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  1. Thank you guys and thanks for the advice Bobby
  2. Thank you, had no intention of doing anything w it. Strictly wondering
  3. Have no idea what this is but it’s all over
  4. Pics. Is it possible they’re oysters? Smell like anise
  5. I’m relatively new to this but am fairly certain this is chicken of woods. My buddy says it only grows in fall. I know that’s not true. Thsnks for any help Pics
  6. Tractor supply sells a permethrin concentrate. It’s got recipes/ratios for dif stuff. Ive treated my clothes and it works. Never had one on a dog since I started using it also. For 10-20 dollars depending on bottle size it’ll last years or a lot of years. The 10 dollar bottle I bought two years ago is still mostly full. I run dogs up to 5x week. Spray my turkey hunt clothes. Any pants or whatever I’d use tomo for mushrooms, etc. When I don’t use it, the ticks are all over me Think it’s made by Gordon. In horse section
  7. Very cool! Congrats!!! Each hunter is in a dif place and should enjoy the sports the way they wish. Good luck to ya. Just a FYI. If you look on trad gang or bowsite leatherwall they have classifieds. If you buy used the bow already depreciated and you could always sell it for what you paid. If you’re fresh on it you’ll go through weights. Also w trad gear you’ll prob lose poundage compared to compound. Don’t overbow yourself. If you need help feel free to ask
  8. I do shoot trad. I’ve had a brain injury. Actually had a large brain tumor. When they did surgery my optic nerve was hit. I can’t see good through a peep, can’t see perpherifally or clearly on right side. The darn tumor also crushed my hearing nerve dead on one end so I can’t triangulate. That makes telling direction hard. The eye thing makes looking for mushrooms hard too but persistence pays off. Since the 70s I’ve shot trad. In the 80s I added compound but never strayed from trad. The eye is forcing me back to it full time. I’ve killed some decent deer too w a longbow the past two years. Im using an Ithaca madel 37 here though do to the limitations. It’s easier to swing a gun than line up a bow shot as I don’t know where the gobbling is coming from if alone. Here I obviously wasn’t. If I was in deer hunting in a tree it’d be bow. The longbow I’m currently shooting is a Robertson Primal Overdrive. Got one in 52, one in 57. Before surgery I shot mid 60s but after had a long rebuild to get to even 42lbs. God is good. It’s me that got to deal w it instead of someone I’d worry about, He gave me the strength to pull it all off, One neurologist said I might not make surgery. I never had any doubt though. We still get to do it!!
  9. Great year, great morning
  10. Great bird! I had a kid youth day miss a real nice bird at 24 yards. It tried fighting w 3 other longbeards earlier. The same buddy that killed the pair w me shot a tree trunk, ( I don’t know how) after I called it to about 35. I have videos of both. Going out now so good luck to ya all
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