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  1. just making sure

    Cajun and I both found them last June he in La and me in VA about a week apart if my memory is correct. I was totally confused at the time thinking I was possibly missing something so I posted them here. The same trees flushed again in the fall so I'm curious to see if they flush again this spring or summer. Good eye Diana
  2. Top 5

    Pretty hard for me to pick a order. I have a tendency to like what is available. Chanterelle Black Trumpets Hedgehogs King Boletes(all of them to date) Oysters (winter) I did not include Morels because I have only found them a few times. Hard for me to pick so I kinda based it off availability and prevalence too. Definitely a list that will change over and over.
  3. I have seen them many times in one particular forrest when hunting chants. Usually right on or very near the ground just as you described on very rotted wood. One time I seen them on the root ball of a blown over tree... probably on rotted roots. Hairy rubber cups is what I believe I have seen the most.
  4. Very interesting read thanks Lily. When I see them they look as they do in the second pic.
  5. To date finds! ?

    Looks like a nice veriety to me. Nice work.
  6. after work today

    Nice work Matt.
  7. Rain

    Found a good sized hen last Friday ,no bugs but it was very tough and not edible,I tried to eat it.. It must have popped when during the dry spell . Hopefully I get to go in the next few days...been awhile.
  8. Rain

    I have only found a couple baby hens and trees that produced several last year have produced nothing. It's still early for me compared to last fall,I was later in October finding hens but I am further south than most of you guys.
  9. Looking for conformation!

    Thanks Dave , I have a couple of those freezers aswell . Space is not of concern I was just curious as to wether or not it was a comparable option. Sounds like freezing is the way to go.
  10. first sights of A. mellea

    A.tabescens have been way more prevalent. A.mellea I have only found a few trees with decent flushes and I have been late to everyone and the bugs have already made there way Into 90%. Finally a decent rain here this morning and this time last year I seen tons so im at least optimistic.
  11. Looking for conformation!

    Dave, do the people who dry honeys par boil them first and then dehydrate or do they just cook them heavily or par boil afterwards. Honeys to me atleast already seem to have a crunchy like texture I would have thought them to be very chewy if dried but sometimes for me it's easier to fire up the dehydrator.
  12. Rain

    Yeah, I went out this evening and only found one flush of Honeys and they where very buggy. I think I found enough clean ones for one meal.....it's partched here to say the least.
  13. Rain

    I was hoping we would get some from this system but my area didn't get enough to knock down the dust.
  14. Scaber Stalks Edibility?

    Thanks GC, the over boiling was intentional I figured if I had a reaction then, then they where off the list for good. I have since eat them about 3 more times and have brought the parboil time back to 5-10 min. Just hoping we get enough rain for me to make it back out to find some more.
  15. C.O.W. Score !!

    Man Cajun thats some bad luck but stuff like this could have happen to any one of us. Maybe boiling, towl dry then dehydrate? Never tried to make any so I don't have much to offer on this but this is certainly a subject we can all learn from.