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  1. Thank you again Rob, much appreciated
  2. Thank you Rob, I appreciate it
  3. Bowguy

    Morel Dogs

    Figures I’m asking a serious question. Actually laughed at what you said til I realized from your last sentence you were upset. You must have lots insecurities. Sorry I hit on em.
  4. Bowguy

    Morel Dogs

    What’s a fully finished morel dog do? Crazy, a buddy of mine finished a dog FC, she was Illinois state champ, Montana sharptail wild bird champ, National horseback champ. He also has a name as well in the trial circuit. So his dog after all these accomplishments fell ill. They had to fix her to save her. She no loner competes but he asked I think 4 grand for her at less than 4 years old. She’s still at his place. In my mind and no disrespect again but that kinda bird dog is worth way more than any bone dog. Oh forgot to say she points w a head high stylish crank.
  5. Bowguy

    Morel Dogs

    Holy cow!! Six grand and not even broke good for you buddy lol. You coulda heard my eyes pop when I saw that!! No disrespect to ya n I hope you’re not sensing that. Just an old dog guy that’s competed, judged, bred, trained n owned more than many. Guess I can’t imagine paying that kinda money for something that might run in front of a car the day after it was bought. God bless ya though
  6. Bowguy

    Morel Dogs

    It depends where you are located, who you know, what type dog it is, etc. I guess too how bad someone wants one. Seems fairly easy to train and honestly the season is real limited. There’s no way to work em to keep them sharp off season which is prob 11 months. Not trying to discourage you but to me there’s very limited worth.
  7. Bowguy

    Ticks !

    I know this post is old but ticks are coming again. I’ve been treated for Lyme twice, Babesi once. Babesi is a tick nymph stage disease. Anyway, in the summer when I run my dogs we use this stuff. It’s available at tractor supply. It’s in the horse section. There’s directions for dogs and lesser applications. We spray chaps, pants, down and everything. Haven’t yet found one tick when using it. About 10 bucks for small bottle, 20 for large. You mix one oz of the concentrate into a gallon of water. Even a small bottle will last forever
  8. Ok so say you have a mushroom bag or basket. You’re using it for edible species. In time you accidentally pick some poisonous ones and mix them w edibles. How much poisonous variety would you need to become sick? I’m sure it’s relevant to lots of things but I guess I’m wondering about say mushrooms rubbing against each other and transferring material. Or if a tiny piece broke off and made it in w the edible? Also do the spores contain the toxicity? So say you were walking and it was sporing, could the spores make you sick if they got on your edible? I’d assume washing em would knock most off? Do I need separate bags per species eventually? My plan so far has been identifying easy type mushrooms. Only eaten things collected by others but information is always good. Thank you for your help. Merry Christmas
  9. A week or so ago I was out running some dogs. I often don’t bring my phone when doing so. Because of this I have no pictures. I’m not asking for anything definitive but there was this tree piece w giant mushrooms on it. They had no gills, the underside had tiny tubes, they were ivory w brown staining. . It was dark brownish on top and prob the biggest cap n stem type mushroom I’d ever seen. Actually there were a bunch. They were growing on a long dead tree. They were close but had separate stems. The tree had pretty much no bark if I remember right and no mushrooms on ground. Its only a few hundred yards from my place. They were shriveled so obviously past prime. We’ve had a crazy wet summer. I don’t think only the moisture content could be the contributing factor. ive looked in some guides but nothing is even close. Where would I look to get an idea what it was? Just the shear size has to narrow it down. I’m guessing near 5”. Im not asking for a absolute id, just where to start a research?
  10. Bowguy

    Hey folks

    Wanted to say hello. I’m from NJ, Sussex Co, where I live it’s fairly rural. As a child my uncle picked mushrooms. My grandmother, his sister, wouldn’t let me eat any as she figured it was too dangerous. I guess I’m not a kid any more so I’m starting this late in life but I’ve become fascinated w mushrooms. I don’t know much so mainly will prob be reading along first but I wanted to say hello