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  1. Man I’m sorry, I don’t remember the mushroom too well anymore
  2. Well it’s pretty mixed but where that is mostly conifers. Sorta the type tree I’m susoecting but no guarantees
  3. no veil, I couldn’t tell tree type as bark was gone and it was only a single straight piece. I didn’t smell it
  4. I was on my beagle club deer hunting. Didn’t grab the mushrooms but I can later or tomo but I have zero idea what they are and can’t find dm listed. I did not do spore print but can go back and collect. Wasn’t really looking for this as edible anyway. Thanks for any replies
  5. I’m no expert but Sunday we were about as close to northeast pa as you can get. Trumpets, cinnabars and golden chanterelles were found
  6. Thank you again. I appreciate the information
  7. There was cross veining
  8. Thank you! Thanks Dave. That kid is good. I thought I watched most his videos but somehow I never came across that one.
  9. When I go back next week I’ll be better prepared. If I see them I’ll document the find better. Thank you
  10. Yes I did Yes I did. Would there also be a common name to it as well?Thank you
  11. These mushrooms were on a woods trail. The woods were mixed . They grew from the ground. To me they appear a bolete type but I’m new to this. They were rusty colored on top. The bottom has pores. Currently I’m trying for a spore sample. The underside is yellow and it bruised blue. The stem was centered Any input is appreciated
  12. This mushroom was growing in a mixed woods forest actually sometimes on trails. Maples were perhaps predominant though conifers were nearby. There were many but none exactly together. The top was orangish. Bottom white. Grew from the dirt. I am trying to get a pore print as we speak. Sorry these are slightly beat up. I had nothing w me to carry em and it was a distant hike. Thanks for looking
  13. Hey guys, I’ll be going back Friday. Took a small piece w me as I’d forgotten the phone w camera home. This sas growing from a very dead tree, it was lying horizontally on ground. Actually had no bark and was alongside train tracks. The area has plenty oak, ash, maple, sycamore. I think it leans shape wise toward maple or ash. My buddy is coming w me Fri. He’s a tree guy and can id them. Besides the tree type, the fact it grows from wood, being it’s a non “normal” type mushroom. What do I need to do to positively id this? Only took a very small piece w me but here is the pic I took at home. I’m thinking crown tipped coral but at least one field guide I have claims poisonous look alikes. As always thank you
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