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  1. Perhaps the bigger one in your hand might be but I'm unsure. The other I dont think are at all. I relied on the other thread as well. Please see what I wrote there.
  2. I'm thinking no you don't have liberty caps there. Would wait for other opinions though. Doesn't look like a psilocybe genus mushroom to me. If it was it would leave a purplish blackish spore print I believe. On another note discussion of psychoactive fungi isn't much a thing here. The shroomery or mycotopia is better suited for that. Someone may ID an active species for you here but won't encourage anything otherwise. I always found psychoactive species very interesting myself as well but knowing the community here isn't geared toward that I don't bring up those topics here.
  3. Is this a dyer's polypore? Just my guess
  4. I would guess this is in the genus Agaricus or meadow mushrooms
  5. So is this a variation or close relation of ringless honey mushrooms?
  6. Its looks as if they are reishi. Maybe some very young fruit bodies forming in the first 2 pics. The third definitely is a more developed reishi(or ganoderma rather) of some sort.
  7. Deer commonly eat certain mushrooms. I've seen stomachs cut open from local deer that were full of mushrooms. If I had to guess probably honey mushrooms. If that mushroom is toxic or something they don't like they definitely won't mess with it so no worries there. They instinctively know what not to eat. There isn't nobody out in the woods pulling up toxic mushrooms so they won't eat them. Wouldn't worry about that one bit.
  8. I would say the first set of pics are Pan cyans. Note the bluing. The second set of pics by Drphilthy is Pan antillarum. Note no bluing at all. Just my guesses though. I'm no mushroom expert in general. However I've studied dung loving pasture mushrooms quite extensively.
  9. The first post with pics are definitely the right ones. The second post pic by Bobby shows more than one kind of mushrooms. The top two mushrooms I don't think are pans at all. The others that are smashed up I believe are panaeolus antillarum other than the one with the fat stem which is something else. No bluish bruises. These are not the pans you are likely looking for.
  10. Besides for the orange ones the others I believe are panaeolus cyanescens or tropicalis(might be spelled wrong). If the bruise them or bend the stems and they stain blue it would confirm that ID more. If they don't stain blue they most likely are panaeolus antillarum(also might be spelled wrong).
  11. Here's an interesting read that relates to your thread. https://learnyourland.com/angel-wing-mushroom-pleurocybella-porrigens-deadly-or-not/
  12. This article is an interesting read that relates to your thread. https://learnyourland.com/angel-wing-mushroom-pleurocybella-porrigens-deadly-or-not/
  13. Definitely a panaeolus. Not sure of exact species though.
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