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  1. Russulas are not easy to id to species and this particular mushroom appeares to be badly deformed what does not help either
  2. svs


    I agree with CajunShroomer. Chants have false gills. This mushroom has true gills. You can google how to identify false/true gills
  3. I think that mushroom usually referred as Bay bolete should have yellowish pore surface. Anyway it is likely safe to eat unless it is bitter. It reminds me some of the bitter Tylopilus. Second mushroom does not look like what is referred as Blewitt in US. Looks like something from Megacollybia family, but not very confident.
  4. My vote is for corrugis, volemus in my experience is similar but has lighter, yellowish color.
  5. Looks like an old king. Brown color of spore surface is probably from old age but true color looks like yellow on a cut surface what is consistent with King.
  6. I never heard about mushroom poisoning through skin contact or spore inhalation. Just use common sense like washing hands and not handling mushroom next to the food or children or dogs. Gloves or bags are not really necessary unless you collect edible mushrooms at the same time
  7. Thank you everybody for input. I did hope for the king but wasn't sure. It does fit variipes description.
  8. Found in NJ mixed forest. Decent size of about 3 inches in diameter. Mild taste, not bitter, no distinctive smell. Do not change color when cut. Tint on a last picture is from artificial light. I know that is is difficult to identify some boletes but may be somebody has an idea. This one is not the commonly seeing on my mushroom hunts in southern NJ.
  9. I think latex allergy is not against latex itself but against residual proteins from the tree the same way as cat allergy is not against cat hair but against proteins from skin and saliva. Since mushroom and a tree are not close relatives cross allergy is not likely but not impossible
  10. Yes, looks like chants. I see them showing in NJ as well. I do not have good experience with letting them grow. Sometime they do but more often they dry or rot or eaten by bugs
  11. looks like black-staining polypore tp me
  12. svs

    help ID

    Thank you Dave. Looks like it. Not sure about smell. I will pay more attention next time I see it
  13. I see this mushroom growing at the same location year after year. NJ mixed forest, oak, pines. Never tried to identify. May be it is time. It has crumbling texture resembling Russula. May be it is? No veil or latex. No distinctive smell. I did not have a chance to take one home for spore print.
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