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  1. That's interesting. I will check my spots one more time before deer season.
  2. I don't see any chanterelles. Probably at least a couple types of gilled mushrooms.
  3. Jackpot! My trees produced good last year. So far nothing this year.
  4. Last year here I found 8 or 9 of them, so I figured this year wouldn't be good. Haven't seen anything yet. We just started getting cold temps and rain a week ago though.
  5. First picture looks like a group of chickens pecking the ground.
  6. No. Blewits don't have a veil. This is a Cortinarius with a cobweb veil.
  7. I'm surprised that didn't drop spores. If you get a print you can ask someone to look at it. Here's one I got from this blewit.
  8. What are the chances of having a Cort mixed in with a patch of blewits?
  9. I find a lot of hens by black oaks that are over a foot diameter. It might just be because those trees here have problems. Usually there's no moss at the base either. The lion's mane hericium types are good for beginners too. I find those on logs and standing dead white oaks.
  10. A couple years ago I made a positive ID with spore prints. Last year I found some in the woods by dead oaks. I was impressed by the taste. I tried some small and some older with tan caps.
  11. Maybe B. Nobilis. When I look at the sectioned picture on my phone the pores look bright yellow. Then I looked at it on laptop and it's a dull yellow.
  12. All three Hericium types are choice edibles. I've only had the lion's mane. H. Erinaceus.
  13. No picture of cross section or flesh color? My first guess is Hemileccinum subglabripes.
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