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  1. Definitely looks like Armillaria. The honey mushroom family. Would wait for other confirmation. See if spore print is white.
  2. Very cool looking. Maybe a type of Armillaria? Maybe growing from underground roots?
  3. Wish I still had the pic of a hot pink ganoderma I found years ago in central Florida. Don't no longer use that phone though. Im actually where I found it right now all those years ago at my dad's hunting property. It was definitely a ganoderma of some sort. Did find two this weekend in prime condition. Just regular looking ones though. Gonna use them for our evening teas. Found a bunch of chanterlles too. Wish I had my phone with me yesterday when I was looking around. Lots of lactarius, russula, old man of the woods, what looked like a coral fungus, crazy slimy red and yellow stemmed mushroom, and a bolete of some sort.
  4. Its a bolete of some sort. Unfortunately not a expert here on them. Can't confidently ID it for you.
  5. Looks like a winner. Probably wood under the ground there.
  6. Can you get a pic of the underside? Don't think those are oysters though. Maybe a polypore of some sort? Could be wrong as I'm no expert. There are pink oysters but not usually like that I don't think.
  7. Definitely looks like some sort of ganoderma
  8. They definitely come in an array of coloration. The featues to look for are fuzzy hairs on top, thin, and white pore surface underneath.
  9. Yes turkey tails. Good find! Been looking myself and havent found any good ones. I use them in teas.
  10. I'm not a expert but could this be a A. muscaria var. formosa?
  11. Looks like a possible panaeolus of some sort. Spores look like the right color. Dark purplish black to brownish.
  12. Found these growing on a dead Eastern red cedar stump. Thought oyster at first glance until seeing the weird pore surface. Any ideas?
  13. Looks looks genus Amanita. If so likely very toxic. Spore print color right for that genus.
  14. Looks similar to Psilocybe cubensis. Was the over grown field an old cow field?
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