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  1. Polypore found in Louisiana swamp on dead hardwood. Pictures include 3 consecutive days of growth. They were fairly small on day 1. Largest cap had 7 inch diameter on day 3. Solid stem is 0.5 inches in diameter. Pore surface is very smooth. Outer margin of cap is transluscent. Cap is very fleshy. It has significant weight with firm, yet spongy feel. Pleasantly fragrent mushroom smell. Any thoughts?
  2. Ive been curious if we have deadly gallerina around the house, so been taking note of small, brown mushrooms. I found this in a swampy environment (cypress, oak, tupelo) on dead hardwood. I see some similarities to coprinellus micaceus (mica cap) and psathyrella candolleana but cant seem to nail it down. Any help appreciated. What i see: Small brown, convex, granulose, and hygrophanous cap turning to light beige once dried. Remnants of veil at margin. Adnate gills. Stem white with no ring or ring zone. Spore print, imo, is rusty brown. Picture makes spore sprint appear lighter in center. To the eye, the actual print looks slightly darker. The outer edge of spore print in imagine is closer to actual spore print color.
  3. I did not observe any latex, but i also didnt cut the gills. I posted on mushroom observer and got a proposal of multifurca, which seems to match the above pictures.
  4. Found in mixed woods. Spore print same tan color as gills. Any ideas?
  5. Id say mushrooms whisperers i.d. most closely resembles this find than anything else ive seen. There are some notable differences of the inside spore mass as i look at pictures online of Hysterangium crassirhachis . It is certainly very close, however The ones with the cords/roots were anchored to the ground right outside of the log. As i tried to pick it up, i felt resistance as the cords were pulling up from the compacted soil. None of them were covered in soil. The last picture shows exactly how i found first one on ground outside of log.
  6. very possible. Ive seen hundreds of pounds of the brown but never the white ones.
  7. Southeast louisiana - Picked up one of these initially thinking it was a puffball. Looked inside a decaying log in same area and found quite a few more. Two had small "roots" attached. Cut them open and there was a semi- gelatinous, brownish mass inside. Ive seen witch's eggs before, but you can usually see a tan gelatinous layer as well as outline of small stinkhorn. Any ideas?
  8. There are tons of wood ears in our area but this is the first time ive seen white ones. Anyone else see these?
  9. Found during summer in swamp.
  10. Found in damp, wet Louisiana hardwood swamp in July. Growing on wood. Any idea on species?
  11. Thanks. I should have been more specific in asking. Interested if anyone has an idea of species shown here.
  12. Found as single mushroom in lawn. Thought it was a lawn mowers mushroom but spore print, imo, is jet black. There are a few sources listing Panaeolus foenisecii spore print as dark brown or purplish brown. Panaeolus foenisecii, panaeouls olivaceous, thoughts?
  13. Found my first turkey tail, or at least what i think is turkey tail. Seems to have less coloration than the pictures of turkey tail i find online and in guide books. Has white coloration and pores on bottom side of cap. Flexible and leathery. Is it turkey tail and what are the white buttons next to them (pictures 1 & 5-8)? They smell exactly like the bracket fungus next to them and have same leathery texture.
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