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  1. Everything is frozen!!

    Howdy Adawg..... yes sir. Very sweet rifle indeed!! Father in law gave that too me. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford it lol. He had a serious boating accident and fell out of his stand years ago and didn’t use it anymore. I had planned on making a trip somewhere to hunt morels but the baby on the put a hold on that. Also going on a bow hunt in North Missouri this November. ??? Guess the morels will have to wait. Lol
  2. Everything is frozen!!

    LOL !! Yes sir !!! If you almost stepped on a coyote bedded down you’d carry one too !!! ??? Needless to say I just about soiled my pants !! Hats off to y’all folks with minus temps. Ive done 8 degrees with wind chills in the minus and that’s all I needed to make up my mind on staying in Louisiana
  3. Everything is frozen!!

    Hey there brother Trout ....... not much going on in the fungi world right now so I’ve been trying to harvest this 12 point behind the house. Man he’s old and smart!! I’ve heard of these swamp deer submersing themselves in water with just their snout above water to get away from a hunter!! I never harvested a buck before so I’m still learning. I bagged a doe earlier in the season so I’m good on meat for now. Any hoot...... that’s why I haven’t been here in a while. What’s going on in your region, frozen tundra ?!?!
  4. Everything is frozen!!

    Excellent info!! Thanks !! Temperatures are just a little below average here lol
  5. Everything is frozen!!

    Hope everyone is making out ok with the arctic blast. Found these beauties while doing a little stalking behind the house. Too bad they were frozen solid. Might have been able to harvest but nowhere to put them while out there. Anyone harvest frozen, prime mushrooms for the table ?
  6. Welcome!! Happy Holidays!! You won’t have any trouble getting proposals and possibly confident ID’s here. Great group of folks
  7. ID help

    Looks like past prime Armillaria tabecens(aka ringless honey)I’m no expert though. I do know they favor hardwoods with oak being ideal in my area(South Louisiana)Spore print is white for Armillaria tabecens. The odds of getting a print from these are very slim beings they’re past prime. Looks almost as if they’re really dried out. The more knowledgeable folks will chime in pretty soon. Also for future reference...... you’ll get better response if you post in IDing section
  8. Merry Christmas!!!

    Lmao !! Exactly!!! I’d hate to see how frantic the southerners will react when this global warming event really kicks into high gear !!! ?
  9. A Polypore to identify

    What’s the odds ??? I may wanna place a bet ? Cool looking mushroom ! ?
  10. Merry Christmas!!!

    Don’t think I’ll be harvesting any mushrooms anytime soon!! But I’ll take some snow !! It’s freaking snowing in South Louisiana!! Not something we get to see too often!!! Hope everyone has a safe holiday season!!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Not much fruiting in South Louisiana right now, but still lots to be thankful for. Just thought I’d drop in and wish everyone and their families Happy Thanksgivings
  12. Bear's Head?

    I think it was Old Oak that tied a weight to some fishing string and tossed it over a specimen and pulled it down
  13. A Cordial Greeting to All Mycophiles From a Chinese Lady

    Welcome!! You came to the right place!!
  14. White mushroom?

    Maybe trichloma family?? I'm no expert. Maybe a good place to start though
  15. C.O.W. Score !!

    I went back to a post that 4rum posted years back and must have missed the par boiling part when making his jerky. Man that sucks.??? Let's just say I will no longer be bringing any goodies to work. Very bad experience. Yes Camille..... for about 5 hours. I thought for sure that would have been enough to remove whatever it is that causes nausea.