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  1. Cool. Thanks for sharing. If it could be used to identify a mushroom, this is where it belongs. 🤠
  2. Well, you've come to the right place. There are some very knowledgeable people here that can help you with IDing mushrooms and know what to look for and observe so you can ID them on your own eventually. We have some good suggestions in the section of our forum on Books, Magazines and articles that are good for doing research and/or learn from. Here are some tips that basically helped me when getting started. Buy a good field guide for MUSHROOMS. The National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mushrooms is one that is often suggested. It has some good photos and descriptions to assist in IDing mushrooms. There is also an app now. (which I just realized isn't available in the United States yet) Buy a good field guide for TREES. Many times, identifying the type of tree a mushroom is growing near or on will help you ID a mushroom. Sometimes you can find a good guide specific to your region. Get very familiar with IDing one or two common edibles that grow in your area. Its a lot of fun to bring them home and eat them. Just please be sure you know for sure what you have before you eat it. You can die a pretty slow death from eating poisonous mushrooms. There are some mushrooms that are edible but don't really have any look-alikes that can kill you. I would suggest starting with those. Basically, just try to have fun. This community is great for sharing finds, even if you already know what they are. At least in my case, I don't have many people who like to eat wild mushrooms. So sharing finds and seeing other peoples' finds here is a lot of fun for me.
  3. This Amanita ________ I found last night?

    Thanks for the +1 on that ID, @Dave W. Did they taste pretty good? I know where I can find more but I'm still to nervous to eat them. I'd be so nervous that they wouldn't even taste good. :-D
  4. This Amanita ________ I found last night?

    This is why I love this forum. I think you sent me down a better path here. There was no volva present when I found it. That was partly what was confusing me. It didn't appear that a volva had fallen off either. Leucoagaricus leucothites is what I'm going with unless someone can offer a better suggestion. But I think we have an ID here. Thank you, @Matt McDermott. :-)
  5. Greetings from Maine

    Welcome to the forum. Great photo :-) Its funny, once you know what you're looking for they catch your eyes. Its still mushroom season. I hope you get some good finds :-)
  6. Hello from Spokane, WA

    Welcome! There are so many types of mushrooms, I think we're all still in the learning phase :-) Have fun. I hope you get some good finds this year.
  7. These things started popping up everywhere yesterday. I only had a chance to take a look at one last night. Whenever I see such a vibrant white mushroom like this, I think Amanita virosa or Amanita verna. But I am not sure here. They were caught in northern Minnesota, fruiting on the lawn near the edge of some mixed woods. The woods mostly have hardwoods... oak and maybe maple. If I remember right, some Amanita require looking at spores in a microscope to verify the exact species. But maybe someone can get me on the right direction.
  8. This year has been great. Despite only finding one Maitake and none of my usual spots fruiting, its been great. My friend grows Wine Caps. He has had an amazing harvest this year. Check out the video of the one he gave me last night. I had to share it here because I know you all will appreciate it. Normally, I don't get to share mushrooms with anyone because my wife hates mushrooms and everyone else is afraid to eat wild mushrooms. But the best part was I got to share them with my brother-in-law who appreciates quality and rare food. We also had some of the cleanest, freshest Shaggy Manes I've ever found and some lobster mushrooms.
  9. Bad fishing day

    Awesome. Finding Maitake like that can always make my day better.
  10. Finally some edibles

    Awesome! You chant be going hungry for a while (sorry for the dumb wordplay... why do I do that? lol)
  11. Reishi Tincture

    Nice! Be sure to post how things turn out.
  12. PA nubie to site

    Welcome to the forums. We're glad to have you. PA must be great for mushroom hunting. It seems like a good number of our members are from there. You should be able to get some good help identifying any odd mushrooms you find. :-)
  13. Honeys growing outside a local synagogue

    Cool. I've never seen them so bundled upl like that in a mound.
  14. So far, MN has had a great run for fall mushrooms. Here is a video of one lobster mushroom that I found and some wine caps my friend gave me. He grows them. I also found a good sized Maitake that I gave to the friend who grows wine caps.
  15. Gorgeous white gilled mushroom

    Awesome photos. Thanks for sharing your find. It definitely looks like an Amanita to me but beyond that its hard to say. I'm not very familiar with Amanitas. It looks like Dave has sent you on the right path though.