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  1. Thanks Dave! Much appreciated!
  2. Thanks for the recipes guy! I will be trying both this week
  3. Thanks Dave, Yep, you guys nailed it. Glad I didn’t bother to cut them. I’ll nust stick to chasing oysters. Anything else worth hunting for this time of Year?
  4. Thanks SVS, yeah these I had no idea on that’s why I didn’t harvest any. But sure are everywhere up here in the poconos right now. Aside from oysters is there anything else to hunt once the cold temps have shown up. Another hard frost overnight last night at about 29 degrees
  5. Was hoping these were a honey of some kind? I didn’t harvest them bit I did mark them on GPS. Can anyone give a solid ID? Dave? Old Oak? Come on vets!
  6. Cluster on what appears to be decaying maple. Some oysters were on the stump as well
  7. Thanks guys! I was 99% sure but always best to run it past the crew here. they smell fantastic. Wonderful anise/apricot scent. I left what will most likely turn into another 10lbs or so. Was a wonderful sight when I had pretty much considered the season over and was bummed about it! It was a beautiful day in the woods. I think I just might spend all day tomorrow on the back country as well 🙂
  8. Took a back road drive with the kids today. Spotted these guys along the way. Fortunately I had my Nikon for taking some fall pics. Also thankfully I had the truck to I was able to back up and stand on the tailgate to reach these. I have actually never found oysters until today so I am just making sure my ID is correct. Harvested probably 9 pounds of them and left 4-5 pounds as well as a bunch of new tiny blooms you can see in the pictures. Looks like a second bloom since you can see a deteriorated past bloom surrounding these So what say the pros here? Cook em up?? !! Any good Recipe suggestions?? Sorry about the couple that didn't reformat for proper rotation Also does anyone have a recommendation for Storing? I have a good dehydrator but wonder how these re-hydrate. How long will some keep in the fridge?
  9. Looks like chicken to me but the picture is a little over exposed and further away than I would like.
  10. Jeez...still nothing in Nepa when it comes to chickens. About to give up at this point. Anyone finding any up here?
  11. Thanks Dave, still yet to find a hen. Did well with chickens this year but still have yet to ever find a hen. Found some massive oaks today bit nothing. Getting a bit discouraged I must admit
  12. Hey All, spotted these while driving. Knocked on the door and asked the owner of I could cut a few and he said that I could. Also mentioned his neighbor used to come and take them Caps had a sticky feel to them. Pattern almost like a dryad saddle. Hoping these aren’t more scaly caps! Still haven’t found a damn hen! can anyone make a positive ID?
  13. Out in the woods as we speak and ran across these growing out of some type of hardwood while looking for hens. No Hens yet can anyone ID these? I am assuming scaly caps?
  14. Beautiful specimen! I just took took a couple hours to check around some big oaks locally. Nothing. Rain send me home early. Hoping the rain next week gets things booming. Thanks much for the reply!
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