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  1. Looks like chicken to me but the picture is a little over exposed and further away than I would like.
  2. Jeez...still nothing in Nepa when it comes to chickens. About to give up at this point. Anyone finding any up here?
  3. Thanks Dave, still yet to find a hen. Did well with chickens this year but still have yet to ever find a hen. Found some massive oaks today bit nothing. Getting a bit discouraged I must admit
  4. Hey All, spotted these while driving. Knocked on the door and asked the owner of I could cut a few and he said that I could. Also mentioned his neighbor used to come and take them Caps had a sticky feel to them. Pattern almost like a dryad saddle. Hoping these aren’t more scaly caps! Still haven’t found a damn hen! can anyone make a positive ID?
  5. Out in the woods as we speak and ran across these growing out of some type of hardwood while looking for hens. No Hens yet can anyone ID these? I am assuming scaly caps?
  6. Beautiful specimen! I just took took a couple hours to check around some big oaks locally. Nothing. Rain send me home early. Hoping the rain next week gets things booming. Thanks much for the reply!
  7. It’s been a pretty dry summer her in northeast pa. I’m curious if anyone has spotted any hens yet? Hopefully we start getting some regular rain before it’s to late!
  8. I did not. The next day I found a big bloom on an oak tree. Those were delicious! Also was surprised to find a good amount of trumpets as well as a dozen chanterelles
  9. Appreciate both your replies! Have them in the fridge now trying to decide what to do. They are such perfect specimens I hate the idea of tossing them
  10. The underside is a very light yellow . the tree was laying down and very very degraded. I have no idea what tree it was. Was maybe 6 inches in diameter
  11. Well, been looking for these the last couple seasons and finally found them today. Only problem is the free was to degraded to ID as conifer or hardwood. I have heard chickens on conifers can possibly carry toxins that can make you sick. Does anyone have any opinion or experience with this. Like I said I aM not certain. The this forest was 60% conifer. There was big oak over the long skinny tree these were growing on. Would be a shame because they are perfect specimens . Unfortunately I left the camera in my car. These were way back in the Bush
  12. Thanks guys, it’s amazing how one day of rain can change things. I have some tiny smooth chantys coming up now. None of my trumpet spots are showing anything as of this morning though. Hoping the rain today and heat this weekend gets them booming. Any idea when we might start seeing some chickens?
  13. Put about 5 miles into the woods yesterday. No chanterelles, trumpets or even boletes. I think we are in need of some soaking rain here. Just curious if anyone else is having luck. What do you think we’ll see next and when?
  14. Thanks Dave! Yes, I just checked the spore print and it is light brown and was a little pink before it dried.
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