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  1. If no one speaks up now, just wait until spring. People come out of the woodwork when the mushrooms begin popping up :-) Welcome to the community!
  2. Once you've identified mushrooms and eaten them, there is no going back to store bought :-D Welcome to the forums!
  3. Welcome to the forums! Bonny Doon definitely sounds like a made up town. What a name 🙂
  4. Welcome to the forums 🙂 That is one sick mushroom!
  5. Glad you decided to join us 🙂 Sorry to hear about the stress of loosing your keys in that situation. I'm just glad they were easy to find! You're not alone in having something like that happen. I'm only in my 30s and I've had similar experiences.
  6. I speculated that squirrels were eating them. Usually the mess I find is what I imagine a squirrel leaving behind 🤣 @Tasso, thanks for sharing that video URL... that is some crazy stuff. Drinking deer urine... the extent some people would go to. 🤯
  7. I've never really seen them when they get really old.... its possible they are the same but I don't know. Certainly very cool looking when they're white! I'm hoping someone smarter chimes in here. Wondering if @Dave W might have some knowledge about this. :-D
  8. Thought you guys would like this. In the first photo there are a ton of Amanita muscaria littering my friend's yard. He said that this deer went and cleaned them all out of his yard. After finding these in the woods many times, and noticing crumbs around, I finally know who's been eating them all!
  9. It is indeed! Those are the kind I see in northern Minnesota. They are Amanita muscaria var. formosa. I've only seen a red one once. They are a pretty cool mushroom to see in person, aren't they! Edit: after I posted this, I noticed the color of the stem... I may be wrong about which variant is pictured here. Usually, I've seen them with white stems... and I get these variants flipped. I think you got it with the var. Guessowi.
  10. Fortunately, my friends know to never eat mushrooms unless they know exactly what they are. I think you nailed it @Dave W. Thank you :-)
  11. A friend of mine sent me these pics. I'm having trouble finding the usual online tools I've used in the past for IDing mushrooms. These were found in a suburb just south of Atlanta, Georgia. I don't think I've seen anything like these in northern Minnesota. Any ideas to get me started at least?
  12. As @troutddicted said, it should be a honey color on the inside. Its a slightly bright, fresh looking color, like this. Its hard to tell for sure from the photo but I lean toward this not being Chaga. If this is Chaga, I wouldn't ingest it.
  13. I've been throwing them out front for the past 5 years. This fall is the first I've seen any results. Of course, it's after we are about to sell the house. Looks like I'll have to sneak in here at night to harvest these in the future ;-)
  14. Thanks for posting this. A guy I know offered for me to take a few Hen of the Woods from his yard because he said he gets very sick when he eats them. I thought maybe he was mis-identifying Hen of The Woods so I never went over to his place for them. I've never heard of anyone getting sick from them. Since Hens are more dense than other mushrooms, I wonder if they may have been undercooked.... speculating. This is one mushroom that I can't seem to overcook. I like them to be slightly crispy.
  15. Whenever I clean mushrooms or have some that aren't good to eat anymore, I toss them in the front yard. The scraps of shaggy manes are finally showing results!
  16. Welcome to the forums! I hope you're starting to see some mushrooms popping up. You're probably a couple weeks ahead of me.
  17. Welcome to the forums! For requesting help identifying mushrooms, please take a look our post on how to ask for help identifying mushrooms in the section of or forum for identifying mushrooms.
  18. Nice! Its always interesting to see what people are finding across the globe. Looking forward to your posts :-)
  19. Hello Everyone! We're trying something new this year. A silent auction. A member from our community, @CajunShroomer3578, has donated a hand made Native American rain stick that was crafted by his grandfather from Louisiana Cypress. Just for our community, he has also painted a King Bolete on it! To make sure as many people have a chance to bid, the silent auction will run for 45 days (From August 12 at 10am to September 23). Take a look at the auction and photos on this post for more details! Other Ways to Donate If you would like to donate, every donations counts. We have a few easy ways to donate: Credit Card (via PayPal) PayPal Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Bitcoin
  20. Shipping from the US to Canada isn't too bad. If @CajunShroomer3578 wanted help with some international shipping, I'd be glad to assist. In case you're not aware, shipments to Canada (and some other countries) require the recipient to pay taxes and duties upon receipt. Since the silent auction winner would be donating to the site, the package should be marked as a gift on the customs paperwork. From what I understand, when an item is marked as a gift, there are no duties, taxes, or other fees.
  21. This year, one of our long time members, @CajunShroomer3578, has offered a great idea as well as a very special gift. He has suggested that we silent auction a hand made, Native American rain stick. His grandfather made it from Louisiana Cypress. Take a look at the photo, you can tell this is quality wood work. This is an interesting object, to say the least, but it will also be hand painted with mushrooms on it. Quite fitting for our community 😀. The funds of course will go toward keeping this site going and the winner will of course receive this very cool gift. Bidding will likely start somewhere between $40 and $60. These rain sticks normally would sell for around $100. Please let us know if this is something you'd be interested in bidding on in a silent auction.
  22. Welcome! Once you start hunting mushrooms or just start learning about them, you'll start noticing them everywhere. 😄
  23. These photos were taken on June 17. Just getting to posting them now. Has anyone else seen other mushrooms coming up super early? I've never seen Shaggy Manes this early. I've also never seen them this big! I suspect it was due to the record setting heat and lack of rain, early in the spring followed by cooler rainy weather.
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