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  1. Tell you what these honey mushrooms are pretty darn good cooked in a bit of coconut oil with salt and pepper. Glad to have finally found something worth eating.
  2. The small brown orangish mushrooms I said looked like galerina had a medium dark brown spore print. The larger orangish cinnamon brown mushroom from the pics at the end of that same post had rusty brown spores. The ones I thought were sulfur tufts have a purplish brownish spore as stated before above. Here's another LBM that I found today. Looks different than the others in this post a bit at least. Have it sitting for a print nos.
  3. No worries just curious. Curiosity ain't gonna kill this cat.
  4. Growing on dead pine stumps. All from the citrus Grove swamp area again. And some more cool ones
  5. Did some reading on this species. Seems if it is in fact psychoactive it is lessly so than the other A. muscaria(realize it's now it's own species). Seems there is some debate there. No matter not worried about that really but is interesting. Also seems these should be edible if cooked well. Has anyone here tried that? Some people were saying pretty tasty in butter with salt and pepper. Mild flavor in general overall. Doesn't seem this one is expressly dangerous especially treated properly.
  6. And some more...maybe galerina? Doesn't have a prominent partial veil though. Pics online a bit different. Will report on spores when I get home
  7. Thanks! These all came from the same small area. Was two patches along a raised roadside next to pines. Patches 50' apart maybe. Specimens of various age from the peachy red to sunbleached like that whitish one to shriveled mush. Think they are all the same just at different stages. Being that at both patches all the mushrooms present were no more than 4' apart. Many too maybe 10 or better in each place.
  8. More random finds. Spores kinda purplish brown. Think this is sulfur tuft?
  9. Are these true Amanita muscaria? Was very surprised to see these. Saw some sort of similar amanita in the next county over 2 years ago. Think Dave said it was a variation of muscaria that started with a "P". Anyways just curious about these. Know they are dangerous and all but still very cool. Big!
  10. Here's just some pics of other random mushies I saw recently. Unfortunately none of these are set up for prints. Was at work so just took pics. And another...
  11. Spore print is pearl white for these mushrooms. Si white it's literally the same color as the paper.
  12. Thanks much! Starting to see the similarities between genus' for sure. Y'all are definitely helping me along.
  13. Thanks Dave! If I understand correctly I should be able to go back to the same spots every year at the right time and possibly find some there? Gonna have to go back to the citrus spot tomorrow. There was immature ones coming. It's misty light rain all day today here. Might have spurred more action to occur and those others should be grown out. They certainly weren't bad at all. Definitely was good eats. Though my palate isn't hard to please. I'll eat damn near anything so long as it isn't full of man-made junk or GMOs etc. Full blown health nutter here.
  14. Went to a completely different spot on the other side of town. On my lunch break I run down to a boat landing road and do a quick hunt in an area with oak, river birch, cypress, and Hickoreries. Only get like 10 min to look by the time I get there but can't help the opportunity to look. As soon as I hit the woods line I immediately saw these coming up through the leaf litter. There's so many trees though I'm sure there is wood or dead roots probably everywhere. Maybe they were growing from stuff under the leaves and soil. Was in a hurry and overlooked digging in there a bit to see. Anyways the
  15. Found these growing in basically the same environment as the small orangish mushroom in the thread before with the orangish ones in my own yard. Maybe growing from underground roots of dead pines and cedars. If not just present in a sandy grass lawn with sticks/pine needles and such around. What y'all think? Should have a spore print ready when I get home later.
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