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  1. svs

    Is this Lion's Mane?

    Looks like it, although I never found one in NJ in spring time, always during fall. From my experience this mushroom starts white (and taste good) while yellowish are older and sometime are bitter. You can taste small piece of fresh mushroom for bitterness
  2. svs


    Not safe. Have you being looking for mushrooms at night?
  3. svs

    Purple ones

    On october 1 I posted Laccaria which looks very similar in shape and color on a cross section but with brownish cap. Consensus was L. trullissata
  4. svs


    Thank you Dave
  5. Could be Tricholoma caligatum
  6. Looks like slippery jacks or similar from suillus family
  7. svs


    Mushroom season in NJ is winding down but some still continue to grow after some freezes and snow. Found those today. It appears that deer have taste for it. Found mostly bits and pieces with very few intact. Spore print in a process but it is likely to be white. Mushroomy smell, neutral taste. Not sure about waxiness. May be. Could be something from Hygrophorus family? Any other suggestions?
  8. svs


    Thank you GCn15. I tried some. It was good but sandy. I face this issue often it NJ with its sandy soil. Some mushrooms are almost impossible to clean out of sand of found on sandy patch.
  9. svs


    Thank you Dave. Yes, I heard about NJ club. I had in mind to join them for couple forays this summer, especially spring one, when they find morels occasionally, but each time I had some scheduling conflict. Hopefully next summer will be more successful.
  10. svs


    Is it from a Hydnum family? Found yesterday in southern NJ in a mixed pine/oak forest day before first hard freeze. Did not see any during summer here. No distinctive smell, mild taste, not bitter. Spore print is white. Relatively small, 2-3 inches in diameter
  11. 2d one may be a Blewit, spore print however is needed to confirm
  12. 2-4 days after the good rain is the best time in my experience for the most mushrooms. If I have to wait full week for one reason or another I usually find many past prime though some may be still OK. I have not noticed a big difference between species.
  13. svs

    Hen of the Woods question

    There are plenty of sand in NJ. I had the same experience couple of times. Now I just leaving too sandy mushrooms including hens behind. It just too unpredictable if it washes out or not. Fortunately I usually find enough hens from not sandy patches. The only exception are trumpets. Usually I can wash sand out from trumpets after vigorous wash in 4-5 changes of water in vegetable spinner. They break but retain flavor.
  14. svs

    Old man?

    Thank you everybody for input
  15. svs

    Armillaria tabescens

    looks like it contingent that spore guess is correct