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  1. MattVa

    Photos Don't Do Justice

    Dave, I found some frond stage black staining polypore once that would take several (longer than 5) minutes to stain. Not sure of this was a common occurrence? The ones I'm referring to where younger,more yellowish and just emerging like stalagmites and very very moist/juicy. I never recall them ever being this dark not even after they where massive.
  2. MattVa

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

    Cajun, only been froggin once this year so far and only brought home about a dozen, hope to get a chance to go again. I have only found hedgehogs twice and loved em but so far they ain't easy to find for me either.
  3. MattVa

    I’d help

    Burkleys polypore or possibly Black staining polypore would be my guess. Black staining polypore will stain black if you crush a part of it, might take a few minutes. Wait for one of the experts to along and confirm this.
  4. MattVa

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

    Adawg, look forward to your findings and good to see you moving about again. The chants started to show a bit in May but I think the ground temp has just started getting right. Few milky's and boletes about too.
  5. MattVa

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

    Love my Walmart bags Cajun! Adawg I found 12 oz Friday,some real nice and fresh and some a bit past. Mostly in small groups 2-3 but they are up. No big scores yet but worth while.
  6. MattVa

    Agaricus campestris? Horse mushroom?

    Very nice, Lots of rain and heat here, chants are popping but no big patches. 10-12 oz at a time......better than none. A few milky's ....ect.
  7. MattVa

    Agaricus campestris? Horse mushroom?

    The chemical smelling ones I found where just starting to open. Nice haul Cajun! You tried them yet?
  8. MattVa

    Agaricus campestris? Horse mushroom?

    Cajun ,for me it was a very obvious offensive odor. Kinda like rubbing alcohol or acetone. Other cleaning type chemicals come to mind. Hard to pick any one smell but you will know when you smell it. You won't wanna eat it if it's like the ones I smelled.
  9. MattVa

    Ganoderma lucidum???

    Looks exactly like the ones I see, I don't use them for anything myself.
  10. MattVa

    Agaricus campestris? Horse mushroom?

    I have read about the cogwheel pattern on underside unopened Horse and ring on the stem when opened. Spore print looks like it fits. Looks like your on the right track Cajun with Andrewii but having never found it myself I'm pretty ignorant on this one. Cant believe your not into the chants yet your usually teasing everyone with onion bags full by now. I have picked a few handfuls but nothing stellar.
  11. MattVa

    Agaricus campestris? Horse mushroom?

    Any clues in the smell? I have found a couple look alikes or bad ones,but the smell always made me leave it. Some where very medical/chemical smelling and some that could have been old where terribly fishy. Cool find, I look forward what others say on this one.
  12. MattVa

    today's finds

    Nice looking oysters! What kind of tree, hickory?
  13. MattVa


    Those are the main three in my guides that list each other as look alikes. I would imagine that's the three. I have 5# of frozen crawfish in the freezer and that sounds like a excellent paring. The slight earthy undertones of crawfish just sounds right. All of it sounds like great,tasty ideas.
  14. MattVa


    Cajun, only 5-6 but decent size .... enough for a meal to feed myself. Also have about 6oz of Chants and a decent gilled bolete I can do something with but wanted to do something to see how these stand on there own. I fried a piece up in butter,garlic and salt pepper and I'm think something with Shrimp would be good. Dave, you hit the nail on the head. I give my wife a small piece and she instantly said "taste fishy" but good . I like it too and I can certainly find a way to incorporate it into a burrito or perhaps fish or shrimp tacos.
  15. MattVa


    Dave, thank you sir. Do you have a preferred method of preparing these? I have always read good things about these types.