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  1. Evan

    Quick walk

    Nice! I'm hoping we can get out later this week. We finally got some rain yesterday.
  2. Smooth chanterelles. They taste Just as good as the golden chanterelle.
  3. Evan

    What are these? Soft rocks?

    These look like aborted entoloma. Some people refer to them as shrimp mushrooms because of the flavor, but I think they taste like button mushrooms, personally.
  4. Evan

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

    Adawg, this hot weather coming the next few days should get them up. I live in southern PA and don't usually find many chants and trumpets until we get a few hot days.
  5. Evan

    What the heck ?

    Those look like reishi. They are out how in our area right now. I found a small one at Caledonia SP yesterday. It looks like we are neighbors, Eagle.
  6. Evan

    Chicken of the woods question

    These look pretty far last prime. They are probably too tough to eat but could be used to make stock for soup. Be sure they are not full of bugs first.
  7. Evan

    chanties! (and others)

    Congrats!! Staveshaver, it might be sooner than you think. I !I've in southern PA and a friend found yellow foots and black trumpets today.
  8. Evan

    Golden Chanterelle?

    They look more like smooth chanterelles to me. They taste just as good.
  9. Evan

    oysters? in this temperature?

    They definitely look like oysters.
  10. Evan


    Apparently I was incorrect about the lucidum. Thanks for the correction, Dave.
  11. Evan


    There two types of reishi in PA. I normally find G tsugae on hemlock wood.They grow on other conifers as well. G lucidum is found in hardwoods. Both can be made into tea, but some of the medicinal components can only be extracted with alcohol.
  12. Evan

    Chanty button 2018

    We have had above average rain all spring. I guess if we get a few hot days i will have to get out and start looking. This seems really early for my area, though.
  13. Evan


    I think that G lucidum grow on hard woods and G tsugae grow on conifers. We find quite a lot of G tsugae on hemlock here in southern PA.
  14. Evan

    Yellow Oysters?

    After seeing the underside these do look like cultivated oysters that I have seen.
  15. Evan

    Yellow Oysters?

    I don't know that these are oysters. Usually oyster mushrooms have a small offset stalk with gills running down it. These look like the stalks are centered. Some pictures of the underside and individual mushrooms would help.