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  1. Could someone get me in the ballpark on this one?

    old, decomposing dryads saddle. not very confident in that proposal though. Stem/stalk should be darker for an old dryad and pores look too small.
  2. Hello and Merry Mushroom ^^

    Welcome to the Forum Than! Played a bit of rugby in Thailand when i was a younger man. Beautiful country.
  3. So i had ordered some Hericium americanum plug spawn a while ago. Got an email after the order that they would ship after some were made. I just got an email that they were being shipped on Dec 26. Question is, Can i plug trees when it is this cold (7degrees F) right now in OH? All of the 'wild ones' are out there in my woods with it being this cold and surviving (i assume). Obviously i don't expect to see any activity from this until next Fall at the earliest. Also, how can i store them until the spring if it is too cold right now? Any comments, as i am new to plug spawn.
  4. Brown mushroom in the woods with gills

    Tricholoma Family?
  5. Merry Christmas!!!

    the very best to you and yours.
  6. New: Need Help With IDing these Mushroom

    Excellent point. I try to follow this with lawns, near roadways, old orchards.....etc. Anywhere chemicals/pollutants could have contaminated the area.
  7. Great job on the journal! Looks amazing.
  8. Mushroom

    I don't know if the white, hollow stem Russula vinacea occurs on the West Coast. ME says the occur East of the Rockies. I based my guess on the cap color, stem color (not white) and location of find. but i am no expert on the many different Russula, or mushrooms for that matter..lol
  9. Mushroom

    Maybe look at this link below. http://www.mushroomexpert.com/russula_sanguinea.html
  10. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    You as well. I am definitely thankful for this forum and all the great people sharing their knowledge and experiences.
  11. Cordyceps Find

    That is really interesting! Never seen anything like it.
  12. Top 5

    So, with snow on the ground there aren't many mushrooms left to chase. I log in every day to see new and interesting posts, but as winter sets in, they get fewer and fewer....... So I thought I would recycle an old post I had read on here before and ask what everyone's current favorite edible 5 wild mushrooms are. Feel free to list top 10 if you want. Hope you all post. 1. B. edulis (and the close types of bolete) 2. Hericium americanum 3. Oysters (any of the types) 4. Clitocybe nuda 5. Grifola frondosa
  13. White mushroom in my house yard

    It does resemble a poisonous green spored version in North America. I would not be qualified to judge edibility of an Indonesian mushroom. Sorry. Glad you are finding an interest in mushrooms though.
  14. blewits

    Looks more yellow in pic. Actually is pinkish tan.
  15. White mushroom in my house yard

    Yes. From the pics I would guess a type of Lepiota. I did a Google search and found a list of some found in Indonesia. Spore print would be necessary to make better i.d. Also see if the 'ring' can move a little on the stalk. This would be a characteristic of Lepiota. As for the changes, from my experience in Indonesia, the climate there could accelerate the life cycle of the mushroom and they would mature quickly. All my opinion of course.