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  1. CajunShroomer3578

    Large batch of Blushers found today!

    Wow!! Not sure I’m willing to try those quite yet. Any info on how you distinguish from toxics would be great. Never mind..... read all I needed on ID section
  2. CajunShroomer3578

    Hello From Southeast Missouri

    Welcome!!! South Louisiana here
  3. CajunShroomer3578

    Transporting mushrooms long way home

    HOT DAM is right !! Sweet score !! That’s probably just a normal everyday haul for you right ????
  4. CajunShroomer3578

    Greetings from North Georgia

    I’m not qualified to say yay or nay. Maybe one of the experts could clarify it for you. Nice score on the chantys btw
  5. CajunShroomer3578

    Greetings from North Georgia

    Hello and welcome !! As you may know already, looks like you have 2 different species here. Top right of picture looks to be a couple “gilled” mushrooms. Be very careful not to mix these up before knowing 100% what the gilled mushrooms are. May be highly toxic.
  6. CajunShroomer3578

    Cool looking bolete

  7. CajunShroomer3578

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

    Yeah I ate those out in the woods one time on a sausage poboy lol The fellas thought I should be committed
  8. CajunShroomer3578

    Leccinum or Boletus?????

    I did a little more digging and haven’t been able to pin point it. I’ll check some resources in my area and see if anyone can help They were pretty much done in from the bugs. I nibbled a few pieces raw and spat just to experience them. Very pleasant but not enough info to trim away bugs and prepare for eating. Hopefully I’m able to learn more!!! How are things up north trout?? Morels haven’t shown themselves? Jumping straight to summer foraging? Dave, I found Boletus alutaceus in the filter and it says “pictured mushroom questionable on ID”. I’m wondering if this is a possible proposal for the pictured mushrooms in this post ? Favors oak ..... For reference on size....... 3-4 days later, before being mowed down, there were some still growing, approximately 5 inches tall and cap 3 inches in diameter. Hopefully they will show themselves again so I can collect some material to be analyzed if anyone is interested
  9. CajunShroomer3578

    Chicken mushroom?

    Last year I made jerky with laetiporus, ONLY dehydrating them and caused some serious nausea amongst a few people including myself. I should have parboiled or sautéed first. Nice find
  10. CajunShroomer3578

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

    As always Adawg, you’re welcomed come on down. Not a big fan of the crawfish pie. To each his own. Nice haul Matt.... any frogs yet ? Got a few Friday night. Went to the camp for more work than play but it’s on right now Thanks!! I have yet to find any hedgehogs so I’m pretty jealous of that.
  11. CajunShroomer3578

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

    Thanks guys. Adawg!!!!!! Long time my friend!! Good to hear from you!! Hope you’re doing better brother!!
  12. CajunShroomer3578

    Agaricus campestris? Horse mushroom?

    Thanks guys. And gal Yes I did with extreme caution. Started off by sampling a small amount. Sautéed in oil , salt and pepper. Pretty darn good. Waited a few days then sautéed the rest and had them with venison burgers I also have a jar full of dehydrated agaricus.... I’ll probably incorporate in a soup. Maybe miso soup or more than likely pho’
  13. Finally!!!!! Harvested a decent amount yesterday. Not sure how I will prepare these yet. Stay tuned Forgot my sweet potato sack at home Matt, so the Walmart bag had to do
  14. CajunShroomer3578

    Agaricus campestris? Horse mushroom?

    So I picked a few more yesterday, same patch/patches,same field. I witnessed at least 20-30 fairy rings with tons of these Agaricus!! Pretty amazing!! The grass was slightly taller around the ringsg (3-4 inches). I’m guessing it’s the mycelium acting as a fertilizer ??? Just thought it was cool lol I picked a few older specimens and noticed that they smelt a little different. I wouldn’t say a chemical smell ...... just a heavy mushroomy smell. Also did a scratch test for yellowing on cap and stem on each and every one as I harvested. Zero yellowing at that moment. A couple hours later after getting home the base of the stems on the more mature specimens were a dark brown stain...... is this normal for A. Campestris types ?? I meant to take some close ups but forgot.... busy chopping chantys and agaricus for the dryer Oh I guess another question would be , will the immature specimens also have this “phenol” smell ??
  15. CajunShroomer3578

    Amanita flavoconia ???

    Ah ok. So close ....... Thanks Dave. “One of the best field experts in the country “ 😀 Great bolete website you guys collaborated on in PA. Found it last night while researching the boletus specimen.Pretty jealous. Our mushroom society in Louisiana is pretty scant