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  1. I'm not personally familiar with this mushroom, but keep enjoying the hobby.
  2. I agree with svs. It looks like a black staining polypore.
  3. I will be getting out for the first time today. We've had so much rain that witnessing even worth looking.
  4. Nice finds. I am hoping to finally get out today. We have had tons of rain so I hope the mushrooms aren't too waterlogged.
  5. I'm looking forward to chanterelles and black trumpets in a month or so.
  6. Nice! This gives me some hope that we might still be able to find some down here in southern PA.
  7. It looks like everyone is doing pretty well. I checked a friend's house today that looked promising, but didn't find any.
  8. Nice, BigGameHunter!! Maybe I should check again. I'm in SC PA also.
  9. Well, we didn’t have much of a fruiting of black morels this year. We found a grand total of one. Haha!! Harmony and I went out for a while yesterday and found some small yellows and half free morels. It was a great time spending a few, semi productive hours on the woods. Maybe some day we will have another great year. They have been few and far between.
  10. Evan


    You definitely have yellow morels! Congrats!!
  11. I don't find many false morels. I wish I did. Not for eating, just because I think they are such neat looking mushrooms.
  12. That is a very impressive tree! You should be able to find hens growing from the roots for a while.
  13. We haven't had a good morel season in our area for years. We live in Adams County not far from Gettysburg. I'm hoping for a better year so we can have fun hunting and cooking.
  14. A Michelin star chef wouldn't confuse morels for other mushrooms. I have a feeling the morels were not the issue. And the article says they had multiple courses in a tasting menu at the restaurant. Maybe it wasn't mushrooms at all.
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