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  1. I've checked it one more time since, nothing yet but I'm definitely gonna check that spot after rains, luckily it's actually really accessible
  2. Thank you Phil! Honestly, I need to step up my tree identification big time, however this tree has lost almost all of its bark and the top is gone so idk for sure what it is. Next trip I will try to get an answer to that and focus on improving my tree id-ing weakness.
  3. I've been on a hunt for more winter oyster mushrooms since I found and thoroughly enjoyed my first batch. After a pretty good hike today I believe I finally found some more! Some were very large and beginning to dry then I found a few more growing from nearly the underside of a log a few feet from the first clusters I found in the pictures below. Just wanted a second opinion before I cook them. Thank you for your help and happy holidays! They're kinda different colors between the two batches slightly but I was assuming that was from age/drying and not 2 different Pleurotus species.
  4. I would recommend waiting to hear back from someone more experienced than myself however I'm pretty confident you have a variety of Oyster Mushroom! Possibly Pleurotus Ostreatus?
  5. Yikes I believe you're right! Thank you for the help!
  6. Found these while walking the woods near my house. Growing from some very old dead wood on the ground. They do seem to be growing from the wood. I can certainly provide more photos and other information if needed. Thanks for your help!!
  7. I believe the lighter color may be from being kinda tucked away from the sun possibly. All other ones I have found have been drier and more developed so it could be due to them being young however I've found small dark ones as well. I look forward to trying these since they seem so common in my area! Any recipe suggestions?
  8. Splitting wood today and noticed these, along with some what I believe to be "Turkey Tails"growing on one of the logs (I believe a maple log) I'm pretty confident they are jelly ears but I have only found older darker ones previously. Can certainly provide better pictures if needed
  9. Dave you are the man I am so thankful for someone like you to help me learn this fun world of fungi! I believe you nailed it! I have found mixed reviews on the edibility of these but plan to try them based on the good reports and optimism, would you deem them as a "good" edible?
  10. Found these growing on some old decaying wood near a lake in Virginia. Not sure what they could be any ideas would help thank you! I collected some so if more photos would help I'd be happy to post them
  11. I tried them lighlty battered in flour and shallow fried and they were delicious! Definitely look forward to finding more of them!
  12. Thanks for the advice! Are these a good edible? I'm planning on trying it tonight if so! Lol I'm floating the Shenandoah River do you also fish or just float?
  13. I looked at kuo's description and pictures and I believe it is a match, and this example is fairly similar pertaining to location of growth, they were hanging over the water lol
  14. I believe I have found some oyster mushrooms, I was again floating the river and noticed these growing out of a tree on the bank. No stems, and the gills ran all the way to the base.
  15. Could certainly be Sarcodontia, while comparing it to Sarcodontia I found images of Radulodon copelandii and it seems like a possibility as well. I should've gotten more/better photos I'm questioning if I have enough evidence to reach a conclusion on this one.
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