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  1. Deb Woods is in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

    1. dcwoods


      Is there Anybody else in this area? It's abt 20 mi. south of Daytona Bch.

    2. ladyflyfsh


      I have no idea. Not many Florida members I think. I'm in Sarasota.

  2. Sparassis spathulata (eastern cauliflower) one of the two species found in the east
  3. Yes Jason, thanks for taking over. Have fun with it! Mary
  4. I agree with all the above, don't brush them or clean them or wash will wash off the spores. A paper bag which can breathe and a cardboard box is good.
  5. . . . . . .
  6. The red ones are a wax cap, Hygrocybe.
  7. . . . .
  8. Hi everyone! I'm in New Zealand right now. It's Autumn and there are mushrooms everywhere! . . . .
  9. It's not hard to harvest so many burn morels. I used to go fill a 6 gal. bucket myself and that weighs over 20 pounds. Not hard to do in a productive burn.
  10. I have photographed the same boletes in Sarasota and the closest I could get was rubellus var. fraternus but as was brought up to me, rubellus is a European name and most likely is not found here. I think that is as close as you will get with that one. A lot of work needs to be done on these FL boletes.
  11. Who... check out the cooking forum for ideas and recipes for things you can do with candy caps. I love them and have posted a bunch of things I've made. Welcome to the board!
  12. Tasso, that is so true and anyone could develop an allergy to morels anytime. I know lots of people in my Facebook mushroom groups who've had issues with morels and can no longer eat them. I don't eat many fresh mainly because I have to travel to places in order to even find them and don't usually have access to a place to cook at least not for long, so most of mine end up in the dehydrator where I can enjoy them at home for many years. Dave, glad you are doing soil samples from your orchards. It's a subject that comes up every year, so I thought I'd beat the rush and be proactive!
  13. And since there are always so many questions about cooking morels, morel poisoning, and toxins etc. I have posted a bunch of interesting research articles in the Library Forum of this site on various subjects all pertaining to eating mushrooms raw, how long to cook, what can happen if you don't cook your mushrooms long enough, are there toxins in mushrooms, mushroom poisonings etc. Please take a few minutes to check them out and read them.
  14. If the photos are too large in terms of file size, you may need to reduce them to a smaller size to upload to this site. I think anything larger than 5mb might be too big.
  15. This was actually posted in my Facebook Cooking with Wild Mushrooms group by David Arora. David just got back from a trip to Africa and posted some really fascinating accounts of picking and eating all kinds of Chanterelles and of course the Termitimyces mushrooms. The link to the cooking group is: The locals where they visited eat all sorts of Russula's, boletes, chanterelles, Amanita's .....beautiful, colorful arrangements of mushrooms they eat.