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  1. I’d imagine horses and cattle
  2. Welcome!! You’ve come to the right place !! Very knowledgeable folks here. Take a few minutes to read the pinned topics in ID section before posting. May save you the headache of not getting a good proposal from lack of description on proposed specimen. Enjoy your stay !! Lol Very obsessive hobby !!!
  3. Probably get better activity if posted in the identifying section. Maybe if Dave sees this he’ll move it for you.
  4. Welcome aboard!! Many knowledgeable folks here
  5. Welcome aboard!! Plenty of knowledgeable folks here.
  6. I'm new to the forum and live in Lafayette.  I was hoping to get out and meet people in area with knowledge so I'm better able to identify edibles correctly.  What really turned me on to mycology was the noticing of the abundance of chanterelles in the area and plethora of many other varieties...

    In reading some of your posts I see you are busy with family, but if you ever get out and want some company, please feel free to reach out. 

    email kody.bowen2@bakerhughes.com 



  7. I would agree. Chanterelles Nice score. It is recommended sampling a small amount and waiting a few hours Some folks are sensitive to wild mushrooms
  8. Welcome fellow Louisianians!! The only thing that comes to mind around you folks would be Bogue Chitto NWR and Pearl River WMA. I’d imagine both are under water right now due to all the storms we been getting. I would think once the waters recede it would be a hot spot for summer mushrooms. Keep in mind the snakes are abundant there.
  9. Yup still active in Lafayette area. Kids keep me pretty busy nowadays. Get out a few times a year. Not much of public land around here though. Welcome aboard
  10. I would say it’s a WELL past prime Hericium(aka lions mane). I’d leave it be and check back at that location next year but a few weeks earlier Nice find !! Some people go their whole life foraging without ever finding one in the wild.
  11. Thanks gentlemen. First time for these. Didn’t think they grew this far south
  12. I’m thinking more .....Calvatia cyathiformis. What y’all think?
  13. Man that is sick!! I sure all your pieces are one of a kind but this one my friend is pretty snakey!!
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