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  1. I'm excited. I feel the season coming on :)
  2. HvHunter

    Hey folks

    Hey Bowguy. I'm from this area, northeastern to you? Maybe Warmer in NJ, Season begins earlier? Audubon Field guide book has been a great resource. Well organized, descriptions and extensive color pics. I began enjoying chicken of the woods thanks to posting online forum pics too. Wary of trying others without an expert identifier. Person w me. The online identifiers have been confusing for me to use. Hope to post new pics soon. Spring begins next week!
  3. Anyone else local? I have lived here, explored these woods for years and began harvesting and identifying. I believe I was on this forum or another previously (lost all my passwords w old computer) and moderator Dave may have helped me identify the robust chickens I found (among other interesting but inedibles). Learned a lot but so much more... Looking forward to the new season :) Will post pics of finds!
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