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  1. Yes, it does look like Morganella pyriforme... Thank you!
  2. Hello, I saw these brown puffballs in Vancouver last Fall 2015. There are pictures below. Let me know if you have any questions... Thank you!!
  3. Yes, that looks about right. Thank you! Side note: the identifications do not need to be exact and if they are not 100% correct that is fine.. I am just logging them for myself, it will not ruin any worldwide data.
  4. Here are two more photos, you can more clearly see the gills but it is still sort of hard to see the stalk... I have more but most are just of the caps... Thank you!
  5. Pink/brown with frilly edges and gills and white spores. Approx 5 cm tall and cap approx 7 cm wide. In Vancouver, BC last fall in mossy, grassy area. Lots of other smaller ones nearby. Thank you!
  6. Your first could be Laccaria bicolor. I get them around where I live too…
  7. I found these mushrooms on Gambier Island, BC which is on the Pacific northwest. There were 4 or 5 of them. They ranged from 2-3 cm tall. Some were red all over and some were orange capped with an orange/yellow stalk. They were growing on soil and debris on the ground. Thank you!
  8. These were on grass, soil and some on wood….
  9. Could it possible be Lycoperdon pyriforme?
  10. Okay, I will look into that! Thank you!
  11. I found these Puffballs a few weeks ago on Gambier Island, British Columbia. They were in groups and when pinched would let off a greenish spore. They were about 2 inches or 5 cm tall. Here are some photos! Thanks!
  12. I commonly see these guys in the fall popping up in pine needles and dead leaves. They are quite large maybe about the size of an adult hands palm. They are grey and furry looking with white gills. I may do a spore print…
  13. The spore print is white but I don't have the mushroom anymore to look at other field marks…
  14. This mushroom was found in BC on the West Coast. It was about 10 cm tall and the cap was a greyish colour. I found it on moss after a rainy day at a reliable spot for mushrooms near my house. Additional info may come if needed! Thanks Mushroom by VirginiaSpencer2003, on Flickr
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