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  1. CajunShroomer3578

    My first time

  2. CajunShroomer3578

    West Scotland

  3. CajunShroomer3578

    Greetings from South Louisiana

    I have my hands pretty full with life right now. All good things just super busy. Post your finds in the identification section and the more detailed you are with pictures and descriptions the closer we can come to a positive ID.
  4. CajunShroomer3578

    Greetings from South Louisiana

    I’m hoping to get a foray together late spring early summer 2019. More than likely it’ll be at Red Dirt Trail System Kisatchie National Forest
  5. CajunShroomer3578

    Old man?

  6. That’s exactly what I’m talking about !! Beautiful!! (Drooling)
  7. ChefsWild !! Good to see ya here Looking forward to seeing some new dishes
  8. CajunShroomer3578

    Hello from SW Louisiana

    Welcome!! Not only sportsmans paradise but fungi paradise!! Lots of friendly folks here. Very knowledgeable as well. South Central Louisiana here
  9. CajunShroomer3578

    Are these young hens?

    Looks to be two different species. Rau......Looks like you may have Ganoderma lucidum
  10. CajunShroomer3578

    Are these young hens?

    Definitely not turkey tail and or hens. May have better luck posting in identification section with some more photos.
  11. CajunShroomer3578

    Poss. Russala brevipes

    I think you have yourself some sort of Lactarius. If I’m not mistaken, I seen white latex in second photo. Also note the rings on cap. Most Lactarius have that feature ( I believe) Not sure the species but I would bet 3 bucks it is probably spicy lol. Small amount nibbled then spat out is key in identifying some mushrooms. I’m no expert so the experts should be chiming in soon
  12. CajunShroomer3578

    Austroboletus gracilis??

    After last years run in with extremely bitter chanterelles, lions mane , and L. Indigo..... I was convinced that my taste buds completely switched. Everything I enjoyed eating,mostly wild edibles,tasted horrible(super bitter). At that very moment I was struck with the overwhelming feeling that I will never be able to enjoy wild mushrooms again !!! Very depressing. I was actually to the point where I said the heck with it. I’m done with this hobby. For whatever reason I chose to give it another go. So here I am !! The other thing I came up with is that I left the mushrooms in the fridge too long before preparing and they turned bitter.
  13. CajunShroomer3578

    Austroboletus gracilis??

    Good deal ........ I sautéed them with onions and bell peppers, tossed in some quinoa and cooked down with chicken broth. Pretty tasty actually Thanks again
  14. CajunShroomer3578

    Greetings from South Louisiana

    I hear around Hammond and Slidell the chantys are thick. It’s a matter of finding public land. National Forest and local parks(beware of parks that spray poison). All state parks are off limits. Kitsachie National Forest is pretty productive but that’s a little ways from you guys. Also hunting season is about to get kicked off there so I wouldn’t advise going until after February or March. As far as groups in the area..... I contacted The Gulf States Mycology Club... But didn’t get much of a response. They’re based out of Texas I believe and do most foraging in Western Louisiana and east Texas. I promise that we’ll get a group together next summer and hit Kisatchie..... I wanted to do something this year but we have had our hands full ...... a newborn in February and a wedding next month. Stay tuned and hopefully it’ll happen.
  15. CajunShroomer3578

    Austroboletus gracilis??

    Thanks everyone. Anyone have experience with edibility ?