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  1. Here is the spore print - tannish / brownish. It’s relatively fragile.
  2. If it is indeed chicken of the woods, what variety is it?
  3. Just sprouted on a lawn yesterday. Please help ID.
  4. Dimi


    Turns out to be scleroderma. Dave and Brendan were spot on.
  5. Dimi


    Hi Dave, I’ll go back on a trail tomorrow and report back (assuming they are still there).
  6. Apologies for that. There were no gills underneath the cap which led me to believe it was a lobster.
  7. This pretty double was inside a hollow area in a dead tree trunk.
  8. Please help identify. No particular smell. Grows on soil.
  9. Please help identify this scaly cluster.
  10. What is this beauty on top of a fallen tree trunk and full of tiny insects swarming around it?
  11. Dimi


    Thank you for all responses! The cap was not sticky, and it did not have much of an odor. And it was edible (as my mushroom picking neighbors had advised me before me boiling it) Very mild pleasant taste. I plan to join a local mushroom picking group to learn more about edible varieties locally.
  12. Hi, I’m new to this forum. I hunted mushrooms a lot growing up in Eastern Europe. This mushroom I just saw by a stream in western MA. I suspect this is one of the many in Russula variety. It looks very similar to the ones from my childhood.
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