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  1. Your doing a great job for this site. Thanks.
  2. bobby b

    Hericiums are poppin.

    I had some small heads left and decided to try Sue's crab cake thought. Pan fried it with some wasabi mayo, homemade bay seasoning (was out of it), a tab of butter & olive oil, & a squeeze of lemon after cooking. Nice and crispy, brown, kinda like seafood.
  3. bobby b


    I was out picking mushrooms in a large White Pine stand in N. Park. I don't think having a white interior will keep you from getting sick. Here's a photo of the "poison pigskin puffball" with a white interior & one that has matured.
  4. bobby b

    Honeys ID

    The honeys in the backyard finally popped this week on a large dead old oak (pre civil war sprouting). Usually they are scattered about the various oak trees but so far only on the one.
  5. bobby b


    At my house they grow under the Norway Spruce (in the needles and moss) and in the piles of hardwood leafs. Saprobic, but they probably have their organic preference.
  6. bobby b

    White Sheep Head

    I've seen hens on a tree with 3 distinct color phases. I've also tried to hide their presence by covering them and to a certain extent, their color bleached. Here's a light tan colored one that's growing in my back yard. It's a little past prime, starting to dry, thin petals. Looks like a candidate for hen potato chips?
  7. bobby b

    Hericiums are poppin.

    What it taste like? I sizzled 1 inch squares of it for 15 to 20 minutes in butter & olive oil, s&p and then a squeeze of lemon. It browned real nice, was mild, maybe a little like seafood. The lemon made it tangy like lemons do. The core of the head is semi solid and was sometimes a little chewy. It is not a classic mushroom in taste. I'm sure in places where it's more common people adapt lots of recipes to it. Would never pass up a fresh one. A crab cake recipe might be right.
  8. bobby b

    To be or not to be a hen-of-the-woods

    The first photo looks like a hen that you should put in the compost pile, too old, too dirty. If they grow where rain splashes a lot of dirt & debris on them, they're not worth the trouble. Look for fresh clean hens that you can trim. The second looks like a black stainer that's edible. I ate them when I thought they were ok and I also cooked them and just threw them out. Been a really good year for hens in N Allegheny. The hen hunters are happy.
  9. On Saturday I saw 8 to 10 Hericium americanus that were past, (dried out). They were a dead maple. Yesterday I found my first ever H erinaceus , 6 of them. Only one was prime, 1.6 lbs. It was on a dead maple.
  10. bobby b

    Honeys ID

    Went out yesterday and saw a lot of honeys. Almost all were past.
  11. bobby b

    White hen of the woods, NOVA

    Looks like a hen.
  12. Here's a photo of P. dryinus from this past May. Cooked it. Was pretty chewy. Still ok. I think you have a good ID.
  13. bobby b

    Honeys ID

    Not been many honey mushrooms here in Northern Allegheny County this year but this year I did see ringless for the first time.
  14. bobby b


    Blewits are now growing in the leaf pile litter in my area. I've eaten them before but I'm liking them this year.
  15. The photos are not showing. Numbers and letters. At least on my screen.