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  1. Anybody know how close to the coast chanterelles grow? I live in Hampton wich is right on the coast but do have property in Surry. Haven't found any yet. Was wondering if anybody knew and what county you were in to get an idea of how far I would have to plan a trip one day.
  2. Found these in Hampton VA growing off a root a few inches from a cut oak or maple stump can't remember which one. There were two other bigger clusters that were fan shaped as hen or chicken of the woods would grow. Has a very earthy aroma and leathery stringy texture when peeled. It did start staining black after handling it and was dark black within 30 mins or so. I thinking black staining polypore. I have a few great uses if it is and will share the recipes once done.
  3. The oven will not sterilize the substrate properly. It takes heat and pressure to completely sterilize anything that you want completely clean of germs bacteria etc. I learned this when I was younger and apprenticing in a tattoo parlor.
  4. Dave a couple of days after posting the nights got down in the 20’s and the days just above freezing those little ones died. Then it snowed twice and that stayed on the ground for a few days. For the last five or six days the nights have been in the low 30’s and the days in the 40’s an 50’s. So I went and checked the stump there are seven nice size clusters that are growing. The individual mushrooms were about the size of a Oreo cookie
  5. I thought it was over here too in the southern east coast area of Va. we haven’t found a mushroom for a month or two and bam I saw these guys and got all giggly!!! I will keep you posted on how long they go and how cold it gets here. Supposed to get pretty chilly here some nights getting below freezing and the days not much above freezing. I hope they keep growing as this stump is producing quite a few as there was several large clusters that were decomposing already.
  6. Thanks Dave I had checked my field guide and mushrooms demystified and everything seemed to check the box for oysters. There’s four or five more nice size baby flushes just starting on this stump there about the size of quarter’s now. In your experience Dave what seems to be too cold for them? The weather has dipped to the high 20’s and 30’s every other night and in the 40’s to 50’s during the day here and there still growing. I hope they keep going as there were several good size clusters way past there prime on the same stump and the new one’s starting.
  7. These were growing out of a old stump that’s too rotten to identify the type of tree. They have a very strong earthy mushroom slightly anise smell to them by my nose definitely distinctive and strong. Spore print is white maybe with a tinge of buff to it. Spore print was left on the dashboard of the van as I left them on the dashboard overnight dashboard color is Ford grayish blue. My field guides lean me towards late season oysters. It did get below freezing the other night and was very windy so the very edges look freezer wind burn.
  8. Nice getting plenty of deer here in VA but haven't found any mushrooms lately. We have several 8 pointers an two 10 pointers are in the 19 to 20 inch in spread nice bucks for hear. No room left in the freezer for meat wish we could say that about the mushrooms. Me and our 6 year old son took these last week just doing skull mounts. Wish we were as talented at finding mushrooms LOL well guess we have to hunt mushrooms a little harder next year. That's a 12oz Dr Pepper can for size comparison. I'll be posting some venison mushroom recipes in the next couple of days with mushrooms we found fresh and dried.
