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  1. Thanks guys. Those are most likely it. I'm actually done trying to try out new mushrooms, and I tossed them shortly after I made this post. There are just too many dangerous mushrooms, and lots of them are hard to tell apart, so I'll just stick with the edibles that I'm 100% on identifying.
  2. Dude, all I have found this season are tiny specimens too. It's been super hot and dry this season here, and when it does rain, it's not even enough to soak into the ground. This is why I think all my chanterelle finds have been tiny sub par specimens as well.
  3. I suspect mushroom expert is being paid off by Big pharma, because we all know the health benefits of Turkey Tails. They say the same thing in reference to Turkey Tails too on their site, which is pure rubbish! Big pharma doesn't want people to find natural cures. They want to hook everybody on their dangerous addictive chemical cocktails which cause a whole host of negative and sometimes deadly side effects, all while draining your wallet immensely in the process 😉 http://www.mushroomexpert.com/trametes_versicolor.html
  4. Yeah, if you want to go on a trip too 😉 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cluster-headaches-psychedelic-mushrooms_n_5cf7d9e6e4b067df5ca1bde9
  5. Oh, ok, my bad for assuming 😄 Awesome pic Dave!!!
  6. I wish that I could find some that are! There have been some huge ones up the road fruiting under a very old oak tree, now if I could just get to them before the bugs do!
  7. Thanks Dave! Well that narrows it down 😀
  8. I know, I'm going to give up on them, haha!
  9. Croatia, how did I not see this!
  10. Fascinating read Dave! Thanks for sharing that 😀 I would never attempt to eat any mushroom in the Amanita family, even if Alan Rockefeller came over and cooked them up himself, haha! I'm just trying to get identified what all grows around here, because we have a plethora of mushrooms, and I don't know what 99% of them even are. I also like to take a stab at identifying them myself, just to see if I'm right too 😀 You also can't make a mistake with identifying such a deadly group of mushrooms, because that could be fatal! This is why I would never eat any of them at all. And it goes to show you just how different the same mushroom can look/grow, depending on where found, weather, habitat, ect, like you showed.
  11. Ah,there are just tree roots under the ground it's feeding on, if that's what you're worried about. None of my finds were growing directly from the tree. They were off in the grass a few feet from the tree growing off of the underground root system.
  12. Thanks, and I'm sorry to hear that. I have been finding them every time that I go out, despite no rain and horrible heat. Maybe you'll have some luck eventually this year, have some faith 😀
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