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  1. Look like oldish honeys. Can we see the stalk and underside of the cap please?
  2. Very first photo there is a good deposit on white spores on the caps of some mushrooms. Proceed with svs’s instruction on consumption.
  3. Oddish, but forest honeys 🍄
  4. Chants and trumpets, dried in situ 😝. Chants do get worms, a lot of the ones I find have worms and get tossed.
  5. Strange for me here. Last year ( Im in central-ish Ontario ) we had no rain, then came the rains followed by big flushes. This year it was sort of dry, rains came but the flushes never did. I was convinced it would be a banger year again… such is the life of a mushroom.
  6. Its been so long since Ive harvested shaggy’s… thanks for the share and enjoy 🍄
  7. Welcome from Toronto 🍄. My stomping grounds are in Barrie and north of Bancroft.
  8. My friends have used a few, forget the names and they work ok-ish for easily identifiable shrooms. Wouldn’t rely on it though, dangerous game to play. Like Kevin said, ballpark direction.
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