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  1. Neat! I will have to grab some more. Many buttons coming up. I have heard they are edible, not sure what’s the best way to prep them
  2. Here are some more photos. Lots of buttons still coming up, both of the tan and maroon varieties. Uno mas of the base of the stalk
  3. A friend sent me these, I’m hoping to stop by and get better pics and samples. An area recently landscaped with new wood chips and lots of rain here in central Iowa. Any guesses? There are several species there, but I’m particularly wondering about the one with the reddish cap... I will report back with more details for a better ID
  4. I’m in DSM as well, and those look identical to some oysters I found on an elm stump at my folks’. Check back every month for new growth, seemed to be about how often new mushrooms came back
  5. A friend in warm Hickory, NC found these. I’m wondering if I have any idea what I’m taking about. I have heard honeys are more variable in how people react to eating them than other common edibles. And my buddy is a forager so it’s the first thing he is wondering
  6. In a yard with a big white pine after lots of rain - many in this one spot
  7. my buddy flaked, so I never got a chance to look at the shrooms. Thanks for the input
  8. kinda figured. maybe more info tomorrow here is the underside at least
  9. A friend sent me some relatively poor images of some mushrooms at his house - looks like boletes near pines, if my guess is correct. Chesnuts perhaps? It's been very wet and cool here in Iowa recently, for what its worth
  10. Ok cool - didn't bruise it, so not sure about the color change. Not the first one I have seen this year around Des Moines
  11. Neat. The worms thought it was tasty
  12. The oysters I know; just showing off- is the other reishi? Growing on a dead elm stump. Underside was white and possibly porous. Didn’t want to tear up the shroom to take a pic
  13. I found this in a friends yard, many mature oak trees but this was growing in close proximity to a little pine. Smelled very nice, no staining except a slight yellowing on a small portion of the pores after I broke it into pieces
  14. I chuckled a little a that - we don’t have anything like that until the black hills of South Dakota, I’m in Des Moines. No evergreens in our woods either except for the rare cedar trees like the one I found the trichilomas by
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