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  1. Wow ... just amazing! Congratulations
  2. Gem studded puffball (Lycoperdon perlatum I believe) I fill my pockets with these during my fall hunting excursions. They are delicious. I always cut them in half to make sure they aren't Amanita and to make sure they are all white inside.
  3. Yes indeed Dave. I placed it there ...
  4. I'm fairly sure these are some type of Honey mushroom. Am I right? Thanks, bobby
  5. Yep ... COW's and they look in pretty good condition too.
  6. My friend on FB asked me to try and identify this mushroom found in their yard. It looks like a shaggy parasol (Lepiota rachodes) to me. What do you guys think? Thanks, Bobby
  7. Yup ... looks like a Cantharellus lateritius or smooth chanterelle
  8. http://www.pennlive.com/nation-world/2017/06/the_worlds_most_dangerous_mush.html
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