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  1. MattVa

    Amazing fungus

    I like em pretty good, the more white the better (lightly toasted)and like EB said with light colored pores.
  2. MattVa

    Help with ID

    EB,I believe you might have it with Boletopsis subsquamosa . Never seen it personally though.
  3. I'm a little slow making it back, I have only found it once. It was one of those things where I snapped pics and done a ID later. Ones I found where not this fuzzy (did have some)on the stalk but they where younger and I never really considered eating them. These look like what I had found but maybe a bit more yellow due to age. Cool find and rare for me at least!
  4. Looks like Maple, I first thought Pleurotus Dryinus/Pleurotus Levis but yours don't show much evidence of Veil....my phone really sucks for zooming in though. Is there a possible ring on stalk in the first pic? Kuo's description of it says it's not uncommon for the Veil and remnants to be worn away. P. Levis is belived by some to be more likely to have the fuzzy stem and lacking veil remnants than P.Dryinus. Google search of both returned the best pics for me. https://www.mushroomexpert.com/pleurotus_dryinus.html Definitely not saying it's this but worth ruling out .
  5. Definitely a list I don't see everyday. I could have helped out with the Hygrocybe variants for Cinnabar chant lookalikes had I known sooner. They where growing mixed right in with the cinnabars. I'll be back there this week but with the new 20deg temp drop I believe that might have been the last time I see them this year. What's your time frame on how soon you need them? I'm just to your north In central Va . If I see anything you listed Ill snap a pic.
  6. MattVa


    Dave, what types of conifers do you prefer for Blewits?
  7. MattVa

    Honeys ID

    Fall temps have been very late to arrive here in Virginia. Just yesterday was the first day we have had with highs in the 60s. I'm hoping for some A.mellea this week...only very small clusters to date. Yesterday I found an extremely small cluster A. tabescens. Dave, if you guys are finding large numbers in PA then I don't think we will be long.
  8. MattVa

    Just to be sure!

    I picked one about the size of a head of cabbage once. It was in a high profile spot that other people hunt so it was a now or never scenario. Rather than clean each frond I just sliced the whole thing across the center section and fried it up like you would a puff ball or a lion's mane. There's nothing like perfect timing. In my limited experience when they still look velvety then they are prime or atleast still in really good shape. And yours look great to me, that's what I hope to find when I go out.
  9. MattVa

    Surprise By the Driveway

    I don't see many either, congrats on checking it off the list.
  10. MattVa

    Need Mushroom ID (chicken of the woods?)

    X2 for Jack-o'-lanterns.
  11. MattVa

    Hello from SW Louisiana

    Cajun ,youll be able to start a La myco club before long....lol jk.
  12. MattVa


    Welcome, great group of very knowledgeable people here. Can't help you with the chaga but the tree looks like it's possibly oak.
  13. MattVa

    Just to be sure!

    That's still allot of trees for the money. I'll have to ask the game and inland fisheries guys at the next outdoor expo we have. Thanks for the info Wade.
  14. MattVa

    Just to be sure!

    One of the wettest Summers I can remember and the worst for mosquitoes here as well. I have never even heard of hazelnut trees for sale I'll have to look into it.
  15. MattVa

    Lactarius ID please. Edible?

    I like L.Hygrophoroides a little better than L. Voluminous (not as FISHY,ones I find tend to keep it after coooking) but I don't find it as often. L.corrugis I don't find much of either. L. Voluminous I like to add to shrimp fettuccine since it's already kinda fishy/seafood like. L.Hygrophoroides I have not found enough to do anything special but I would like to try a chicken marsala recipe with them. But I think you'd have to be light-handed with the Wine or you might not taste the mushroom. Maybe just a thin sauce made from deglazing the pan.