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  1. CamilleR


    Compare to Flammulina velutipes.
  2. CamilleR

    ID Help, perhaps chicken?

    Looks like it to me. Might be mature in a couple days.
  3. CamilleR

    what is this mushroom

    I would never eat any mushroom based on what someone else says. Make sure you have 100% positive identification first. Since you said these have grey gills, I 'think' they are Hypholoma species.
  4. CamilleR

    How fast can hens grow?

    I had a good year here picking 8 in their prime. Double what I had two years ago. Learned a lot about the way they grow.
  5. CamilleR

    Good blewit habitat

    I found more older ones by dead trees with the bark falling off. I'm going to make a debris pile with layers of mushrooms and spore prints. Wish I would've found these places a month ago but I hit my goal of finding some to try.
  6. CamilleR

    Mushrooms in Lidl

    Our Aldi stocks fresh Giorgio mushrooms from Pennsylvania. Sometimes as little as $ .79 per carton. We don't have Lidl in this area. I wonder where those were picked?
  7. I was so happy I finally found a lot of blewits around a fallen tree. Unfortunately most were past prime but I found a few lavender ones to cook. They were delicious. Hoping to pick more next weekend.
  8. CamilleR

    Found walking to the bar!!

    Wow! Was it near a waterway? Or some odd microclimate I guess.
  9. CamilleR

    Craterellis tubaeformis

    I don't think I've found c. Tubaeformis but I find a small amount of c. Ignicolor and I love the taste of those.
  10. CamilleR

    Help with Id

    Michael Kuo says they have a sickly sweet smell. I'm surprised you still have mushrooms on the ground. It will be about 20 degrees here tonight.
  11. Looks like Polyporus badius.
  12. CamilleR


    I don't see any gills on that. Look up Craterellus odoratus and see if it might be.
  13. CamilleR

    Auricularia auricula?

    Not sure but they look too old to me.
  14. CamilleR

    Possible very young Lion's mane?

    No it's not a Hericium species. Maybe a Sarcodontia sp.
  15. CamilleR

    Giant hedgehogs

    Does anyone else find hedgehogs that are up to 8 inches wide? Found a few in a group. Had some in 2016 too.