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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. I got distracted by the bold text 🙂
  2. Hi @melt. Sorry no one has responded yet. While there are several members from Europe, I'm not sure how many are specifically from London. Feel free to post your questions here. There are many knowledgeable people who can help point you in the right direction or share their knowledge. Many of us are here to learn. So feel free to start a thread and ask away. While we don't have specific posts that are guides (other than the one on asking for identification) we could definitely try to help you out. The winter is probably the best time to ask since many of us are just sitting inside thinking about spring when we can get back out and hunt for mushrooms 🙂
  3. Northern MN didn't have a great year for them. There are some usual spots I check since they come back there every year. I came up empty handed in my usual places. Found some in a new spot this year by chance at least.
  4. The first time I went to the work of using a hatchet to get it into small pieces, then I put it in a coffee grinder. The pieces were the size of small peas. I used coffee filters to brew mine. The taste was good but it got a little dusty. Then someone suggested I just boil the whole chunk. I tried that and liked the taste much better and the tea turned out a little thicker than water. Sort of like there was a little syrup in there or something. The chunk I was using was about the size of my fist. If I do it again I'll probably use the hatchet to break up those pieces into half that size and see how it holds up. The fist sized chunk could be reboiled over and over and still had strong taste. I feel like I may have been wasting it a bit since there was probably some material in the center that was still full of flavor.
  5. I grew my first home kit in a bag with saw dust in it. If you're looking to make your own kit be sure to get saw dust from logs. Don't use sawdust from lumber since it is heavily treated with chemicals and your mushrooms probably won't grow on it. The instructions with my kit said to save some coffee grounds from a few days before to mix in with the saw dust. Also, they said to mix in a tablespoon (I think) of hydrogen peroxide. It was to kill any bacteria that may have grown during shipment. I had 3 or 4 yields from it. They were some type of oyster.
  6. I wish I could remember. It has been a few years since someone told me. It was a variation of Amanita if I remember right.
  7. Woah those are some nice mushrooms! Welcome to the forum!
  8. Thanks for the pics. There is a mushroom that is a choice edible that growns in Minnesota. Destroying Angel doernt grow in Minnesota from what I hear. Still, I have always thought it looked a little too much like Destroying Angel to risk it. Its a dangerous mushroom and kind of plain... but still interesting looking.
  9. Awesome. I love oddities like this. Once I saw a sappling growing in a downed rotting tree. This mushroom is much more rare and interesting though.
  10. While there are similarities, I would say these are not likely honey mushrooms. Although I haven't had a good look when they get old.
  11. What crazy looking things. Nice finds and thanks for the help.
  12. Looks pretty rotted. I think it may be too old to make a clear identification.
  13. Since mushroom expert said it was tasteless and from what I've found tonight there are no poisonous look-alikes, I decided to fry up a piece. You are right, @That_Guy, a crab flavor and texture for sure. This one is at the top of my list for taste and texture. Can't wait to try more tomorrow.
  14. Thanks @Tasso. I'm sitting here waiting for a spore print but looks like you're right. Looks like not a choice edible as I hoped.
  15. Walking around the woods in norther Minnesota, I noticed these mushrooms on an old log on the forest floor. I've never had a good look at Lion's Mane but I think I found some fresh ones. Doing some research now but figured I'd post here to see if there are other suggestions. Thanks! 🙂 Edit: just found one in my field guide called bear's head tooth. Thoughts?
  16. Welcome to the forum! I hope its a good spring for mushrooms out your way this year :-)
  17. If no one speaks up now, just wait until spring. People come out of the woodwork when the mushrooms begin popping up :-) Welcome to the community!
  18. Once you've identified mushrooms and eaten them, there is no going back to store bought :-D Welcome to the forums!
  19. Welcome to the forums! Bonny Doon definitely sounds like a made up town. What a name 🙂
  20. Welcome to the forums 🙂 That is one sick mushroom!
  21. Glad you decided to join us 🙂 Sorry to hear about the stress of loosing your keys in that situation. I'm just glad they were easy to find! You're not alone in having something like that happen. I'm only in my 30s and I've had similar experiences.
  22. I speculated that squirrels were eating them. Usually the mess I find is what I imagine a squirrel leaving behind 🤣 @Tasso, thanks for sharing that video URL... that is some crazy stuff. Drinking deer urine... the extent some people would go to. 🤯
  23. I've never really seen them when they get really old.... its possible they are the same but I don't know. Certainly very cool looking when they're white! I'm hoping someone smarter chimes in here. Wondering if @Dave W might have some knowledge about this. :-D
  24. Thought you guys would like this. In the first photo there are a ton of Amanita muscaria littering my friend's yard. He said that this deer went and cleaned them all out of his yard. After finding these in the woods many times, and noticing crumbs around, I finally know who's been eating them all!
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