellum, Sarcodon, Phellodon and Bankera, including the latest changes, and tips on identification of this tricky group. Speaker: Noah Siegel has spent over three decades seeking, photographing, identifying and learning about macrofungi in the US and Canada as well as New Zealand, Australia and Cameroon. He is an esteemed photographer of fungi with a technique that maximizes utility for identification purposes while maintaining a high degree of aesthetic appeal. His photographs have been featured in Fungi magazine, mushroom books and club publications. He is co-author (with Christian Schwarz) of Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast, a comprehensive guide for the northern California coast, and is currently working on a guide to the Pacific Northwest. Noah travels and lectures across America, following the fungi from coast to coast, and everywhere in between.
  2. Glad to hear and Thank you very much Bobby. I will keep uploading videos on my channel on a regular basis. If you like the video, please share with your friends. Thanks again.
  3. Can anyone narrow down to the species of this one? Is it Ganoderma curtisii, or G. lucidum?
  4. Thank you @vitog. It will be great to keep enrich my knowledge of mushroom fungi. Wish to travel to Canada for mushroom foraging one day. I lost my initiatives to travel far due to the Covid situation. 😃
  5. Hello all, I just noticed this "introduction page". I posted right away about a youtube video after I registered my account. Sorry about that. My name is Ming and currently I live in New Jersey. I became super intrigued by mushroom and fungi since 2019. Since then I join the NJ and NY mycological societies to learn about mushrooms and fungi. I love taking pictures and videos of mushroom. Therefore I created my youtube channel very recently about mushroom. I came to the US in August 2009, to continue my education and earned my doctors degree in Chemistry in 2014. I was born and raised in China. My hometown, Guizhou Province, has a big tradition using mushrooms for culinary purposes. I was influenced by this mushroom-loving culture when I was young. It may be the reason why I love mushroom so much at this moment. Currently I work as a scientist in a cosmetic company, and I would like to make friends here. I have great interest in mushroom hunting, especially when observing mushrooms I have never seen before. I join the forum, to learn, and to enjoy the time together as we all have the mutual interest in fungi. Thank you very much! PS: when you feel free, you can always to stop by and watch the videos I make (I only have one now https://youtu.be/lY96uAcSwvc). I will keep updating bi-weekly and try to deliver good-quality content. Best, YM
  6. That's wonderful. I only had truffle oil, but I know it is not real. It is mostly synthetic fragrances in the commercial oils.
  7. They are very pretty! I found similar ones in late fall 2020. Please refer to the following - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/64007438
  8. Beautiful! These oysters (I assume) look wonderful! 👍
  9. Thanks for trolling Bro! 😄 You can find my instagram @Epicmushroomhunter Just not very active on social media. Been a member of NJ/NY mycological association since 2019.
  10. Hello All, I am a new member in this forum. I started a youtube channel about mushrooms. Please come, watch and enjoy the experience! Link Below - https://youtu.be/lY96uAcSwvc
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