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  1. Growing on oak stick I think. Very jelly like. Liquidy brown color. Know at least some of these jelly fungus are edible. Interesting specimen.
  2. Each set of the 3 pics in descending order are all the same mushroom. The first one I only briefly touched for pics but didn't test its rigidity. Looked russula like. The second one I do believe has white spores. Came up from leaf litter near the base of oaks or magnolia trees. Did set it for a print but didn't drop any noticeable colored spores. So if it did drop any they had to be white. The third has a stalk reminiscent of a ganoderma species. Yes attached directly to wood.
  3. Few mushrooms growing on my last look. Did find these few though. First set of pics I'm guessing russula. Middle mushroom??? Last set of pics guessing ganoderma.
  4. Thanks Dave! I didn't collect any for that purpose either way. If I were to find the cool purple colored ones I'd wanna try those just because they look awesome...
  5. Was researching and stumbled across certain laccaria to be edible. Is this correct?
  6. There's a completely dead oak in the back corner of one of my properties. Own to properties right next to each other. Planted the bases of both oyster and honeys up against some roots I exposed a bit and covered back over. In the side yard of my primary property I have a monster oak that git torn up badly by hurricane Michael. Snapped all the big branches off. It's still alive for now but it's gonna die shortly anyways. Huge ripped open portions of tree where pieces broke off. Planted the bases of some honey mushroom at the roots of that tree too. Still have spore prints of honey's
  7. Definitely if it works I'll post about it someday. By meadow mushroom do you mean an agaricus or shaggy mane like species? Found some agaricus growing on a high dry spot in a yard not long ago. Planted pieces of caps in my own yard where I thought the conditions to be similar to where I found them. Maybe that might work too someday. Figure mycelium and or spores are being used to some extent or another so should work sometimes I think. How else would they spread in the wild if that wasn't the way they must do it naturally.
  8. These were growing between several oaks but we're significantly away from the base of them coming up from the leaf litter nearby. Single mushrooms not in clusters. A handful scattered around within a few feet of each other. Gills appear notched but kinda look attached deep in the cap.
  9. Here's a mushroom I found at the base of an oak about 100' from where I found these others several days ago. This one was standing completely alone. Looks the same though overall. Is it possibly another honey?
  10. After finding some honey mushroom and oysters I took small pieces that I cut off when cleaning them and planted them next to dead roots of oak trees in my yard. Is it possible that they will take and eventually produce mushrooms there? Hope they do! Thanks!
  11. Fortunately it doesn't freeze much here even in northern FL. Rained a few days back but couldn't get out there until my lunch break today. Not much more activity it seemed either way. Hopefully the oyster like mushroom I found today is indeed an oyster. If so I found another log to check periodically. Only 20' from where I found some of these honeys.
  12. Dang I want to find a huge haul like that! So far only a handful. Perhaps though at some point the areas I found them in will bloom off like crazy. Be totally insane to find a patch like you see in online pics. Whole stumps straight covered in hundreds of caps. One of these days I'll finally stumble onto a huge fruiting of something good. Really want to finds hens, chickens, oysters (may have just found first ones), lion's mane, etc. Think I have been seeing oysters way up in the top of pecan trees. In dead parts of branches. Look like big hands of fruit bodies. However way too high to get at.
  13. Found these growing from oak on the edge of a swamp. Has a bit of a stem like structure. Was only two of them close together but not attached. Smells distinctly of fish.
  14. Tell you what these honey mushrooms are pretty darn good cooked in a bit of coconut oil with salt and pepper. Glad to have finally found something worth eating.
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