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  1. For being half blind, I still have quite an ability for spotting mushrooms from a distance. My last trip out for Chanterelles I was coming down a steep hill and for some reason I glanced up and spotted a mushroom twenty feet up in a tree. I stared at it, rubbed my eyes, stared some more and kept thinking "It must be a couple leaves or something" Finally I got a long stick and knocked it down. It disappeared out of view but it sure looked like a mushroom as it zipped by. I climbed down to where it fell and pulled it out of the hole it fell in. Sure enough, it was a common light purple mushroom with white gills. I couldn't imagine how it got up in that tree. There was no where it could have fell from to land there. It took me another five minutes to realize what a simple answer it was.....a bird (or a squirrel). Something had chewed all around the edges. Still, that's the first one I ever found up in a tree. What are the odds? First it had to get stuck and secondly I'd actually have to spot it. Maybe I am the mushroom whisperer....
  2. Thank You Rondayvous I'd never have found that ones name. Mine is actually growing out of the ground. This spot has the best soil/groundcover i've ever run across. Maybe I should bag it up and sell it! lol I stepped on a huge, completely buried, downed tree last time out. Dropped "in" almost to my knees. 'bout gave me a heart attack! My friend thought it was real funny until he stepped on one.
  3. Here's a really cool shot of a Chanterelle that was way, way far under a log Looking for info on this mushroom. Intense dark red-to Orange-to white color Shiny, glossy wet coating. Photo doesn't do it justice. Real eye popping. Found under Douglas firs in a place that regrew after a forest fire (real gold mine!) in the North Oregon Coast Range. Chanterelles & Cauliflower Look this shroom up. It is a medical miracle! Reduces tumors, stops tumor growth, stops heart attacks, and so many other medicinal qualities that It would be way easier for you to look up then for me to try and list. no kidding! 10 LB. Cauliflower mushroom I discovered this fall. Found 15' from a huge Douglas Fir stump
  4. 1st photo, absolutely a Lobster mushroom, edible, mild flavor, not too bad. Chanterelles are the best though (ask the deer, they pass most other edibles with maybe a nibble but devour the Chanterelles.
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