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  1. Congrats! Try batter and deep fry! Yum
  2. Stop to check an interesting spot near a creek today what had a dead chesnut tree and some poplars nearby. Noticed these on the dead chesnut tree this is a first for me finding these. Are they any good to eat? Anyone have advise on prepping and any recipes? These are pretty fresh judgeing by the pores and they feel fragile. Also anyone ever freeze or dry these for later use?
  3. Walked another old orchard this morning. Morels are everywhere in pike county right now. This was about an hour walk. Will be checking some new spots in the next couple days. So far I have had no luck outside of orchards
  4. No,,, thank you Dave. I hope you realize the wealth of knowledge you are to the rest of us. I haven’t hunted morels since I was a kid hunting with my grandfather back in Missouri . This was my first attempt here and because of your wisdom and generosity with that knowledge I found them. It was like adult Easter egg hunting. Can’t wait to get out again! Thanks again for everything
  5. It’s time in pike country. Just got back from a quick stroll through that old orchard
  6. Do you find the permethrin works pretty well? I sure hope so because ticks appear to be pretty bad this year. The nice thing about that spot is that it’s close enough to check daily. That’s three old orchards I have found this spring. Hoping they produce! I need to get better at identifying elms and tulip polars when they have no leaves.
  7. Thanks Dave, Went out today to scout an old abandoned orchard. We did locate the orchard. Truly hidden way out in the middle of no where. Saw no morels yet but the location looks very promising. Dead or dying apple trees for a few acres. No signs of anyone having walked in there in a long time. I did end up with three ticks on me from that short walk. How many of y’all treat your clothing with permethrin? I came home and treated and outfit. Letting it dry now. Hopefully it’d effective in the field
  8. Morning Dave , as always thanks so much for your insight. Used to hunt morels growing up in Missouri but his will be my first attempt up here. May try an old orchard in NJ next week and see. Lower elevation and warmer temps there. Had a warm night last night with a lot of rain followed by warm temps forecasted today. Hopefully that gets things going
  9. I am up in pike county pa. Chomping at the bit to get out foraging! Can anyone tell me approximately when they start showing up in this area? Any advise is greatly appreciated
  10. Every single rain wash I find has trumpets at the bottom lately. Just amazing the amount. Even noticed a big patch in my neighbors front yard this afternoon anyone ever dehydrate them in the oven? I don’t have a dehydrator here was today’s haul
  11. Thought these were interesting looking. Anyone have an idea what they are ?
  12. Pretty damn sure but figured I would get master Dave’s opinion absolutely crushed the trumpets today! Probably a couple pounds of them
  13. Good morning Dave! Thanks for the reply. I believe you are correct about the Boletes. I halved them an put my tongue to them. There was a 9v battery kind of bitter so I tossed them. Yes the chanterelles got beat up in the bag. Going to get something better for carrying them today. They were a little old when o spotted them. All were found under hardwood trees, 1 or two at a time. They are crumbling rather easily. Can you give me some insight on how to ID the real Porchini Bolete? Would love to try some before the season passes. Girlfriend and I are going g to come to your open to the public meeting at the end of the month! Excited. We are about an hour and a half away .
  14. Well... I made the trumpets into a cream sauce that I used over a tomahawk steak sliced thin cooked medium rare. Sautéed some spinach and served over garlic mashed potatoes. Absolutely fantastic! Now I just want the confidence to try the chanterelles and porch’s !
  15. Well, I learned a basket is better than a bag. Most of the chants got broken up. Pretty sure I have a couple porchinis there as well. Before I make a nice cream sauce wanted to make sure I didn’t screw up
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