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  1. Ack, missed that part, sorry!😑
  2. Hoping you proceed with caution. Those are not true morels and need to be double boiled to neutralize the poison found within them. Fantastic pic by the way
  3. Look like old dried up ringed honey mushrooms I find in the Fall, minus the ring.
  4. On our local news they said 29 sick and 1 dead... yikes
  5. Wow, so sad to hear this. Sounds like the chef knew what he was doing, perhaps she had an allergic reaction? Wonder what the autopsy will reveal.
  6. Three mushrooms, leaves and a piece of wood - sorry couldn't resist 🤣 Pluteus?
  7. Way past its prime Dave? Grandma would slice that thing up and dry it out "so all the bugs vacate the shroom as ot dries" 😂 I never eat at grandmas house anymore.
  8. Wow welcome. I'd love to see build process pics of this growroom. Grab a drink and sit down, you will like it here 🍄
  9. Awesome question, I'm looking forward to what people have to say. I have heard of mushroom lung before which is an inflammation of the lungs that people who work with shrooms develop. However this is due to the actual spore affecting the lung in a physical way causing irritation, as in a foreign object being in the lungs when it isn't supposed to be. Yikes, I re-read your post and realized you were asking about ingesting spores, nevermind! Carry on.
  10. Just giving ya a heads, don't mean to be a Grinch or anything. It would suck to get a ticket for 150$ for unlawful collecting of mushrooms If a couple accidentally fall into your pocket, hey stuff happens, ain't a crime if ya don't get caught 😯
  11. Awesome collage of colors. Killarney is awesome but be careful as its illegal to pick mushrooms in our parks. Not saying you were picking, just letting you know. Thanks for the warm photos on this cold Sunday!
  12. Looks like a king to me as I see reticulation and lack of staining but wait for another proposal. Nice plant collection Tiffer 😎
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