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  1. troutddicted

    Hericiums are poppin.

    What a looker!
  2. troutddicted

    din't need ID

    Nice haul - mushroom season around Toronto started a month and a half ago 😉 😉 🍄 🍄
  3. troutddicted

    Greetings and salutations friends and neighbors

    Good place to be! Welcome
  4. troutddicted

    Mush-room for help

    Nice shots, if you have more mushroom porn please share. Pics 3/4 look like leccinum of sorts
  5. troutddicted

    Growing mushrooms

    From my understanding turkey tails, chaga and reishi are immune boosting mushrooms though Im not sure how easy it is to purposely grow them
  6. troutddicted

    Lobster season in Ontario

    Beautiful! Its been a great season for lobsters here 🍄
  7. troutddicted

    Mushroom ID Help

    You'll have to familiarize yourself with the basics so you can help us help you. Second mushroom appears to be some sort of leccinum
  8. troutddicted

    Hoping I found some Prime Edulis!

    Thanks for rubbing it in
  9. troutddicted

    Chickens of the Woods

    Fantastic colors 🍄
  10. troutddicted

    Could it be chaga?

    I'd like to see a zoomed out photo. Regardless, on a dead birch chaga is deemed useless, from what Ive read. Definitely not the honey golden color Im used to seeing.
  11. What in the actual &$@!!!! Either youre really small or thats a huge puffball 🍄
  12. I flat out gave up on the red ones after two attempts, frustrating for sure
  13. troutddicted

    Tossing scraps out front is paying off!

    Awesome! Ive been trying to seed mushrooms in this manner to no avail 😞 They usually end up in my veggie garden now, good goin' on those shaggys!!
  14. troutddicted

    Any harvest in the PNW yet?

    If its been dry and hot a bit of rain and cooler temps will certainly liven things up soon 😀
  15. troutddicted

    Hoping I found some Prime Edulis!

    Damn Basted you're on a role here! Other than the flat topped on in the background I'd say you got yourself some prime edilus - 90% of my recent finds have been buggy so far 😞