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  1. I think your right brendan. After researching the web the aborted entoloma that is growing around and among them is the clue that kinda confirms it.
  2. I found a lot of these growing on an old log, I pick some so I can take more pics if needed
  3. I'm in the process of getting a spore print. Honeys?
  4. found these yesterday central Ohio, any help will be welcome
  5. Suillus americanus is my guess.
  6. If they glow in the dark they are jack o lanterns, but either way they're not chicken of the woods.
  7. There are Amanitas growing in the same spot, along with slippery jacks.
  8. I found these near some white pines, I have not been able to find this one,
  9. I found this growing out of a downed log maybe oak, east central Ohio, I'm not sure the name but I'm thinking it's edible. Did a web search: Hericium. Are there any look a likes?
  10. yes I agree it is edible, too many bugs though.
  11. While walking the dog, I saw these mushrooms and while taking some pictures my dog decided she would eat one, I'm pretty sure I got is all out of her mouth, I'm thinking it's some type of Amanita. Any help would be appreciated ' Amanita Guessowii?
  12. I found this growing on a rotting log yesterday should I go back and harvest them? they were very gelatinous 6 inches across
  13. Located in grass near white pine trees. I didn’t mess with the veil some of the more mature ones were 7 to8 inches around and there are a lot of them.
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