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  1. You are correct but the nickname was also given to this fungi aswell I do have a book coming in the mail but the correct term name is applied aswell also it's actually really good for your body this it can be stir fried and has a magnificent taste my friend you should try it
  2. Ohhhh my god im so excited to try this do you have any recommendations on where to purchase quality mushroom spores
  3. That is amazing I would deff like to try this tech
  4. To be extra sure though I would wait for more peer reviews to be sure of it's edibility
  5. Those are deff oyster I harvested a huge fruiting body near my tree and battered and fried them I can tell by the fanning of the mushroom itself
  6. I see it often then not do you know what it is. And is it edible
  7. Ok so this one is deff up for debate but I think in my personal opinion exedia is really good and delicious for what it is and the fact that you can find witches butter thriving in most places compared to other hard to find mushrooms. The taste is very gelatin with not much flavor. Or so they say haha. It’s really good depending on what your pallet likes. I’m one for weird slimy textures so it’s a editors pic for me cheers from Connecticut
  8. Check out this cool amanitas I’m not exactly sure if they are amanita pantherinas but that’s my educated opinion. Waddu think???
  9. This is one of the newly recent mushrooms I had a positive id on for edibility. And I must say the flavor and texture of this mushroom remind me of a zucchini tempura. If you find this beautiful two tone colored polypore deff snag it up and give it a go. And don’t worry about slight blue bruising either it’s perfectly natural.
  10. Manchester Connecticut specifically very happy to have a place to share my experiences and talk about mushrooms and the beauty of nature for that matter. I hope to share lots of information in vice versa and I hope to make lots of new friends.!
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