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  1. If you’re looking for an ID Dave, I think you have honey mushrooms 🍄. What a fun keepsake!
  2. Yes, the assumption was made. I was not aware we had a look alike here in NA that had a different coloured milk - Every single one Ive found only had orange, ohhh the beautiful bright orange glow. As for bitterness, I can’t taste any. Everyone Ive introduced this mushroom to has enjoyed it. I do prefer to pick younger specimens, perhaps the biggun’s take on a bitter taste?
  3. Im not feeling it, better photos are certainly needed.
  4. A delicious lactarius, caps fried in oil, hard to beat.
  5. Indeed, there is a thread in the other section regarding getting it back up and running. This site is amazing.
  6. Mushrooms bringing people together! Mush love 🍄
  7. Sooo hard to narrow them down to just one… COW and black trumpets are rare for me so get super excited when I do get them, honeys en masse are just thrilling but if it had to be anything, give me edulis under pines or in thick moss. But I also like finding big puff balls, shaggy manes just right, morels right after that damned snow melts, chantrelles glowing on the forest floor, the orangey golden shine of lactarius near a river, hericium looking like white pom poms from a distance, give me slimey suillis, I’ll clean the suckers no problem… the list goes on and on 🙃
  8. Yes, but wait for another opinion to be 100%
  9. Yuppppp the beautiful purple cort ❤️
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