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  1. Almost looks like them. Pics are hard to tell though. Most I've seen are more brown with very noticeable rings of various shades on the caps though not always. Should have vertical striations down entire stem. Don't go eating those is my advice...
  2. Thanks all for the help! I was hoping that, that's what they were. Was pretty sure but I'm certainly not even close to an expert here. Glad to have found something cool here. Since I moved to this area I haven't found anything worth while. This whole region had been logged over and over and replanted with hybrid paper pines. Pretty much zero natural habitat in the area and everything had been disturbed at some point. These were down in the river area where there is a small range of mostly native trees. Maybe that's the only area I'll likely find anything else good.
  3. Saw these today on an unknown tree stump. Was near a river flood area. Anything good?
  4. DShroomGuy


    Yes it's a reishi. Good find! Don't know exact species but it's definitely one of the medicinal types commonly used.
  5. It's definitely a Bolete for sure. If it doesn't stain blue when cut or have a bitter taste it should be edible. That one is a bit past prime it looks though.
  6. Panaeolus do contain psilocybin and most are considered non deadly and otherwise psychoactive though. I believe I've read there isn't any deadly ones in that genus but I'd do diligent research first. I'm no expert.
  7. Wanting to find someone I can go hunt edible and or medicinal species with in my area. Not the greatest hunting area near me due to monoculture of pine paper wood forests everywhere here. Specifically want to find chanterelles! Wouldn't hurt finding anything at all though worth eating or teaing. Thanks! Derek
  8. They look very much like that. I personally don't think so however as most mushrooms in that class stain blue after being bruised and I don't see any. I personally am not sure most folks here are going to help you with psychoactive species. Guess someone will say sooner or later. Happy shrooming!
  9. Very awesome mushroom thanks for sharing!
  10. Definitely agreed it's not an oak tree. Not sure what tree it was but was growing not far from the edge of a swamp. In the realm of true oaks, cypress, hickory etc. Looks like a ganoderma for sure but I wanted to leave it alone and not rip it off for a pic of the underside. Maybe I can make it back before the mushroom is too old. There was another bracket fungi that looked awesome on another tree. Wish I could have got a pic of that but alass I did not...
  11. No longer at the site and didn't snap pics of those however on further research I do think it is a variety of false turkey tail. Ended up finding some real turkey tail though. Thanks for the reply!
  12. I'm here in the North FL panhandle if that helps. It's not a conifer like tree in any way. My buddy says the tree is what he's calls white oak and it does have leaves similar to some types of oak. I don't think it is an oak at all though. Here's some leaves off the tree. Most leaves are green but in the height of summer it has red leaves scattered around in the foliage.
  13. Found this really cool guy here! Was kinda oozing with water/liquid. Not like a regular lion's mane but similar looking. Anyone know this guy?
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