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  1. Just wanted to thank you for this forum! It’s been a huge resource for me over the last several years in getting to this wonderful hobby. I just sent y’all a couple hundred bucks. Keep up the good work! I almost had withdrawal symptoms from the site being down 😉

    1. flipjargendy


      That is a huge help! Thank you so much! This unique community is so enjoyable to be a part of. It is what helped me get started learning about mushrooms. Several years back I found out that a new admin was needed for the site. I didn't want it to disappear so I took over hosting and managing the site.

      I normally take on the costs that are not covered by the community. But with your donation and some others, this year the costs will be covered! Your donation will really help me get the hosting upgrade moving sooner than later. Then you hopefully shouldn't have anymore moments of withdrawal :)

      Thanks again!

  2. Absolutely NOT hen of the woods.
  3. I’m about 99% sure here. Just waiting on spore print. Growing in leaf litter under oak and spruce. Very smooth cap, lilac in color, broad stem and a pleasant aroma
  4. They are out up here in NEPA. Been finding them for the last 2-3 weeks. Get out there brother!
  5. Yep it’s a hen. Don’t even need to see the white pore surface.
  6. Well done Kevin. Congrats. They are in abundance right now. Finding a couple or more everyday I go out for a few hours. Now that you’ve found 1 it will be much easier finding more.
  7. Thanks Dave, there were plenty of you dear specimens with the veil still in tact or just starting to fall. I’ll go back and grab some of them and try fresh. As to the trumpets they are everywhere lately and much larger than normal. I have plenty of regular spots I find them on most years but lately they are everywhere there are oaks at the bottom of a run off wash area. Many of those areas also had hedgehogs a plenty. Trumpets are still in my personal top three edibles. They still amaze me with the aroma and flavor that come from such an unassuming mushroom. one of my favorite things to do with them is to make a cream sauce that I then add to mash potatoes.
  8. Boy, the woods are absolutely loaded with mushrooms right now. The first two pictures are what I assume are Suillus spraguei. The smaller specimens still had a partial veil covering the pore surface. Caps are slippery. Does anyone have experience in Dehydrating these? I could literally pick thousands right now. the last picture is the largest giant puff ball I have found to date.... another heads up is that the black trumpets are also everywhere right now.
  9. Yeah I was just kind of hoping. Spent a lot of time in White Pine and Hemlock Forest to no avail. There were a lot of hemlocks around this particular spot. The king sure is elusive!
  10. Found under an oak in a mixed hardwood forest. Boletes are everywhere in my area right now. Found lots of B Separans, bicolor, bitter, etc.. this one just looks different than the others and feels more firm. Found lots of chanterelles and black trumpets today as well
  11. This is some kind of man made polymers or elastomer IMO. If it actually something from the fungi kingdom I will be shocked.
  12. I agree with Tylopilus rubrobrunneus. I have hundreds of B Separans co ing up right now. This is not one of them IMO
  13. I just trim off any dirt or buggy spots then slice and put in the dehydrator. Dehydrating and rehydrating seems to concentrate the flavor and gives a better texture than cooking them fresh . Stem is just as delicious as the cap!
  14. Just harvested about 1/8 of these coming up in my yard under three big white oaks on mossy ground..boy do they stink up the house when in the dehydrator
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