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  1. Thanks, fratello. How far down are the truffles, generally speaking?
  2. I have heard that the Oregon truffles are not as good as Alba truffles. I have also heard that they’re better. Thoughts? :)
  3. Our oysters produced a small flush, which died very small. They have now taken off…maybe 8oz at this point.
  4. We are trying, too. No place in the instructions does it say to slit the bag. Is that normal?
  5. in the Northern California Sierra foothills/mountains?
  6. Thank you. As in all things funghi, I learned something today.
  7. A couple of different persons posted pics of recent finds in the Central Valley. Is that possible? I always thought that they were a spring phenomenon…
  8. I’ve been hunting them for over 50 years. Wow does that make me sound old.
  9. Thanks for the response, fratello. I’ve never eaten them raw (or coccora raw, either). It’s a bit strange, but at least around here they are eaten mainly by the genovesi. The toscani are not into them as much. They are my second favorite mushroom (behind porcini). Not really sure what #3 is, TBH.
  10. Fratello, could you please: 1.rate them 1-10 for flavor and 2.rate the American version on the same scale? (My longtime dream: to find even only 1 porcino and 1 ovolo in Italia)
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