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  1. Yesterday I was checking on my hen trees and a certain one had nothing growing that I noticed, at about 10 am. In the afternoon, I decided to look again. It was after 3 o'clock. Lo and behold I find two babies there. Can they pop up in 5 hours? I thought I was losing my mind and not seeing them the first time lol. We've had quite a bit of rain lately.
  2. CamilleR


    Looks like it to me.
  3. CamilleR

    White Tails Love Amanita muscaria!

    Cute pic. 😀 I wondered if deer eat maitake? I found a couple white blobs at the base of oaks, they were nibbled down. Could've been something else too.
  4. CamilleR

    chicken variant?

    That might be the black staining polypore, Meripilus sumstinei.
  5. CamilleR

    Big ole pile a chicken!!!

    Their timing is a mystery. It's frustrating to keep checking the same spots weekly. L. cincinnatus seems easier for me to "time" the flush. I had 2 trees produce twice at different times and managed to catch 3 out of 4 fresh.
  6. CamilleR

    Big ole pile a chicken!!!

    Well, maybe next year.
  7. CamilleR

    Cinnabar Chanterelles

    My husband and I really like them. I'll pick them smaller than a quarter if they're prime.
  8. CamilleR

    14 Pound Sheep Head!

    Beautiful! Lots of layers there.
  9. CamilleR

    Saturday's finds

    Wow. Well I'll definitely check into that and do more research for next year. I was hoping to get some chanterelles sold and get into the market that way, but my patches didn't produce like I thought.
  10. CamilleR

    Saturday's finds

    Was that 30/lb dry or fresh?
  11. CamilleR

    Saturday's finds

    Our woods has a lot open ground, old oaks. I don't think they like ground cover. There were thick patches where the turkeys scratched the leaves up.
  12. CamilleR

    Saturday's finds

    RAU looks like you had a nice day too. Bird-Man, I have the Chanterelle license but it doesn't cover the trumpets. I've heard people in other states selling them.
  13. CamilleR

    Nice chickens

    Very nice! How far away did you see them?
  14. CamilleR

    Clitocybe nuda/purple wood blewit

    I was fairly sure I found them early Nov. last year but my spore print is different.
  15. CamilleR

    Chicken of the woods??

    I'm going against the grain saying it looks like L. Cincinnatus to me. Based on the zoning lines on the fronds.