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    Finding wild food, plants animals and especially mushrooms which is harder than I initially expected but a hell of alot of fun

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  1. Douglasjfetter

    Chicken of the woods??

    Ya from what I have researched I think it's a berkley. It's really tough, dropped a white spore print. We have only had a couple of 15 minute showers in the last couple of weeks, and it's about 85 or above most days. I'll check the spot again after we get a good rainfall. Hopefully I can find a better specimen.
  2. Douglasjfetter

    Chicken of the woods??

    Found this hiking it's been really dry lately. Is this chicken of the woods? It's rather pale. I am making spore prints now. I will update when I have one.
  3. Douglasjfetter


    Thanks Dave!!
  4. Douglasjfetter


    Dropped a white spore print, seem maybe over ripe? Not many spores dropped at all but some did to confirm it has a white spore print
  5. Douglasjfetter

    I picked these new hapshire. Can I eat?

    Coral comes in many different colors. I have seen a few but I have not tried them yet because there is a jelly mushroom that looks similar and I have not had the time to do the research on the two to know if the jelly is edible or not and how to distinguish between the two of them. However I do believe the jelly is white, and Coral mushrooms come in a variety of color. I would do some online research on it and wait for the replies here.
  6. Douglasjfetter

    Better pics and spore print of the clusters

    Ya some of the stems seem to be turning dark brown to black
  7. Douglasjfetter

    Better pics and spore print of the clusters

    Yes they are hollow.
  8. Douglasjfetter

    Better pics and spore print of the clusters

    That's awesome there are tons and tons in the woods here by my house!!!!
  9. Douglasjfetter

    A cluster of????

    It is awful!!!! I have an update on the clusters i found, there were a bunch after I went back to find the ones in the pictures I saw tons more. I harvested some and am taking a spore print now. I will probably start a new thread with better pictures.
  10. Douglasjfetter

    A cluster of????

    Thanks Matt. I am going to harvest them today and make a spore print and get some better pictures. Never ran into chiggers before but I would rather fall off a roof than get them again!!
  11. Douglasjfetter

    A cluster of????

    I found these walking through the woods today as well as a bunch of chiggers that tore me up... I didn't want to disturb them since young and maybe they are something edible. Any ideas? I know there is no print but this was the best I could do in the moment. Even several species that I could research and then identify them more in-depth tomorrow. The stem was hollow I cut one off with a knife. The gills ran slightly down the stalk but only an 8th inch or so.
  12. Douglasjfetter

    What in the world is this

    It is firm. But not hard. There is a bunch on the log that look just like this one. Definitely smells like a mushroom but nothing that I can find online even resemble this It seemed to have dropped a small amount of white spores
  13. Douglasjfetter

    What in the world is this

    Sooooo any thoughts it was on the log sitting the same way it is now.
  14. Douglasjfetter

    Need help! (New here)

    There is blue bruising on the back left that I can see. This could be edible but I stay away from any that bruise blue, they will bruise immediately just pinch the cap. If it doesn't bruise blue I take a nibble and SPIT IT OUT to see how bitter it is. There is much more knowledgeable people on this forum. I have learned tons from the people here. Good luck, typically doing a pinch test and tasting for bitterness has not done me wrong. But like I said I am a beginner also.