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  1. That looks like a good possiblity! Thanks @Dave W Can they be confused with anything similar that's poisonous?
  2. Found growing on wood. The gills taper at the end and attach to the stalk
  3. Found growing on the ground and white spores Thanks Dave!
  4. Beautiful, deep grey / browny colour. Steam around 0.5cm, cap around 3cm across.
  5. Cap size - around 1-2cm across. Stem size around 0.1-0.3mm Any ideas? thanks x
  6. Smooth top, thick stem - around 1cm. Let us know what you think!
  7. Found growing on a tree. Stems, around 0.4 - 1cm thick and caps around 2-6cm across. Any help would be wonderful 😀
  8. Found near a swamp. Quite varying in size. Cap around 2-4cm
  9. Very small, stem size around 1mm and cap size around 1-2cm. Found in the woods
  10. These looked quite yellowish / organge when first picked and have now turned more tan coloured.
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