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  1. Wow! Some real monsters there Dave! It’s been a good year so far. I went out in the rain a little bit yesterday. Also all under dying elms. I have found absolutely nothing under tulips this year. And I have giant stands of huge tulips.
  2. Hey Brother, I hope you’re feeling better. It happened to me once years ago. Now I tend to cook morels like I do chicken. A little more than done just to be safe. My stomach doesn’t like shiitake. Gives new meaning to the name 😉
  3. Just got back from elm spotting backroads by car with the kids. Sure is an efficient way to cover ground. The rain certainly set things off.
  4. It is definitely time up here in pike county .. yesterday dead and dying elms were generous ..left 50 or more behind to get bigger
  5. Just back from checking out my early tulip spots. Conditions seem good but looks like still a week or so away here in NEPA.
  6. Wow! That’s far bigger than anything I have seen! Congrats!
  7. Did a little “hunt while driving” today. Maybe an hour down some back roads. Found 3 and all were past prime. I think we may be past season...you’re right, nobody was talking about them but I’ve been finding them since beginning of September. good news is found some winter oysters today in good numbers. Still very young so will give them another look on Wednesday I have found that binoculars are really helpful hunting hens
  8. I found 7 just last Saturday. Usually finding 2-3 every time I go out. And many were over in Sussex. It’s been an epic hen year between pike pa and Sussex NJ... I can tell you that every single one I found was under white oak.
  9. They look like ring less honeys to me. But let’s see what the veterans have to say
  10. Appears to be but it’s waaaaay past prime. Check that same spot regularly next year and hopefully you can catch it in time
  11. No, they are past prime. Drying them will not help anything. My experience is they are rather unpleasant after they get past prime.
  12. Looks to be an older specimen of dryad saddle. Do you notice cucumber smell ?
  13. Nice! I keep finding honeys a day late too. Sooner or later I’ll get the timing right I hope. I have a similar chicken spot. Used to get out the extended limb saw and stand in the tailgate. We are the same age. I have easier spots these days so I also passed this year. still finding tons of hens. I haven’t tried them dried. The consensus I read was that freezing them while slightly damp was best. I’ll certainly find out. I am out of freezer space so I will try them in the dehydrator this week and let you know. we could use some rain! None in the forecast right now
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