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  1. Found during summer in swamp.
  2. Found in damp, wet Louisiana hardwood swamp in July. Growing on wood. Any idea on species?
  3. Thanks. I should have been more specific in asking. Interested if anyone has an idea of species shown here.
  4. Found as single mushroom in lawn. Thought it was a lawn mowers mushroom but spore print, imo, is jet black. There are a few sources listing Panaeolus foenisecii spore print as dark brown or purplish brown. Panaeolus foenisecii, panaeouls olivaceous, thoughts?
  5. Found my first turkey tail, or at least what i think is turkey tail. Seems to have less coloration than the pictures of turkey tail i find online and in guide books. Has white coloration and pores on bottom side of cap. Flexible and leathery. Is it turkey tail and what are the white buttons next to them (pictures 1 & 5-8)? They smell exactly like the bracket fungus next to them and have same leathery texture.
  6. Found all of these within 200 yards of each other in southeast Louisiana. Largest 2 mushrooms were found high up in dead trees and have a slightly lighter cap color than all other mushrooms. Other 6 mushrooms found right at ground level on stumps. Smallest one found on fallen branch (pictured). Caps up to 4.5 inch diameter. Free gills. Rusty brown spore print from mature caps. No spore print dropped from young caps. Small mushroom caps have a rounded bell shape with tight white gills. Older caps have pinkish-brown gills with a very musty ash tray smell. Smells very much like old wet cigarettes. Bare, white stipe. These look like what the audubon guide shows as fawn mushrooms. Look correct? Are all the same?
  7. First amanita ive spotted in Louisiana. What do you guys think? Amanita phalloides? Mixed hardwood/pine. Cap 2 inches. Partial veil. Yellowish-green tint to cap. 4.5 inches tall
  8. I should have added these photos to the original post here. These white masses were found in the stump with the brown mushrooms. The white masses were very soft and squishy. When cut in half, some parts of the inside were yellowed. They did not seem to have any appreciable stem. A post on mushroom observer suggested entoloma abortivum.
  9. Found on dead willow in SE Louisiana. I always find true oysters (p. ostreatus) and thought maybe i found an elm oyster here. First clue against elm oyster id: slimy cap with scales. 2nd: there was only 2 growing 6 inches apart. 3rd: not near size of true oyster or elm oyster. The cap here is only about the size of a quarter. 4th: very fibrous stalk. Spore print is very thick and white. Cap has mildly jagged edges. Brown scales, remnants of universal veil. Bare stipe. Oudemansiella canarii?
  10. Thank you for the very detailed response and the picture. Extremely helpful.
  11. These sure look exactly like pics/plates of lycoperdon perlatum (gem studded puffballs) in the audubon field guide. Field guide says that gem studdeds grow on ground, but found these on an overturned willow tree. The mushrooms were found 5 feet off ground on fallen tree. Lycoperdon perlatum VS lycoperdon/apioperdon pyriform ??
  12. Found these guys in a low lying, moist area surrounded by water oaks, sweet gums, and a few pines. Mushrooms were surrounding rotted stump and within stump as well. First time ive seen these. Thinking some type of lactarius, but not sure. Caps 4-5 inches across. Strong, earthy smell. 20191224_093353.jpg
  13. I recently found some dead hardwoods in south louisiana with mushrooms growing from them. The mushrooms have decurrent gills, short stems, and grow in a vertical pattern. I started to think i found my first oysters, until i noticed a difference between the larger, thinner mushrooms and the smaller, heartier mushrooms. The biggest difference i notice between the 2 mushrooms is underneath the cap margin. The larger mushroom doesnt have a thick "edge". Its just frayed and fans out with no formal edge underneath. The smaller one almost rolls under and has a rolled edge at the margin. Am i dealing with 2 different types of mushrooms or just oysters in different stages. The first 2 pictures show both. The last 4 pictures show the larger mushroom.
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