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  1. I've watched quite a few now and I like the other foraging videos also. All of the info is all relevant for me because I only live about 200 miles from him.
  2. Reishi Tincture

    I have finally strained my tincture after half a year. I am going to do the water extraction next. I got about a quart of alcohol tincture. The two quart jar was packed to the top with reishi once I added the alcohol so it's concentrated!
  3. I just got a chance to watch his tree ID video and I was fairly impressed. Much if the info was review, but its always great to refresh your memory. My daughter even enjoyed it. We will be watching the rest of his videos.
  4. Here in southern PA we should be finding black morels in a month or possibly less. I hope everyone has great season this year. We are due for one here, that's for sure. So, good luck to all of you and I look forward to seeing everyone's harvests.
  5. DaveW live in your general area and may be able to give you some advice.
  6. Cordyceps Find

    Thanks, Dave.
  7. Cordyceps Find

    I do have it. I just moved all my photos to Beth's computer today. Pm me your email and I'll have her send it to you.
  8. My daughter and I were walking around the woods getting ready for deer season when she found this moth that had been parasitized by cordyceps fungus. This is the first we have ever found.
  9. Top 5

    Mine are: Morel Chanterelle Black Trumpet Maitake Boletus edulis
  10. White chanterelles

    I think our chants in PA are just as good or better than west coast chants.
  11. Like Dave said, they look like armillaria and are actually considered to be a good edible mushroom. As far as getting rid of them, I'm not sure that you can without digging up all the old roots and underground wood from the old tree. Your best bet might be to weed whack them when they first come up so they don't get large and rot.
  12. As was said, field guides, clubs, and this forum. Hopefully the Audubon guide has been updated since I bought mine 12 years ago. A camera , even on your phone, is good to post pictures for IDs. Be sure to get top, bottom, and side photos as well as info on environment and types of trees. We also have a Facebook group. My approach is to harvest nothing that has a toxic look alike. It looks like you are farther south and will have some different mushrooms than we have here in PA. And the motto is "when in doubt, throw it out." Some of us have been doing this for a long time and are still unsure sometimes. Good luck and happy hunting!
  13. White chanterelles

    Nice! I wish we had them on the east coast.
  14. Rain

    We are finally getting some rain, too. Its been a month! Maybe we will get a late flush of hens.
  15. Maybe some hen of the woods, chicken, honey mushrooms.