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  1. ID help please

    ....went through the same keys you probably did and got stuck at Tricholoma virgatum. But i don't think most of those look that pointy on the cap. Although the one in the middle of the pic kind of looks like it. Sorry i am no help.
  2. Top 10 facts about... mushrooms

    #10........the Butler did it....lol
  3. blewits

    So went for a walk to check some trail camera and swung past a blewit spot. About a week late. Most of the flush was past prime although probably still edible. Gathered a few decent ones. Checking some spores so I can make them for dinner. Still don't trust myself with blewit without a print..Thought I woulndt find them anymore since we had snow an 17° weather a bit ago.
  4. ID Help, Ringless Honey Mushroom?

    Not chantrelle. Look like Armillaria tabescens, but others will respond with more experience with this mushroom.
  5. Sulfur Tuft?

    thanks Dave. I had read they were pretty limited to the NE.
  6. Sulfur Tuft?

    Thanks. Have you observed these outside of Maine?
  7. yellow, saprobic?

    Thanks Dave.
  8. yellow, saprobic?

    Fire wood pile. Cherry logs. Maybe panellus serotinus? Not very large though, maybe 2" caps.
  9. ID needed, can anyone offer help?

    Any ID would be a far reaching guess without a photo.
  10. Weird Morels in White Skirts

    Phallus indusiatus. http://www.mushroomexpert.com/phallus_indusiatus.html From the bamboo in the pics i assume these are not pics from PA.....or some type of skirted stinkhorn. IMO.
  11. Sulfur Tuft?

    Did you find any pics of this? I would be very interested to see. I saw on the online filter they were reported to have been found in FLA. Did you notice the blue staining on the pores/flesh?
  12. Sulfur Tuft?

    Looks like a good proposal. I did see on ME. that there is Hypholoma subviride specific to Fla. That is nearly identical. http://www.mushroomexpert.com/hypholoma_fasciculare.html
  13. Chlorophyllum rhacode / Shaggy Parasol

    Spore prints can be fun, informative, beautiful and frustrating. Sometimes they just don't like to give them up.
  14. ID Help

  15. If edible I'll have a feast

    Dave or someone smart would have a far more informed ID than I, but after looking at the photos and some online descriptions I wonder about Armillaria nabsnona (known to NWA) or Kuehneromyces mutabilis (but i don't think the stems look right)