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  1. troutddicted

    What the heck is this?

    Looks like a walnut!
  2. troutddicted

    Help identifying large mushroom?

    Damn! Never have seen earthballs get so big, if its black inside dont consume it. If its white, its alright 🍄
  3. troutddicted

    Help identifying large mushroom?

    Puffball! While they are still white on the inside these are fantastic eating! Where is all this snow and mushrooms?
  4. Lucky! I rarely find big ones that are bug free - enjoy those 🍄
  5. troutddicted

    ID Brown Triplets

    I'd say lactarius for sure, havent seen them so bunched up like that often.
  6. troutddicted

    ID Mario Bros Mushroom

    Heck yeah 🍄
  7. troutddicted

    Today's Panellus serotinus for supper!

    Would go great with a sausage 'n egg biscuit!
  8. troutddicted

    Found walking to the bar!!

    Nice! Wish I could come home from the bar with one of those 🍄
  9. troutddicted

    Edible ? France mushrooms

    Look like armillaria to me, honey mushrooms. Spore sprint would be white
  10. troutddicted

    Pholiota or Gymnopilus?

    Fantastic, looks like you have yourself a fine mushroom picking spot, minus the amanita's of course
  11. troutddicted

    Pholiota or Gymnopilus?

    Honey mushroom and shaggy manes! In my opinion, the top 5 mushrooms to pick
  12. Printing and framing mushroom photos for the cabin. Ideally I would like to have the latin names written on the shadow boxes by my artist friend., fancy calligraphy and all ( they look great without it but for the added flare of the latin names would make it killer! ) Can anyone lead me in the right direction of these two? I've looked through a couple books and have no idea where to even start my search, possible to narrow down? I suspect these are young specimens and the adult form looks different? I have no other information other than just these photos... hoping I can get a hit because I"ve love to ID and frame these as well Starting to think the bottom pic if of Wolfs milk slime mold at some stage in its life? I've found very similar photos online
  13. troutddicted

    consumption of fly agaric

    Theres a misconception and sometime fly agaric can fetch top dollar. But yeah, from my limited understanding it isnt much more then bad news. Stay with the regular stuff, stay safe.