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  1. where, what season, etc? looks aminita from a distance
  2. 8000ft apsen conifer forest. No blue bruising noted. Dry cap. Going through the MD Boletaceae guide pg 489. Another “bolete” was nearby ~50 ft. but had a light brown colored cap. I should have taken a pic. Last photo shows non-blue bruising at the top of the cap. I waited 1-2 minutes from the squish to photo.
  3. Looking more closely this appears to be an aspen log with no bark. Cap not fuzzy. Splitting cap may be due to relative dryness.
  4. Yes, underneath an aspen log. That is what caught my eye as red conks are everywhere but higher off the ground. Spores were more orangish then brown. The conk instantly bruised brown. The last photo shows both pre and post harvest tissue moments after breaking off the sample.
  5. It seemed like most of the nearby mushrooms were a week past prime. These certainly were. Thanks again
  6. I need to start taking petri dishes out with me for non-obvious spore prints. Sorry for the bad pun in the title
  7. This was also on apsen conifer woods ~8500. Another new one for me.
  8. There are so many red belted conks here that I almost missed this one. I accidentally smeared my sample piece not knowing the bruise potential. I marked the x intentionally. ~8500 aspen conifer forest.
  9. Found in a mostly conifer forest ~7000’ft. Was one of the most prolific mushrooms nearby our camp.
  10. Found in aspen conifer woods ~8500ft. It had a pleasant odor light licorice smell.
  11. Found around 8-8500 ft in aspen forest. I had an earthy smell with some sort of mild herbal fragrance, my wife agreed. Not sure it was an anise smell, but pleasant.
  12. Gymnopilus ventricosus... I think. Growing from the base of a dead conifer. First mushroom of this hunt and I found it next to my camp site.
  13. Hey folks. I want to say hello and hope to continue my fungal education with your help. There are almost no mushrooms here in El Paso, but the Lincoln National forest is about 1.5-2 hours away. I have found and identified dozens of different mushrooms, a few of which were edible. I use Paul stamets “growing gourmet and medicinal mushrooms”, David Arora’s Hip guide and “mushrooms demystified”, and the Audubon mushroom guide. Cheers Dig
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