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  1. Thanks, that is what I was leaning towards, but I wasn’t certain. I’ll head out to get a spore print today. Didn’t get it the other times because I was out running and couldn’t transport it without overly damaging it.
  2. Found these December 27, in southwestern Ohio. Predominantly hardwood forest, lots of oak, maple, and walnut. I thought they might have been Omphalotus Illudens when I saw them from a distance, but I don’t think so now. There was no distinct odor to these, I haven’t yet tried for a spore print. I did return a few days later to see if there was any distinct color change or growth pattern, but they appeared about the same, maybe a tiny bit larger. I’ve been going through all my guidebooks, but I’m still stumped on this one. Thanks for any help!
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