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  1. Looks like it. They are edible but pretty rubbery especially with age. Very young are OK and sometime you can salvage outer edge from more mature, like shown here.
  2. Looks like chicken. I do not remember finding one in May but definitely saw some in June in a past in NJ.
  3. One of many cup mushrooms. May be something from Peziza family. I think they are difficult to identify to species
  4. svs

    ID Help

    Looks like Dryads saddle
  5. If those are oysters, they are very old, so color can't be used for identification. Everything gets brown when that old.
  6. svs


    Thank you Dave, I do not remember seeing Devil's Urns in NJ but I will pay attention now. Do they like similar habitats as Morels?
  7. svs


    Thank you Evan
  8. svs


    South, Cherry Hill area
  9. I am pretty confident that this is a Yellow Morel but please confirm just to be sure. Found this for the first time in New Jersey
  10. I guess previous house occupant loved oysters and left some spores behind
  11. Looks like it, although I never found one in NJ in spring time, always during fall. From my experience this mushroom starts white (and taste good) while yellowish are older and sometime are bitter. You can taste small piece of fresh mushroom for bitterness
  12. Not safe. Have you being looking for mushrooms at night?
  13. On october 1 I posted Laccaria which looks very similar in shape and color on a cross section but with brownish cap. Consensus was L. trullissata
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