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  1. Very cool, thank you for the info I will be researching immensely. The trailer is abandoned, and soon to be removed.
  2. I found this mushroom growing on a Arizona Black Walnut tree, the elevation is about 6000ft the Temperature ranges from -20 F in the winter to 110 F in the summer. This is a private walnut orchard!!! It’s the only tree right now that has this. I don’t want to destroy on the chance it’s beneficial for the tree which I suspect it is, so no spore print for now.
  3. Hi everyone I’m new here, I’ve been mushroom hunting for a few years, there quite the variety here in the Arizona high desert, as it’s home to a huge pine tree forest “Apache Sitegreaves” with oak spruce fir and aspen trees to name a few but mostly ponderosa pine below 8000 ft.
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