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  1. I think your right brendan. After researching the web the aborted entoloma that is growing around and among them is the clue that kinda confirms it.
  2. I found a lot of these growing on an old log, I pick some so I can take more pics if needed
  3. I'm in the process of getting a spore print. Honeys?
  4. found these yesterday central Ohio, any help will be welcome
  5. Suillus americanus is my guess.
  6. If they glow in the dark they are jack o lanterns, but either way they're not chicken of the woods.
  7. There are Amanitas growing in the same spot, along with slippery jacks.
  8. I found these near some white pines, I have not been able to find this one,
  9. I found this growing out of a downed log maybe oak, east central Ohio, I'm not sure the name but I'm thinking it's edible. Did a web search: Hericium. Are there any look a likes?
  10. yes I agree it is edible, too many bugs though.
  11. While walking the dog, I saw these mushrooms and while taking some pictures my dog decided she would eat one, I'm pretty sure I got is all out of her mouth, I'm thinking it's some type of Amanita. Any help would be appreciated ' Amanita Guessowii?
  12. I found this growing on a rotting log yesterday should I go back and harvest them? they were very gelatinous 6 inches across
  13. Located in grass near white pine trees. I didn’t mess with the veil some of the more mature ones were 7 to8 inches around and there are a lot of them.
  14. I thought I had spotted some giant puffballs while driving home. I knew I was wrong when I got close enough. I’m sure thes are some type of amanita.
  15. should you parboil the Aborted Entoloma as well?
  16. I found these growing all over down in the woods they kinda look like brains, some on the ground some on wood.
  17. I think these might be honey mushrooms I haven't identified this mushrooms before. I'd like to know for sure
  18. Thanks EB what would you do with a big harvest of these?
  19. I found these growing near some pine trees and there's alot of them they stain rusty brown
  20. Took a walk through my woods cutting down some briers, found some fungus all past their prime. Anyone finding any thing good in central Ohio this late in the season?
  21. Cool I't m gonna go get the rest of them today. thanks Dave
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