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  1. Morels in Northeast Pa

    Beautiful morels! Were the Stropharia growing in the same place?
  2. I have lost my camera!!!!

    We don't have cincinnatus out here, but i'm told that is the best of the chicken flock. Congrats on your find!I I just have to be content with morels for now....
  3. Morel quiz

    I kinda thought this one might be a verpa, especially if that extra piece of stem came from it.
  4. Morel quiz

    Okay Dave, quick question: are you saying that they are all morels except one? Or that one morel is in a group it shouldn't be? Nice find, by the way. Chris
  5. Not everyone at once

    Thanks for your concern, Wade. Although I have tasted these, and liked them, this basketful was sent away with my friends for them to enjoy. They're quite fond of them. Properly prepared, I wouldn't hesitate to eat them. That being said, everyone needs to ensure proper identification and education before even considering a Gyromitra species.
  6. Not everyone at once

    Took some friends out for morels, and after getting a bunch of those we went to my Snowbank mushroom patch (Gyromitra montana). They were really growing thick!
  7. Not everyone at once

    Hi Crazyhammer. I've been finding them at 2800'-3000', on the warmer slopes. But I am also picking on the Eastside of the Cascades, in a burn. I did find some naturals at 3250' a week ago. Again, on the Eastside, in an area that was warmer than the surrounding forest on different facing slopes.
  8. Not everyone at once

    Yeah, my choice was to fish walleye or pick morels... I figured the walleye would still be there after the morels slow down! I picked today, and did better than I did Monday!!! The crazy thing is that there were no other pickers. I saw two cars go by, but that was it. Not complaining!
  9. Not everyone at once

    Well, you're definitely never far from a pine tree! But my favorite burned trees to look around are young Doug firs. 4-8 feet tall, with a thick bed of needles underneath (see pic). Another favorite is under vine maples. I found 80 under one dead vine maple yesterday (see picture). Vine maples probably accounted for at least a third of everything I found. The maple leaves hold a bunch of moisture, like the thick carpet of Doug fir needles.
  10. Not everyone at once

    No YouTube video, but I did take several short videos and pics.
  11. Not everyone at once

    After a difficult winter, I was happy to get out and do some mushroom hunting. Over the last few weeks I found a bunch of verpas, and 52 black naturals, probably M. snyderi. Today, on the other hand, I found more in number than I ever have in one day. I kept 1333! And left a bunch of little ones to grow up. Burn morels. Dirty work, but fun! My picking buddy challenged me to keep count... Chris
  12. The famous Lactarius Indigo?!?!

    Cajun, I had a friend who would take our local lactarius and cook them over hot coals, on shish kabob skewers. She would brush them with a little oil, cook them, then finish with a sprinkle of salt. Said they were fantastic, but I haven't tried them that way, yet. Let us know how you end up cooking them!
  13. The famous Lactarius Indigo?!?!

    Such a neat looking mushroom! Great find.
  14. What kind is this

    Good choice, Dave. I never see C. moybdites here, so I never think of it. Explains the odd cap shape....
  15. What kind is this

    Possibly Leucoagaricus leucothites. They grow in lawns, and have stuffed to hollow stems like your pic. The caps can also have "small bran-like particles", and feel suede like. Also free gills. L. leucothites cut flesh doesn't discolor. Did this one stain, after you cut it? If it is L. leucothites, they are generally not recommended to eat; some people have reactions to them.