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  1. WOWOWOW! Smile says it all 😀. Great find!
  2. Perfect, textbook oysters and some fantastic captures with the camera. Enjoy the feast!
  3. Bottom ones look like honeys but need more pictures.
  4. Used a thin wooden dowel for pressing the darker spots and mushroom knife for the rest.
  5. Haha thanks for the compliments. I pressed harder against the surface to get a deeper brown and lighter towards the background. The landscape was brushed in with a semi stiff shorted haired brush from my mushrooming knife. Have a crack at ‘em - just be careful when tranporting the shroom, anything it touches it bruises.
  6. If you call me an artist, Im an artist! More of a copier 😝. Found a pencil drawing of a forested path on google and replicated it on the conk, a copy paste artist if you will
  7. You can have some fun with these 🍄
  8. Ganoderma applatus ( spelling is off?)
  9. Welcome to our club here 😎. Nice haul
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