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  1. Welcome aboard!! Kisatchie Forest is a great place to explore but it’s hunting season so I’d stay away until after February. Lots of oysters and lions mane to be found right now !! Happy Pickens !!!
  2. I’ve always heard you want to get the logs cut before they go dormant for the winter. Just my two cents. A quick google search on what trees are the best will tell ya all you need to know. I wouldn’t think lemon tree logs would be your best bet. Again just my two cents Good luck and keep us posted through your experiment.
  3. Not many deer moving today but a little bonus
  4. Welcome aboard!! You’ll fit right in with us weirdos !! Lol
  5. You’d have better luck at shroomery .com
  6. Check out the second page in south Louisiana post. I linked a few books
  7. That’s wicked cool trout You’re an artist too?
  8. You may want to start your own post in identification thread. When discussing multiple post in one thread it becomes tricky. I believe what you have is something other than Armillaria aka honey mushroom. Mushrooms in original post seem to fit qualities. Spore print????
  9. Looks like the Gulf States Mycology website is up to date and active. One day I’ll join. Too much going on now. Just thought I’d share for those interested I seeking likeminded folks http://gsmyco.org/home.html
  10. I don’t believe we have anything specific to south Louisiana. Here are a couple I found that might be helpful https://www.amazon.com/Mushrooms-Gulf-Coast-States-Mississippi/dp/1477318151 https://www.amazon.com/Mushrooms-Southeastern-United-States-Bessette/dp/081563112X
  11. Yup that’ll be it. Thanks guys. I was way off. I just assumed that all Amanita’s had the cup like membranous volva. Wind was blowing 20-30 mph with heavy rains a few hours before finding it. Could be the reason for lack of UV.
  12. So a volva doesn’t necessarily have to be like an egg sack to be a volva ?
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