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Matt McDermott

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    Burton, Ohio
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  1. Matt McDermott

    Chickens? Wood ID help

    Yes Cherry
  2. Matt McDermott

    Saturday's finds

    That's awesome, good for you. I would be lucky to get a quart of dehydrated trumpets in a year and cant imagine enough to get a quart of powdered! That's great!
  3. Matt McDermott

    Trumpet madness lately

    I have only found them on mossy banks in birch trees, yellow birch to be exact.
  4. Matt McDermott

    Our Foraging Memories - Summer 2018

    Wow. Great finds MD and EB! Similar here but not that good on the trumpets. Absolutely gobs of chanterelle and oysters this year.
  5. Matt McDermott

    Bolete beginnings...

    I was leaning towards Marty Stouffers "Wild America"....
  6. Matt McDermott

    Black Trumpets are up

    Wow. Nice harvest.
  7. Matt McDermott


    I trim off the worst of it and use what i can when they get a bit beat up.
  8. Matt McDermott


    Maybe Hymenopellis furfuracea
  9. Matt McDermott


    Maybe just me, but the pics won't load.
  10. Matt McDermott


    Look like bug eaten oysters.
  11. Matt McDermott

    good hunting

    I've never had luck with chanterelle flavor after drying. I wonder how previously frozen would work. If you want I can send you some dried trumpets!
  12. Matt McDermott

    good hunting

    Great idea on the jerky Cajun!! Never crossed my mind. Gonna have to experiment this fall when I make jerky.
  13. Matt McDermott

    good hunting

    Same here with the hickory being very productive as well as beech trees. None near oak. Actually picked a few around some maples. Good hunting friend!
  14. Matt McDermott

    good hunting

    Nice table full! I went out today after work and picked another 7lbs of chanterelle. Freezers gonna get pretty full soon. Took me few years to narrow down some productive trumpet spots. Mossy, creek banks, yellow birch are my go too.
  15. Matt McDermott

    good hunting

    Few days of rain have really pushed the chanties and trumpets. Have seen hundreds of chants the last few nights. Grabbed a quick bag of both tonight.