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  1. Hi, Billy. Yes. I am highly interested in doing this. I live off Richmond Road here.
  2. No, guy. Just a couple of central KY folks starting out cultivating businesses to sell. I live off Richmond Road here in Lexington and will hit you up separately on a site IM. Thank you for touching base!
  3. http://mushroomobserver.org/290150?q=8weO I found what I think is an aborted entoloma (pics above), but I did not collect the specimen. There were sure a lot of honeys out to be parasatized, for sure, but this was the only one I saw that day. I would consider eating this but would need special direction... right? Do i just pick this up, dress it, and use it like any other mushroom? Looks like nougat the more I look at it now. Time for breakfast. Thanks. Wrong topic area. Wish I could correct it myself. Sorry, mods!
  4. Thanks, Dave. It made me sad to see so many of these smashed by trail-goers. People always want to eat the mushrooms OR they want to smash them. Hahah.
  5. This is correct! These are actually tasty when young. I ate a few Monday but ended up mainly using the stipes in a sauté. The caps stain weird and it throws me off to see it in the pan. I took a pic of one in the field, and it looks like a little greasy hamburger bun stuck on the end of that weird red veiny stalk. Such a weird specimen. That find looks good, Matt. Enjoy the bounty.
  6. These are delicious. http://mushroomobserver.org/290172?q=8weO
  7. Look good. So how pliable are those? I picked some yesterday but was afraid to use them.
  8. Your pick is impressive and an inspiration!
  9. I haven't eaten the sulfur shelf yet. I think I may chuck it. I have two nice young giant puffballs too. Those are plenty. <chuckles> http://mushroomobserver.org/290139?q=8weO == The black trumpet omelettes yesterday were delicious with Swiss: https://a.safe.moe/GpE8d.jpg https://a.safe.moe/78lwg.jpg https://a.safe.moe/YheI9.jpg https://a.safe.moe/gpyTE.jpg
  10. http://mushroomobserver.org/290136?q=8weO Never had chicken of the woods before, but these two small shelves look OK to me. Will prep them tomorrow. May free it. I am mushroomed out after a foray this past weekend. Ate several shaggy-stalked boletes for the first time. Did not find these slimy at all. http://blog.crazyaboutmushrooms.com/the-shaggy-stalked-bolete-heimioporus-betula/
  11. http://mushroomobserver.org/290139?q=8weO These two young specimens look prime. I have never eaten puffballs so I wanted to post some photos in case this is some species I should not consume and someone here can recognize it as such. Thank you.
  12. I read the subject of the topic and thought it was about something completely different... I am finding myself looking for mushrooms from my car in the swales and for forth as I drive along to work and to exercise. I am actually going to delay my exercise till much later tonight so I can take advantage of mushroom hunting in early evening light. There are some monsters growing for sure after recent rains.
  13. My Dad loved Cases. That one you're holding is rustically beautiful. I bought a little Opinel No. 8 recently for harvesting mushrooms. I had never seen a mushroom knife before. :-) Yours is much better looking! I will need something bigger when I find Grifola frondosa.
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