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  1. They look like the old chickens I find near me. They will keep producing in that spot so go back and keep your eyes on it.
  2. Ask any questions, we may have the answer... Dave definitely will!
  3. Thats a fresh looking honey! Oh how I miss Florida...
  4. I would say you did! Aged but an oyster indeed, though I would wait for another confirmstion to be certain.
  5. It will all come together - just keep at it and do the leg work. Ive been foraging since a little child and between foraging friends and family, we have many years of combined local knowledge. A lot of leg work over the years! Keep the pics rollin’ Shroomguy! Nice to see some mushrooms while freezing my behind off during the winter months 😝
  6. I love them. I visit my honey spot yearly, timed right I come home with 100+ lbs of mushrooms coupled with a hurting back and hours upon hours of processing. A fantastic soup mushroom. Most get boiled, sauteed and frozen. Happy hunting in your new honey spot! πŸ„
  7. Yup, they will come back year after year. Timing may be variable, cool temperatures and rain is the typical jump starter here in my area.
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