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  1. Thanks. I wasn't sure if the white part was still good but to just avoid the yellow.
  2. Thanks for your post. I tossed it, but it was still nice to find a "choice" edible near me.
  3. Calvatia cyathiformis? Didn't see any purple spores nearby though. I believe puffballs are choice edibles. Anyone eat these? Apparently the yellow inside means this one is past due from what I've read. Any thoughts on that? Unfortunately I did find a type of weevil or beetle of some sort that made a small nest in part of it. Not sure what they are called either...
  4. Hello, per forum rules: Only request identification of one type of mushroom in a post. If you have more than one type of mushroom that you need help identifying, create a post for each one. This will help avoid confusion about which mushroom is being ID'd. (this is a forum rule)
  5. It still contains the chloral hydrate, so to me it's still illegal technically. Very controlled for university. They have to apply to get authroziation for use of a substance, then be registered (license) with the DEA to order the subtance which must be renewed annually. Once in possession it's suppose to be locked up and records maintained of use. Im sure a mycologist could justify using it for "field research" and take it home then.. I've heard of some mushroom clubs applying for this permit and distributing small amounts out for members. Actually, looking into it a bit more, here is a link from one of my local universities for this very thing which is applicable as melzers would only be a schedule 4 substance : https://ehs.msu.edu/lab-clinic/cont-sub/getting-started.html I would need : Credentials to conduct the proposed research Protocol of the proposed research Doubt amateur mushroom identification counts, but if you were part of a research project you probably could use this method, especially if you were supporting a phd with some research.
  6. Hmm, I definitely did not nibble for a minute, more like 5-10 seconds. So that could be. Yes, I do have access to many countries to obtain melzers without shipping. However, they won't ship for good reasons... It is a controlled schedule drug technically so you would essentially be smuggling drugs if you bring it through customs or posses without a script. So for now I suppose it is a obselete method for study of spores until a alternative can be developed, at least for amateurs like me.
  7. You'll have better luck posting this in the identification forum.
  8. I wouldn't say a ton of latex, I wouldn't say the gills turn brown upon slicing although they naturally seem to get yellow brown with age, and odor is like a common mushroom. Well I've probably got about 10 of these popped up on the forest floor near some oak, ash, and shelbark hickory. They are quite large. Thanks for the Melzer's info. Unfortunately I don't have access to any at this time till I find a different doc.
  9. Possibly Leucoagaricus americanus.
  10. Kind of looks like what we would call Boletus Separans here. The pores start white and go yellow with age. Does it bruise blue on any of the pores, stem or flesh when cut?
  11. Well I did try nibble and spit and it was not hot. So it's not subvellereus..
  12. Im not sure what species red reishi is, but looks like Ganoderma. Not sure what one without more info.
  13. Kind of looks like Ganoderma curtisii, hard for me to know without more info. Maybe you can follow these keys for help: https://www.mushroomexpert.com/ganoderma.html
  14. I would need more info to positively identify. Looks like a species of Agaricus.
  15. Kind of looks like Hebeloma crustuliniforme, but just a guess.
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