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  1. Scarlet cup sounds right. Mushroomexpert has that listed as the genus Sarcoscypha that appears in the spring.
  2. There's an article on Wikipedia on this mushroom. At the bottom of the page there is a chart that shows it in a subgenus Amanitina in a section Roanokenses. I don't see Amanitina listed on Amanitaceae.org. & was wondering which was correct.
  3. I have also been seeing these for a month or so. Under eastern white pine. I like mushroomexperts sp 04, "turkeyloma". This was my first tricholoma identification, so I'm not an expert. Check out your local mushroomexpert.com description of this species.
  4. I like Dave's ID. They all look to be the same species. You can see the scaled stems in the first photo.
  5. Might be a dried up false chanterelle, Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca. ??
  6. I just pan fried some brick caps, H lateritium, yesterday. Decent edible, might have been the first time I ate them. Easy to clean.
  7. Looks like a Tylopilus. ?? Spore print it. They usually have a pinkish brown print.
  8. They have the look of a Mycena which has white spore print. Looks like there's also a Ganoderma in one photo.
  9. Some of the photos show a white ring zone. Reminds me of Armillaria gallica. ??
  10. The stem looks like it has scabers. ?Leccinum? Nice heavy spore print. Orangish brown? What's up with that dark spot in the spore print?
  11. I see very few Suillus mushrooms. The first photo has what looks to be glandular dots. ??
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