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The Mushroom Whisperer

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    Lacey and Potholes Reservoir, WA
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    Mushroom hunting, mushroom cooking, fishing, vegetable gardening, eating, more eating.....

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  1. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Little of this and a little of that

    Nice variety.
  2. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Teeny tiny mushroom...ID just for fun

    My first post was for Hygrocybe, but I talked myself out of it. ­čĄö The stipe looks very much like it.
  3. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Teeny tiny mushroom...ID just for fun

    The first picture looks similar to Mycena leaiana. Were there more? And was it growing on wood? It looks like it is coming off a small branch. The second picture looks like small Homo sapiens.
  4. The Mushroom Whisperer

    orange mushrooms

    This looks like a waxy cap.
  5. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Bolete beginnings...

    After getting up at 0330 in the morning and quietly stalking through the forest, I was able to photograph a small herd of boletes in their natural habitat. Although the weather has been dry, I believe the annual migration of these fine beasts will proceed as usual, with increasing numbers appearing in their normal, historical, grazing areas. With my silent approach, I was able to capture all three of these fine specimens, hopefully before they were able to alert the rest of the herdfungi. I will be conducting some tests involving garlic, butter, and quite possibly bacon...
  6. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Last Sunday's Mushrooms

    Great colors!
  7. The Mushroom Whisperer

    What kind of chants

    Svs, are the stems hollow?
  8. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Two types of Chanterelles

    C. appalachiensis. That's what I would call them!
  9. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Purdy polypore

    I think you're on to something, here. It does look like Abortiporus.
  10. The Mushroom Whisperer


    I think Gymnopus subnudus´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ fits better than Marasmius, Dave! Again, info on habitat would help in being able to be sure. Also G. subnudus is often bitter tasting. You can safely nibble a tiny piece of cap between your front teeth, taste with the tip of your tongue, and spit it out and rinse to check flavor.
  11. The Mushroom Whisperer

    Purdy polypore

    I would cut large slices from top to bottom, and dry a couple for possible testing. Do you have Grifola frondosa in your area? I'm on my tablet, and can't see where you are from.
  12. The Mushroom Whisperer


    Was this growing in wood?
  13. The Mushroom Whisperer


    This looks similar to a Marasmius. I will research further. Was there any specific odor? Habitat?
  14. The Mushroom Whisperer


    They do bear a blurry resemblance to Xeromphalina campanella. https://mushroomobserver.org/272102?q=TL82
  15. The Mushroom Whisperer


    Most likely a russula. The stem should snap like chalk. For future identifications, try to get the entire mushroom intact, including the base of the stem.