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  1. No, but have used the navigation app on my phone to help myself out of the woods once after I lost track of where I was... interested to what others say in this thread, great idea for a post.
  2. I love leccinums. Generations of my family have been collecting them (eastern European roots) with no ill effects. Usually cooked with other mushrooms or dried beside kings and used later on. They are quite delicious if you ask me and I gotta try Daves' fake bacon recipe on day.
  3. Welcome back Spring! Im still 2 months away 😑
  4. From Toronto. Many Ontarians on board here. Welcome 🍄
  5. I move fast so Im tripping over more frequently. I find after a days work of staring at the ground I tend to get a little bit dizzy. Once the coloured leaves of trees have fallen on the ground I give up all together as it becomes super uncomfortable for my eyes.
  6. My advice, listen to folks that have a couple more years of experience than yourself. These dudes will help you not become a statistic. Peace ✌️
  7. Thanks for the share! Warming to see such beautiful captures on a cold freezing day
  8. That branch has been sitting for sometime - the wood has greyed from the sun. Nice find!
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