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  1. eat-bolete

    My hens-of-the-woods

    Matt, I should be careful about what I tell you, your memory is too good:)) What’s interesting is, as fruitful as this year was, that tree produced only about 15 hens, and much smaller in size too. Awesome job helping out those in mushrooms need!
  2. eat-bolete

    My hens-of-the-woods

    Matt, I’ve never tasted hens before.
  3. eat-bolete

    Help with Id

    Thanks Dave. I did another spore print and it came out yellowish, so most likely C. robusta it is. Didn’t eat it.
  4. eat-bolete

    Which Tricholoma?

    Not sure why photos uploaded in a different order I intended so all my references are wrong. Yes, the brown-spored one is on photo 7, also on 1, and top mushroom on photo 3. The brown-spored one is the one that smelled mild and tasted pleasant, and had a bit slippery cap surface. Unfortunately, no microscope atm, every penny goes towards getting a house :)) species of Inocybe sounds right. Here’s another photo of spore print (top) compared to that of Cortinarius (bottom)
  5. eat-bolete

    Help with Id

    Camille, I find them smelling similar to Agaricus, which people describe smelling as almonds and cherries, so sweet smell seems to fit. Our temps are still above freezing until Sunday night. Got another 4 pounds of blewits today. Other than that not much but my eyes are still checking the ground level as the oysters are starting to show up but they prefer downed trees to standing ones.
  6. eat-bolete

    Help with Id

    Clitocybe robusta seems to fit. White spore print might be yellowish. Anyone tried it?
  7. eat-bolete

    Help with Id

    Subdecurrent gills, smells mild but reminds me of Agaricus smell, tastes noticeably sweet, grow in a fairy ring I think, spore print appears white based on deposit onto mushrooms below. Very stout mushroom. Among oaks but probably saprobic.
  8. eat-bolete

    Which Tricholoma?

    Hmm this is interesting. Spore print attched. Mushrooms from photos 1-4 have white spore print as expected, while the latter one doesn’t seem to be Tricholoma species at all.
  9. eat-bolete

    Which Tricholoma?

    Thanks Dave.
  10. eat-bolete

    Cortinarius mucosus?

    I guess could also be C. vibratilis. Spore print is rusty brown, the mushroom is very slimy (both cap and stem), I see remnants of something on the stem, cortina or ring. habitat - pitch pine
  11. eat-bolete

    Help with ID

    Thanks Dave. gills are mostly light brown, but they do have a pink tinge, resembling Agaricus in a way.
  12. eat-bolete

    Which Tricholoma?

    photos 5(top mushroom), 6 and 7 might be a different species, it has a cap of different shade of brown (photo, left), it’s cap feels less dry, more slimy. Also the smell is mild, taste is pleasant, a bit sweet. First 4 photos and photo 5 (bottom 2 mushrooms) : smell is strong, taste is quite strong too, with a bit of bitterness. Spore printing both.
  13. eat-bolete

    Help with ID

    Dave, smell is like radish, spore print occured at the spot onto the specimen below (attached). They grow pretty big, I found some almost 5” across
  14. eat-bolete

    I looked and I found! I think...

    Thanks guys. Spore print came out pretty crappy, probably due to too much rain, but color seems right. Left some behind to grow, will go back on Friday.
  15. Please tell me it’s blewits (spore printing now). I found the most saprobic environment I could (leaves and woodchips). Very fragrant (pleasantly). Some more purple, others more beige/brownish but they all grew together. Last photo is taken indoors.