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  1. Thanks, This same tree has been a great producer, flushes a couple times a year like this since i found it looking for chant's 4 years ago.
  2. Finally took a walk after the rain and found a nice tree full of big oysters. some were a bit buggy but not bad.
  3. Found quite a few in S. OH while out turkey chasing last week. I think after 3 days we had about 5-6lbs.
  4. Maybe Laccaria ochropurpurea? Would have white spore print.
  5. Think that's a type of Pholiota
  6. Good find (as long as they print right). Have not found any yet this fall. All of my normal leaf compost areas I find them in are still a no show.
  7. I've only used them in the Spring and never this old. They tend to be best when very young. I would think these may be past salvageable, but maybe someone else has a different idea.
  8. Not sure which, or if, pleurotos this is. Big Maple log. 'Hairy' caps and stem bases.
  9. Look at Pleurotus ostreatus.
  10. Weird, never saw anything like that
  11. Pholiota limonella or P. aurivella maybe?
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