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  1. There are a few spots here in Washington, that I have found large ones like that.
  2. One to consider is Hypsizigus. Do you know what kind of tree it was?
  3. You want to cut it in half from top to bottom, to make sure there isn't an outline of a gilled mushroom inside.
  4. The reason it was solid meaty inside, is because it was not starting to degrade and sporulate yet.
  5. Looks like Clavariadelphus. Possibly C. unicolor.
  6. How did they smell? If you find more, keep the stem whole for a picture.
  7. Pics of the stem and underside would be helpful. From the print, it looks like it's bolete related, but more pics are needed.
  8. In the future, try to excavate the entire mushroom including the entire base of the stem.
  9. Possibly Tremella, based on its deflated leaflike appearance.
  10. When you do find the, sometimes, elusive T. magnivelare, I strongly suggest you don't cook them western style, and instead stay far east; steamed in foil packets with soy, ginger, and some mirin, or grilled over charcoal with salt and a mild oil. And in soup, of course!
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