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  1. Cinco de Mayo Morels

    Nice harvest!!
  2. Not everyone at once

    WOW ....... it feels great to see some activity here !!!! Good to know I was the only one checking the site daily waiting on some action lol 1330 ?!?!?! Whisperer..... geez I’m trying to find just 1. Nice haul !! I think I may have found someone insane enough to adventure out up north next year to hunt morels Hope you get back out soon Wade.
  3. Not everyone at once

    Ok folks ...... it’s been depressingly slow around here. I’m hoping it’s because everyone has been out and about searching for morels !!! Not much going on here in the south other than seeding and watching my vegetables grow. Went for a walk in the woods Monday and not much fungi to be found. This time of the year isn’t productive for edibles here but it’s spiritual therapy at its finest. Everything is coming alive !!! My better half always enjoys my springtime scoutings. Curious as to how everyone is making out this morel season....... not everyone chime in at the same time please
  4. just making sure

    I’ve actually found honeys during early season chanterelle scouting. If I remember right it was mid April of last year. They were growing at the base of an White Oak. They were pretty old so I hadn’t documented them and posted. Won’t be visiting that area or picking there this year or any other year. Completely bulldozed for a roundabout ☹️😩 Was my best chanty patch In south Louisiana if you didn’t know that already Diana
  5. Greetings from South Louisiana

    Welcome jitney, with south Louisiana's varying seasons, we basically get oysters throughout the year. Different species but decent edibles in my opinion. Most of my oysters were found in association with oak trees.
  6. Pleurotus dryinus?

    Thanks Dave. I did read a bit on Mushroom Expert about the differences. Hopefully i will run across these in the future. Maybe able to settle on some names with confidence.
  7. Greetings from South Louisiana

    Your guess is as good as mine. Very little info about this subject. I’ve heard that they may exist in Tunica Hills but not sure how true that is. I’ve hunted Sicily Island a bit and came up empty handed. Maybe one of these years I’ll locate some 🤷🏼‍♂️
  8. Greetings from South Louisiana

    1 is lactarius indigo, and yes 3 are oysters That’s from last arctic blast we had in January. They shut everything down at work so I took tonthe woods. Lol. Which part of the south you’re in ?
  9. Everything is frozen!!

    That’s on my list of guns to own. I just got back into bow hunting this year and I’m working on scent control, getting in real close , etc. No need for optics. Also it’s pretty thick where I hunt. I’m really not sure. If I’m not mistaken I’ve seen post on Morels.com they do exist in NE Texas but very far and few in between. You’re best bet would be to check out the Texas Thread on Morels.com.
  10. Greetings from South Louisiana

    Welcome aboard!! Very nice to see some other folks here from Louisiana. I joined few years back with similar situation. Since then, with the help of these folks,I’ve IDed many more species with enough confidence and knowledge to harvest for the table. Nothing like wild game and wild mushrooms in the swamp. South Louisiana has lots to offer, enjoy!! Just a couple of my finds last year.
  11. Flo Pitcher

    Welcome I’m just a couple hours west of you near Lafayette. Plenty to be found in South Louisiana. Really great folks on this site. Enjoy
  12. Pleurotus dryinus?

    Good deal. Thanks Dave I believe that’s why I was questioning that proposal. No sign of partial veil and other references referred to Pleurotus dryinus as “The veiled oyster mushroom” Great to know these occur in Louisiana. You have any first hand experience with Pleurotus dryinus? I’m not a big fan of other Pleurotus species I’ve harvested
  13. Pleurotus dryinus?

    Screen shot this from another website and a few people were proposing and IDing this with confidence as an “Oyster Mushroom “ My guess is that they’re referring to Pleurotus dryinus. Just curious what you guys think. Only photo with zero other info
  14. Everything is frozen!!

    Howdy Adawg..... yes sir. Very sweet rifle indeed!! Father in law gave that too me. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford it lol. He had a serious boating accident and fell out of his stand years ago and didn’t use it anymore. I had planned on making a trip somewhere to hunt morels but the baby on the put a hold on that. Also going on a bow hunt in North Missouri this November. ??? Guess the morels will have to wait. Lol
  15. Everything is frozen!!

    LOL !! Yes sir !!! If you almost stepped on a coyote bedded down you’d carry one too !!! ??? Needless to say I just about soiled my pants !! Hats off to y’all folks with minus temps. Ive done 8 degrees with wind chills in the minus and that’s all I needed to make up my mind on staying in Louisiana