  9. No there was no hemlock trees around only a single old massive oak tree in the middle of a couple acre grass field. Everything I read on the boletus huronensis post matched exactly the way I read and interpreted it even had the wife read and compare it too. We both felt it was too close of a match for us
  10. Dave I will keep my eye on that spot that I think I found boletus huronensis in but I haven’t seen them pop back up yet. Next year I will definitely check there to see if they come back up and will document photo and post about them here. I’m new to this so take it with a grain of salt so to say. We have already harvested dehydrated and stored 2 gallon ziplock bags full of the King Boletes species and another 2 bags eaten fresh cooked of course. The wife our 6 year old and me love them they sure are delicious and I have several recipes I’ve put together with them using venison,freshwater fish and frog legs that I will share in the cooking section. I put décantent beads in the ziplock bags to help keep them dry that I make myself. If you go to a arts an craft store and go to the flower section they sell a large bag for cheap. Spoon them into a paper coffee filter and tape or tie shut with string and drop in the bag. There’s no scent dye or anything that will affect the mushrooms. A professional chef I know told me about this trick when we were discussing storing venison jerky for longer periods if it ever last that long in our house. LOL
  11. Dave the photos were taken outside on top of my stainless steel grill early in the morning. Thanks for the advice I’ll give it try until I perfect it. I’m not teck savvy or the best photographer the photos show the correct colors to my eyes they are on the dry side as we haven’t had any good rain for a minute and there is fine reticulation on them but it is very fine/tight and light is the best way I can describe it. When I handled some and rubbed my dirty fingers on the stem the reticulation was easier to see with the eye. I can’t get a close enough photo to show the reticulation with out it getting blurry and distorted that’s how fine/tight an light it is. The reticulations is no where near as prominent or distinguished as on an a elegant stink horn by any means. There is no blue staining of the flesh anywhere when cut even after 2 days of being cut and monitored every 20 to 30 mins. We have are own small businesses that we work out of the garage and I have a garage fridge so I was able to check on them like that. We have eaten some of them a small amount waited as advised with no ill affect as there was no red pores or blue staining. I do believe I found Boletus Huronensis in Va earlier this summer wish I would have photoed and documented that find. A light tan irregular cap wavy and upturned that were pointed like sting ray wings they were large about 12 to 14 inches in diameter. These did stain patchy blue throughout the flesh when cut and no reticulation it was hard to say if they had tide marks was light and questionable to me. These were found around oaks that was the only tree around. I have read the couple of articles posted about the boletus huronensis and to me fit the Bill. The caps reminded me of saltwater sting Ray wings when they have them turned up out the water and gliding along if you have ever seen that. I’m completely new and green to mushroom hunting so I could be wrong about thinking I found boletus huronensis in VA earlier this summer but I felt they matched close enough we as a family discarded them. I live on the coast and haven’t found a seasoned person to go with or learn from in person that doesn’t charge a good amount of money. The closest mushroom hunting groups for free I can find are 3 to 4 hours away and not in my family’s budget right now to make the trips to go out with them. Thanks for all the help from everyone and advise is always welcome an appreciated.
  12. Found on a maple stump ground pile of mulch that's 2 to 3 years old they used a stump grinder and left the mulch there so it's not store bought mulch. The gills are definitely buff salmon colored. Thoughts on edibility?
  13. Found three of these just off the edge of a grass field in the leaf litter around the edge of a big pile of sticks and small logs. They were 2 to 3 feet from the pile so not directly in or hugging the pile of sticks. Most of the tress around are large old oaks with a few pine saplings 3 to 5 feet tall so the area is pretty open on the forest floor. I have had them in my garage fridge for 2 days as I didn't have time to post. The edges of the cap, gills and stem were a lot more purpleish violet than in the pics now very pretty colored mushroom! Will do a spore print tonight and add response tomorrow on that. Has a very light pleasant mushroom smell to them found in Hampton,VA
  14. Sorry about the pics here's a few more hope there better still working and learning on taking better pics.
  15. Found these around a large old oak tree about 20 to 30 feet away. There is a large root partially exposed that runs to the Bolete patch. This is the only tree around out in the middle of a grass field. Me and our son picked and dried some of these earlier this summer that were 10 to 14 inches in diameter and saw hundreds of little tiny pin heads starting. When sliced the flesh is white and no blueing at all and the larger ones Had yellow to greenish blue yellow hue sponge and stained a very light pink redish brown mix when sliced the wife said a pinkish brown hue. The color was very light the smaller ones stayed white and had a white sponge. Man they have a very pronounced wonderful nutty kind of sweet mild mushroom smell and a quick small taste and spit out it tastes just as it smells heavenly!!!! I would of left these to grow larger but no rain coming and colder temps here some that were getting larger had dried out and no good. My field guide points boletus edulis. If more info is needed just ask I will do my best to answer as my pot of lead is hot and I need to pour some sinkers to make a paycheck!!! Sorry if pics aren't the greatest bad lighting today and in a hurry this morning with a large order to pour. AHHH work always getting in the way of fun!!! LOL Thanks for y'all's help oh these were found in Hampton,VA
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