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  1. Morels in Northeast Pa

    Wow, great tip Staveshaver. I've spent most of my morel seasons working overtime but not this year. Gonna do some scouting today. Always looking for Elms but now I'm adding Hawthorn. A friend of mine had a big year last year finding them at the base of crab apples. I'll have to ask him about Hawthorns.
  2. Gary Lincoff

    Went on Mushroom Expert this morning. The page was black, "Goodbye, Gary Lincoff, Rest in peace."
  3. Last August bolete.

    Hi Dave, I read the comments on MO. Is IGSafonov proposing the Genus Lanmaoa? Anyway I found more photo's of these boletes from 7-23. The mushrooms were probably sitting around for a couple a days. The staining had faded. You can see tube length relative to cap thickness. ?I identified the tree as a black gum from the leaf photo. Does anybody agree with that identity?
  4. Last August bolete.

    An interesting bolete growing under a tree in recently added wood chips. It had a tendency to deform, split up and down the stem and when smashed it stained green. It would not give up a spore print. Tried twice. The mycelium looked like it was growing through the wood chips??? Anybody got any ideas?
  5. I'd help

    It was my understanding that shaggy manes and mica caps don't contain coprine which is the problem with alcohol. I have eaten both of these mushrooms with alcohol consumed the same day with no reaction. I cut the dark areas off the shaggy manes and thought they were very good. Smelled like burgers cookin in the skillet. The mica caps didn't amount to much but made a tasty sauce for mashed potatoes. Good info from Dave. Also, make sure they're fully cooked.
  6. Agaricus arvensis?

    Thanks for the comments, silvaticus seems a little off but bernardii is a good match (proposal). We talked about crocodilinus earlier this year. Here's a photos from last week. Maybe crocs. A dozen or so under a Norway spruce. Brown spore print. The button that's sliced in half was in the middle of them. Probably the same species. Again thanks..
  7. Agaricus arvensis?

    Found three large heavy mushrooms in grass near a blue spruce. The stem tapers to a point and when sliced it stains a red brown, ? orangish and after some time just brown. No yellow staining. It had a ring. The spore print shows brown on a black background but seems to show a brown with a little lavender on a white background. It has that familiar mushroom smell. No bug holes, thick meaty cap with one cap having the horseshoe pattern.
  8. Parasol? in OH

    Thanks Dave, I'll spore print those intended for eating. Avoid those with green spore prints. It's raining again!
  9. Parasol? in OH

    ? Macrolepiota procera?, found (I think) one in a dead stump last fall. Dried it. Still smells great.
  10. Tylopilus??

    Thanks Dave, they're not bitter. Keep a bottle of water handy.
  11. Tylopilus??

    Pulled the mushroom cap out of the refrigerator and sliced it to dry. Now it is staining red, almost looking like meat. Probably alboater.
  12. Black staining polypore

    ? I don't think we see umbellatus in these photos, just the black stainer. Tried it for the first time yesterday in a mushroom medley. It stood out in the pan (black). I liked it. Adam Haritan's latest video on "learn your land" is about the black stainer. Lots of great videos there.
  13. Tylopilus??

    Thanks Dave, my wife said she could see some pink when first sliced. I couldn't see it.
  14. about cameras/mushroom photography

    Smooth chantys, trumpets, the big bi-colors & the small (campestris?), granulatus, black stainers, quilted russula,. It's spotty but there are some hot areas. I'm surprised that oysters are not poppin. Looks like rain thru this week. Hartwood is also nice, up by the mansion.
  15. about cameras/mushroom photography

    The photo looks nice, mushroom looks a little faded. What do you mean by slight noise? If your near North Park (Allegheny County) the grass cut areas in the oak trees are great areas for shrooms (a little spotty now). Lots of opportunities for photos.