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  1. Looks good! You say the maintenance is similar to Lions Mane? I found an interesting video on the YT about the OP question. LOL though I was wondering if Mushroom cultivation topic was allowed on 'wildmushroomhunting.org' .. I assume so! I would love to hear feedback from the seasoned cultivators about these methods. I hear corn doesn't do as well as the staple Rye based substrates. Then there are amendments and dialing in the right environments for different strains etc... I'm sure those side topics are out there in another thread.
  2. Thanks for the recommendation. I've never seen Chestnut Mushrooms in the store [nor the wild]. They look somewhat similar to another type 'cybe' I've seen. I assume they are delicious as well. I'm curious, what quart size is your pressure cooker?
  3. Beautiful! I was thinking the same thing with oven situation, the bag and being dry. Makes sense. I see you have a humidifier in the bottom of that plastic wrapped enclosure. [Off Topic] I hope to make a computer controlled environment with humidity / temp sensors, humidifiers, etc to automate ideal environments. All being connected via monitoring system with maybe a webcam for viewing. But I'm putting the cart before the horse, as I need a pressure cooker at least to get the ball rolling. Thanks for the feedback
  4. The title asks the question. I see many videos on preparing substrates for inoculation, and most [require?] a pressure cooker for what, 2 to 4 hours ? Is this necessary as I don't have a pressure cooker on hand, and I really want to try growing, especially Lion's Mane. I guess I'm asking, Why the Pressure cooker vs baking in an oven? I'm guessing because it's in a bag, with steam, and higher pressure, vs in an open dry oven?
  5. Ahhh dang. That I didn't know. The cap has been picked and buried in my tomato plant pots. Thanks for the tip... Next time I will remember to get the underside pics as well.
  6. I see these from time to time short lived in the yard early morning. Anyone know more about it? Is it Coprinus Ellisii? In any case, I'd be interested in learning more about what's in my own backyard.
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