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  1. These photos were taken on June 17. Just getting to posting them now. Has anyone else seen other mushrooms coming up super early? I've never seen Shaggy Manes this early. I've also never seen them this big! I suspect it was due to the record setting heat and lack of rain, early in the spring followed by cooler rainy weather.
  2. flipjargendy

    Lions Mane Mushroom

    What!? That's awesome. I've only seen photos of it when its ready for harvesting. Its cool to get to see it in different stages. How long did it take to reach maturity?
  3. flipjargendy

    Its Almost Time!!

    Awesome... glad to hear someone will be foraging soon. It was 7 degrees today, here in MN. I can feel spring though... its so close!
  4. Awesome. Thanks for posting. Identifying trees has always been difficult for me. In MN so many are very close looking. I need to keep both a tree and a mushroom field guide with me at all times :-) I've noticed in my area, that some variants of trees will produce better tasting mushrooms than others. Some mushrooms will grow on different types of trees and some taste way better on Popple instead of Oak [or ash... whatever it was I found it on before].
  5. In case there are any foragers who are using Bitcoin Cash or Ether, I'd like to let you know that donations are now being accepted in either of these currencies. For anyone who isn't familiar with them, no worries, donations can still be made with PayPal using credit card or your PayPal balance. The goal is to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to donate with what they are comfortable with. Since we're talking about donations, thanks again to everyone who has helped pay for keeping this site up, as well as those who have helped by supporting the community. There is more to helping than just giving monetarily. If anyone has questions or comments, feel free to ask here :-)
  6. flipjargendy

    Morels in Northeast Pa

    When people know where to find Morels, they are usually pretty tight lipped. All I can tell you from the one time I've found them is that at first glance I thought I saw some shrivled up leaves on top of some pine needles. There was something slightly off about it so I took a closer look. Sure enough, I had just come across two Morels growing in the back yard of my 1/2 acre lot. This is the only time I found a Morel and it was after wandering the woods for a couple of hours to turn up nothing. Hopefully someone can pass on some good knowledge for you soon. Spring is coming and as it warms up you'll start to see more people posting. Until then, this is a good time to read up or browse your field guide :-)
  7. flipjargendy

    new to foraging wild mushrooms

    Welcome to the forums. You'll definitely get assistance here. Be sure to take a look at the rules pinned post on how to ask for identifications. Those two things will get you on the right track on what to look for and how to ask for help. There is definitely a good group of people here to help you learn on your way. Have fun and enjoy!
  8. flipjargendy

    mushroom identification

    Hello and welcome! You'll probably get better help posting requestes in the ID forum. Please be sure to read the rules before posting as well. Have fun exploring!
  9. Cool. Thanks for sharing. If it could be used to identify a mushroom, this is where it belongs. ?
  10. flipjargendy

    Not Affiliated with the App

    By chance today I noticed that an app on the Google Play store is using a slightly modified version of the logo I made for this site. I just wanted to address this before it became a problem. We are not affiliated with the app in any way.
  11. Well, you've come to the right place. There are some very knowledgeable people here that can help you with IDing mushrooms and know what to look for and observe so you can ID them on your own eventually. We have some good suggestions in the section of our forum on Books, Magazines and articles that are good for doing research and/or learn from. Here are some tips that basically helped me when getting started. Buy a good field guide for MUSHROOMS. The National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mushrooms is one that is often suggested. It has some good photos and descriptions to assist in IDing mushrooms. There is also an app now. (which I just realized isn't available in the United States yet) Buy a good field guide for TREES. Many times, identifying the type of tree a mushroom is growing near or on will help you ID a mushroom. Sometimes you can find a good guide specific to your region. Get very familiar with IDing one or two common edibles that grow in your area. Its a lot of fun to bring them home and eat them. Just please be sure you know for sure what you have before you eat it. You can die a pretty slow death from eating poisonous mushrooms. There are some mushrooms that are edible but don't really have any look-alikes that can kill you. I would suggest starting with those. Basically, just try to have fun. This community is great for sharing finds, even if you already know what they are. At least in my case, I don't have many people who like to eat wild mushrooms. So sharing finds and seeing other peoples' finds here is a lot of fun for me.
  12. flipjargendy

    This Amanita ________ I found last night?

    Thanks for the +1 on that ID, @Dave W. Did they taste pretty good? I know where I can find more but I'm still to nervous to eat them. I'd be so nervous that they wouldn't even taste good. :-D
  13. Thank you so much to everyone who donated this year. ? We have made our goal for 2017. As you may already know, 100% of the donations go toward funding this site... No one is paid for operating or moderating the site. The site is kept free of ads and your personal information is never shared with a third party... basically, no one makes money from of this site. It is here for us to have a safe community for people of all ages to learn and share what they know about mushrooms. I also want to thank those of you who are active and offer your help and knowledge in helping people identify mushrooms and learn about what they're finding. That has a value all of its own. So I want to thank you as well for the contribution of the time you spend helping out. Gifts ? for Next Year (your thoughts please) For the coming year, I would like to look into offering unique gifts of some sort for those who donate. Since we are just making our goal and not much extra, there isn't a large budget for this but I feel like it might be nice to offer something for donations of specific amounts. It would be great to have some good options that would be easily shipped worldwide and, of course, be mushroom related. It could be anything... something hand made by someone you know or even manufactured items... I feel like I should get some input from you... thanks in advance :-) What are your thoughts on this? Would you be more compelled to donate if you received a gift? Do you think others would be more compelled to donate for a gift? Do you have any suggestions for gifts?
  14. flipjargendy

    This Amanita ________ I found last night?

    This is why I love this forum. I think you sent me down a better path here. There was no volva present when I found it. That was partly what was confusing me. It didn't appear that a volva had fallen off either. Leucoagaricus leucothites is what I'm going with unless someone can offer a better suggestion. But I think we have an ID here. Thank you, @Matt McDermott. :-)
  15. flipjargendy

    Greetings from Maine

    Welcome to the forum. Great photo :-) Its funny, once you know what you're looking for they catch your eyes. Its still mushroom season. I hope you get some good finds :-)