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  1. CamilleR

    Locally scarce mushrooms

    Same here but no lobsters. We have mostly oak timber but a lot of large pines too. 900 ft elevation I think.
  2. CamilleR

    Black Trumpets are up

    Nice job! Does that spot always produce in August? I get them in early June here but found them in August also a couple years ago.
  3. CamilleR

    Need help! (New here)

    Do any of them smell like beef bouillon?
  4. CamilleR

    This evening's hunt

    Possibly Lactifluus deceptivus, has white latex and occurs with hemlock.
  5. CamilleR

    Cool looking bolete

    The beef bullion bolete. I should've replied to this earlier. This seems to be the only type of bolete I can find in good quantity and not too wormy. I guess they don't like the smell or something. It's a good edible, just a little aftertaste to me. I want to try to dehydrate some boletes if I ever get enough in good condition.
  6. CamilleR

    Need help to ID. Wavy cap

    Looks like the ash tree bolete. Boletinellus merulioides.
  7. CamilleR

    Smooth Stem Bolete

    A good edible when young. Those look really good. I found a couple in good condition this year.
  8. CamilleR

    good hunting

    Wow nice finds! Staveshaver I'm surprised you haven't found trumpets. I find them in the same woods as the chanterelles. Have you looked around that area in June?
  9. CamilleR

    Smooth Stem Bolete

    Might be Xanthoconium affine.
  10. CamilleR

    Hello From Southeast Missouri

    Hi there. Welcome to the forum. I'm from SEMO too.
  11. CamilleR

    Brown cap yellow pores

    Yeah that's what I was questioning. Flesh looks white to me. I've been finding a lot of brown cap white pored boletes so this surprised me.
  12. CamilleR

    Brown cap yellow pores

    Hmm. That's probably right. There's some reason why I thought it wasn't but I'm just over analyzing it. Thanks Matt.
  13. I have the new book Boletes of Eastern NA but I can't figure this out. Found on open trail, mostly oak mixed woods. I scratched the pores with fingernail and it turned brown after a little while. Ammonia on the cap didn't make a reaction as far as I could tell. Just darkened it.
  14. CamilleR

    Not everyone at once

    For the most part of April the night temperatures still felt like winter here. We didn't find much but I did find my first black morel under black cherry trees. We were fortunate to have a co-worker give us some morels last week.
  15. I love Missouri weather. We went from 80 degrees to 2 inches of snow in 48 hours. Then the snow melted in a couple hours lol.