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  1. Approximately the size of a toonie down to the size of a dime. The smaller ones are domed.
  2. I find these beauties in my front lawn. As far as I know the are fairy ring mushrooms?? They seem to have a silvery whitest β€˜dust’ under some of them - what is that?
  3. Awesome!! Greatly appreciate the feedback!! Now research time for me, yipeee!!
  4. It is mainly a cedar/pine forest, with some dead birch, and some cotton wood trees.....
  5. If I find him again I will report back
  6. Ohhh sounds so pretty! Excited to look it up - thanks
  7. LOVING your feedback, and then the research I do after, then the finding of more 😍
  8. Thank you so much for your information!! I am absolutely in love with these and finding them...
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