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  1. It was nj, northern most part to be honest. About 200 yards from ny
  2. Thank you. I appreciate it
  3. Best I can figure is scarlet cup?? I don’t remember ever noticing this one but I’m relatively new to this. Was growing from a downed branch. Forgot to add, was fresh, and below the leaf line. I saw one red piece peeking up.
  4. I know it’s early in most areas but a buddy said they found a dozen black morels in Indiana yesterday
  5. I tripped quite a bit whenever in the woods. Had a large brain tumor. My buddy Scott also tripped a lot. He has Lou Gerrings disease. I don’t wanna scare you but I don’t know anyone else that way. Scott is near 60, I’m in my 50s.
  6. Well I guess that’s my point. It is way warmer than usual. I understand the variables just pondering
  7. This year in the northeast the weather has been unseasonably warm w no snow. Very untypical of the winters. I understand the ground temps affect when things may pop but how much earlier would you expect things to start?? I know nothing is guaranteed just a curiosity question?
  8. Man I’m sorry, I don’t remember the mushroom too well anymore
  9. Well it’s pretty mixed but where that is mostly conifers. Sorta the type tree I’m susoecting but no guarantees
  10. no veil, I couldn’t tell tree type as bark was gone and it was only a single straight piece. I didn’t smell it
  11. I was on my beagle club deer hunting. Didn’t grab the mushrooms but I can later or tomo but I have zero idea what they are and can’t find dm listed. I did not do spore print but can go back and collect. Wasn’t really looking for this as edible anyway. Thanks for any replies
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