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  1. I believe what you had was a true puff ball. Looks like there may have been a bug eating out the inside. Or just an abnormal growth with the hole inside Bummer. But hey you ever hear the old saying???? That there are only two types of mushroom hunters. There are the old mushroom hunters and there are the bold mushroom hunters…. But there are no old bold mushroom hunters
  2. My my !!! I can only dream of morels here in the south 😭
  3. I vote black staining polypore (Meripilus sumstinei)
  4. Nice !! I’ve never had my usual spots here down south fruit this early. Not sure why that is. I seen others in northern states finding chantys before I do. Very weird. I have no explanation other than ,Maybe I’m not looking in the right area for early chantys. Lafayette area here
  5. Welcome Ran!! Great folks here. You showed up just in time. Things should be getting cranked up here soon. Pull up a chair The names Daniel but they call me Cajun Shroomer
  6. Hard to forget Duff Thanks for informing us. RIP Duff
  7. Spectacular!!Welcome aboard!! looking forward to your post from Thailand !!
  8. I believe it may be an Albatrellus of some sort http://www.mushroomexpert.com/albatrellus.html
  9. Ahhh ok. Interesting read I just found https://mushroomobserver.org/observer/show_observation/423700
  10. I believe I found my first Pleurotus dryinus or Pleurotus levis. Really cool find. It’s been on my list for a while but has eluded me for the last 9 years of my interest in fungi. They were found growing on a downed willow tree right next to a huge flush of the common Pleurotus mushrooms(aka oysters) Most were past their prime and I had my hands full with deer hunting gear and nothing to put mushrooms in. Enjoy
  11. Very nice !! Congratulations!! My first archery kill was 3 years ago and turned out to be an awesome 8 point. Haven’t harvested one with my bow since ☹️😂. I get doe fever , buck fever and hog fever lol. I really enjoy stalking/ ground hunting. Came really close to harvesting does from the ground last two years but choked bad. Clean misses at 7 and 20 yards. Just the experience is worth it. Buck was harvested from a tree
  12. Last couple years I drive to north Louisiana and do a little deer hunting. This year I didn’t harvest any venison YET. Lol Although my hunt doesn’t exclude wild mushrooms. I’ll usually find oysters and Lions mane this time of the year. No oysters last trip though. Finally got the chance to try these crab cakes everyone talks about. WOOWWWWEY !! They are delicious!! Added a little too much of our South Louisiana crawfish/ boil. Other than that they came out pretty good.
  13. It is always up to the individual to make their decision if a specimen is edible. Agaricus sp. are not the group I’d say that are easily distinguished through pictures on the web. I’ve been researching mushrooms for about 7-8 years and took 4 years before I gained enough knowledge and confidence before harvesting Agaricus campetris for the table. Way too many white mushrooms that are dangerously toxic
  14. Oh wow !! Beautiful specimens!! I’d say those are some prime oysters… happy pickens!!
  15. Ok so I revisited the area where mushrooms were found. I was informed there was a giant live oak there at one time. Very likely these mushrooms were growing among roots left behind. I still don’t have a confident proposal at this time. Hopefully they’ll show themselves again this year. Always next year
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