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  1. My favorite to hunt and find are morels because I never find very many. Really challenging. My favorite to eat is Maitake. Of course they're fun to hunt too but hard to find. Some of the trees where I found them in 2018 haven't produced since.
  2. Interesting it was so far away. Hopefully you'll have plenty more. I've looked around lots and lots of dead trees with wood debris and I have them in one consistent location.
  3. It seems that a lot of people are not on here anymore. Last Saturday I found 8 black ones. Today 5 black and 3 yellow. Much better than last year when I found none.
  4. Very nice bird! 😀 I always wonder what conditions let them grow big. I just find small ones in the middle of woods.
  5. Yes very nice! I found my biggest haul of those this year. Over a pound of them before dried.
  6. No I haven't tried the coral. I've been hunting mushrooms for 5 years and it's the first I've seen.
  7. Been a hot dry summer here. Now there's a cooler wet pattern. Found nice assortment of boletes in the button stage and first time finding Crown tipped coral.
  8. Love these but I never find very many
  9. That's for sure. Sometimes I think it rains at our place based on the radar but when we go look days later no mushrooms. We have timber 25 miles from home. Seems like the radar lies.
  10. Didn't get the rain I hoped for. I still have a lot of trumpets I dried 2 years ago. I've found them in August/September also before.
  11. Interesting. My ancestors came from Pennsylvania. Yeah this state is good for morels but I couldn't find any this year. Didn't have enough rain in April. We had about a 1/2 inch from Cristobal. I'll see if I can find some trumpets.
  12. Nice haul! Only edibles I found lately were wood ears and I was too lazy to dry them. I saw very few mushrooms on the ground yesterday.
  13. Looks like a small oyster. Yellow cap. Growing on oak limb that was laying on ground.
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