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  1. Yup that’ll be it. Thanks guys. I was way off. I just assumed that all Amanita’s had the cup like membranous volva. Wind was blowing 20-30 mph with heavy rains a few hours before finding it. Could be the reason for lack of UV.
  2. So a volva doesn’t necessarily have to be like an egg sack to be a volva ?
  3. Found in mixed hardwoods,mostly pine and oak, growing in sand, NOTa volva at base, bulb shape at bottom of stipe, smelled fruity, taste fruity(small amount then spat out) almost like a chanty apricot fruity.
  4. The club shape of these mushrooms are normal for Honey mushrooms ? I’ve never came across that trait yet
  5. NOT chanterelles. No proposal though. I’ll leave that to the seasoned veterans
  6. If that is yellow staining I’m seeing on the bottom of the stipe(stem), possibly Agaricus. Also the gills look a bit pinkish. Notice any particular smells ? Possiby A. deardorffensis?? https://www.mykoweb.com/CAF/species/Agaricus_deardorffensis.html
  7. Looks like Armillaria tabescens(ringless honey mushroom) Decurrent gills , white spore deposits seen on caps support this proposal. I’m no expert though. The stems should be fibrous for this species as well
  8. I agree. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any busier with the kids, we’re having number 4 in October!!! I’ve only been out and about a handful of times this year. Mostly local and private lands. We definitely need to keep this thread going. Hopefully next year it’ll happen.
  9. I seen that on picture number 5 but it’s pretty blurry. Didn’t want to assume
  10. Maybe Armillaria tabescens(aka ringless honey mushroom) Spore print is white Obtained a spore print ?
  11. True...... just from the pictures shown that would be my guess. Cross section and more pictures would probably settle it. If the vase section may be deeper than the pictures perceive. Good eye svs Just goes to show why it is a good idea to not assume someone else’s ID is spot on
  12. Looks like laetiporus sulphureus(Chickens) to me
  13. NOT true chanterelles No expert but I’ll take a guess.......Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca
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