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    Finding wild food, plants animals and especially mushrooms which is harder than I initially expected but a hell of alot of fun

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  1. Douglasjfetter

    Purple ones

    The cap with the spore print was a day old. The other cap had more of a purple grey color. It's a beautiful mushroom! But I have to agree with you. After much research everything seems to line up with L. Ochropurpurea
  2. Douglasjfetter


    No flash was used. It looks to be a very light tanish white. It had just rained the night before and they felt like they were slimy and sticky to the touch.
  3. Douglasjfetter

    Blue mushroom help

    That is it exactly! I am finding them everywhere now.
  4. Douglasjfetter

    Blue mushroom help

    Not really good but best I could do
  5. Douglasjfetter


    This was the spore print
  6. Douglasjfetter

    Purple ones

    Here is the spore print
  7. Douglasjfetter

    Blue mushroom help

    It didn't happen right away, but as I was doing stuff around the house. I noticed that my fingertips are stained blue. And where I cut the gills seem to be turning a bluish green.
  8. Douglasjfetter

    Purple gills

    Not exactly sure but I am hoping for something good haha.
  9. Douglasjfetter

    Purple ones

    They dropped a faint white spore print didn't get alot of spores over the day it was sitting. Stem is hard and dense.
  10. Douglasjfetter

    My harvest.

    The coral and the puffballs I know. I will be doing a separate post for the other 4 in hopes someone can help me identify them.
  11. Douglasjfetter

    Blue mushroom help

    No staining at all. I am interested to know what this is. I have found a few species today I'll be posting them in just a few minutes
  12. Douglasjfetter

    Blue mushroom help

    I thought so too but there is no secretion no milk no nothing
  13. Douglasjfetter

    Blue mushroom help

    These were growing in grass close to a tree line. There were some aminita mascaria growing close by as well as some boletes that were clustered together. I'll grab those on my way home and post later. The blue ones I am spore printing now. Hopefully I'll have a good print by the time I finish changing this light and will update the post
  14. Douglasjfetter

    Not sure here

    This was found in my yard not sure what it is first time seeing colored gills like this. Spore print seems to be a light brown. May darken as more spores drop.