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  1. bobby b

    Tossing scraps out front is paying off!

    Cool, this is my first year scattering mushrooms around the house and in the woods behind the backyard. Hope it doesn't take 5 years. Shaggies are in my cross hairs. Wow so many mushrooms growing this year.
  2. bobby b

    Any hens yet?

    Been growing for a little while here in northern allegheny county. Some are already rotting with flies on them. Pick a couple nice small ones (softball size). Same old oaks. Its been kinda of dry for a week with all the heat but that changed last night.
  3. bobby b

    Is this a Mica Cap?

    Dave, don't you mean a white surface for the mentioned genera that have dark spore prints.
  4. Found some horse mushrooms and lots of A. campestris this year. Last week I started finding what looks like A. abruptibulbus which I'm not sure about. Woodland, almond smell and non-staining on the younger shrooms, some of the mature specimens had some pink and yellow on the cap. A. leptocaulis? I did crush the base and rubbed the cap margins of the young mushrooms. I'll have to back thru the key again. Any opinions?
  5. bobby b

    Which bolete?

    Here's a photo from Aug 2014. Maybe not common but here in pgh. Always wondered about it's ID. Didn't know much about Tylopilus back then.
  6. bobby b

    Which bolete?

    Found a flush of these at North Park this past week. Produced a pinkish orange spore print, had a mild bitter taste, bug free. So many different species grow in the spot they were found. A tooth Sarcodon? a few feet away.
  7. bobby b

    Parasol cap cover.

    Revived so "djg" could see the time lapse.
  8. bobby b

    Macrolepiota procera??

    The stem should be snake skin like, "chevron". It also has a collar that will slide up and down the stem. Kuo says that our parasols aren't really the European species M. procera. I'll revive a post from earlier in the summer that has time lapse video of the European M. procera. It will be in the general mushroom section. M. procera has a white spore print. C. molybdites has a greenish spore print. For the print just cut the stem off and lay the cap, gill side down, half on white and half on black paper. Sometime it takes many hours if the cap isn't producing spores.
  9. bobby b

    This Beautiful Mushroom (what kind is it?)

    Here's a photo of a chicken that's shaped like cincinatus but has yellow pores like sulphureus.
  10. bobby b

    This Beautiful Mushroom (what kind is it?)

    I can see white pores in the first photo. Probably L. cincinnatus.
  11. bobby b

    Black Trumpets?

    Yes, trumpets. Looks like Craterellus fallax. There is another similar trumpet that I occasionally see, C. foetidus. The tiny bright yellow chantys are usually Cantharellus minor.
  12. bobby b

    Not Quite Bolete, Strange!

    Looks like Tapinella atrotomentosa. Kuo says a drop of ammonia will react and turn purple.
  13. I've found shaggy manes the last couple years in the fall. Growing in the same spot. A very good edible. Seems like the normal progression this year. Morels were late but some people found lots.