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  1. I usually leave the ones behind that have been splashed on by the rain leaving lots of dirt deposits. They are a real pain to clean. I usually take the time and brush off dirt with pair brushes as oppose to washing with water As Trout mentioned I cut tips off in the field. Today I wasn’t planning on foraging so didn’t have a knife. I just bit the bottoms off and spat out lol. As far as bugs go, if all I’m finding are large buggy chanterelles, I’ll collect them, slice long ways , soak in water , then drain floating bugs, cook and freeze. lol
  2. Finally got out to do some foraging. Didn’t get it too bad from Barry in Acadiana A good soaking produced a nice patch Usually by this time I have a few sweet potato sacks full. Still have a few months to go so no complaints.
  3. Looks like it to me. I’d slice them down the middle and make sure the flesh inside is white
  4. Not sure why I had attached that thread. Removed 👌
  5. If I recall correct I found some last year resembling these.... scattered amongst many other boletes. Mostly Tylopus....... some mild and some extremely bitter. I’ll be visiting this area soon after hurricane rains to collect specimens. Don’t exactly remember what we came up with on ID. As soon as I collect I’ll post and compare
  6. Great pictures!! Welcome aboard !! Mighty fine folks here with a wealth of knowledge. Seems like it turns into an obsession pretty quick lol At least it did for me !! If you’re looking for specific identification on any one of these mushrooms you may want to create separate threads for each individual specimen. There’s actually a really good thread in the IDing section pinned at the top on how to properly post for identification purposes. Until then happy hunting !!
  7. Welcome, that’s some tasty looking frogs ya got there !! Lol Great folks here. You came to the right place of all things fungi. Lots of knowledge to soak here
  8. Thanks for the feed back gentlemen. Much obliged. Good luck this mushroom season.
  9. Wow that’s awesome!! Always something positive if we really dig deep enough!! Im thinking of making the switch. Gonna get out and shoot as many traditional bows as possible to get the feel on what fits me. Harvested my first buck this past season. First bow kill as well mind ya. Lol Still on cloud nine !! Might I add , public land 😬 I'm no trophy hunter by any means. Can’t eat horns. That’s just what God had in store for me to harvest that day. Pretty spiritual/emotional experience to say the least
  10. Mowing them down huh Bowguy?!?! Outstanding!! What ya shooting? Traditional, compound?
  11. Welcome aboard!! Very friendly and knowledgeable folks here
  12. Mais yeah I know where dats at !! I fish there from time to time. Welcome aboard. I’ll be trying to get a group together this spring or summer to do some foraging
  13. They do exist!! November-January has been productive for me Which parts are ya located?
  14. Welcome Diab!! Great to see fellow Louisianaians enjoying what our beautiful state had to offer. I apologize for the late welcoming. Been chasing whitetail. Harvested a few Hericium aka Lions mane and oysters while hunting this year. I’m in the Breaux Bridge area
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