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  1. I agree with Dig. Also taste may be helpful. Is it bitter or not? I can't make pore surface/tubes color. Are they pinkish or yellow or just grey? They look different on different photos. Do stem have reticulation or not?
  2. I agree, armillaria is a far stretch. After looking on a larger screen it looks like it may have a false gills (3d from a top, right pic). May be Cantharellus? Cap do look like on a picture but I am not sure about stem and gills.
  3. It has some features of Armillaria, stem structure, spores, but cap shape and surface is definitely off.
  4. Yes, puffball, and yes edible while snow white inside. As for eating something from the yard it depends on chemical use by you and your neibors, if any. Mushrooms are known for accumulating stuff.
  5. I see, I did not notice it at first. Consistent with king
  6. Hard to tell without seeing pore surface
  7. King (if no staining when cut or bitter taste)
  8. Looks like ringed Honey which under developed due to the luck of water
  9. Not a Honey May be something from Hypholoma family
  10. Agreed with top images, but bottom one may be something different
  11. Looks like it. White netting, yellow tubing and no stain is a good fit. Should have a pleasant smell and not bitter taste. Congrats.
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