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  1. Matt McDermott

    Chantys are headed north in numbers !!!

  2. Matt McDermott

    Oyster mushrooms?

    look pretty beat up by bugs
  3. Matt McDermott

    chanties! (and others)

    Nice. I will be waiting a little while for chants here.
  4. Matt McDermott

    Golden Chanterelle?

    Look like chantrelle.
  5. My guess is possibly Amanita rubescens.
  6. Matt McDermott

    Scaly Inky Cap?

    Maybe Coprinopsis atramentaria var. squamosa, which appears to be a 'scaly cap' var. of the Alcohol inky?
  7. Matt McDermott

    Brown cap yellow pores

    Maybe an old specimen of B. Auripes.
  8. Matt McDermott

    Monster king bolete?

    Hard to get ID without the stem and other details. Could be King, but well past prime.
  9. Matt McDermott

    today's finds

    Thanks. It was a good day. Now a lot of dehydrating awaits!
  10. Matt McDermott

    today's finds

    Looked like a recently dead elm.
  11. Matt McDermott

    today's finds

    Took a quick hike and found three boletes, one was a bitter bolete; a large umbrella polypore and a big cluster of oysters. The umbrella polypore was a bit past prime so I left it behind. It was growing in a patch of cedar trees, the others I found last week were both in beech woods.
  12. Matt McDermott

    Help IDing mushrooms

    Maybe Coprinus quadrifidus. Not sure if that is the 'current' classification, but that is the one listed in the book i have closest to me right now. 'Scaly Inky Cap'
  13. Matt McDermott

    umbrella polypore, Again?

    yes. they all came from one single base stalk and then branch off each other similar to broccoli or cauliflower heads. thanks Dave. I only picked one of the three. any cooking suggestions?
  14. Matt McDermott

    umbrella polypore, Again?

    Just found three of these around a Beech. Are these umbrella polypore as well?
  15. Matt McDermott

    Id help

    maybe Platterful Mushroom? Was it growing on well decayed wood?