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  1. Yes, absolutely correct, I was in the bush without my books. Thanks for the save 😎
  2. Mixed forest, slimy wet caps.
  3. Its challenging at first. Just keep at it. Lots of miles need to be covered to find prime spots at times. Don’t get discouraged - keep plugging away!
  4. They’re choice to me after a long winter 😝
  5. Its an edible puffball for sure, which species? I can’t tell. Enjoy!
  6. Honeys for sure. But wait for another confirmstion to be 100%
  7. Some type of suillis for sure. Great string of photos.
  8. Rain certainly helps - no doubt. If it hasnt rained for a while, target spots near rivers, lakes, where moss grows. Low lying areas on a topo map are great. Some mushrooms grow literally over night but 3-4 days after a rain is what I aim for. As youre new to this, its best to get out whenever you can. Who knows what you will find - the forest had many secrets and mushrooms have many tricks under their caps. Take note of trees in the areas you are in, ID mushrooms you find, just get out there!
  9. Get out whenever you can! Not sure if your location but its prime time for most!
  10. Suillis/bolete/tylopilus of sorts but yeah, more pics needed.
  11. I see white spore deposits on caps of the one cluster. Armillaria is a good bet
  12. 100% Also, try not to keep them in plastic, they will deteriorate much faster with lack of air flow.
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