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  1. A feature of shaggy parasol is when cut in half, you will see the flesh turning orangey.
  2. Hi shroomersue,

    My friend Igor Safonov recently asked me about the Butyriboletus taughannockensis samples that you had sent me in 2017. I still have the material, and it looks to be in good condition. I'll now pass your collections along to Igor. We have a few questions.

    1. The two samples --labeled A and B-- presumably represent the collections you made and posted to wild mushroom hunting, in chronological order.

    2. We would like to have Mushroom Observer posts made for the each of the two collections. Either you could do this (by joining MO, which is free of charge and does not generate any SPAM), or I could make the MO posts for you. 

    3. If you would like me to make the MO posts, then I will need to know to whom the photos are credited. Also, a name for a location would be desirable. 

    4. Your photos of the collections are really good, as well as your description of habitat and other features, like the faint blue staining. If there's anything else you would like to add, then you could either put it into an MO observation that you create, or you could pass along details to me if I create an MO observation. 

    Sorry for such a long delay. This sort of thing seems to be typical when one wishes to document a newly named species. 

    Best wishes,

    Dave Wasilewski (Dave W)

  3. Two weeks later from first photo date. Rusty spores all right!
  4. Dave, thankyou, i believe this is it! The Yellow gilled gymnopilus! Did not notice the veil ring. Good eye!
  5. My friend who works at a pioneer village sent me this cool pic to try and identify this mushroom. It was growing high up under eave of a building constructed of old hewn logs. This example was growing there in mid September. Unfortunately no other pics were done. I think its Rhodotus palmatus , the Wrinkled Peach. Any other suggestions?
  6. Hasn’t been that drought prone here in London ontario this past month. But the fungus was growing from a higher elevation in a hardwood forest. So it could be stunted growth of whatever it is.
  7. No staining of pores. Is the mazelike pores not a defining i.d. factor, Dave? Abortiporous biennis is interesting proposal! Observed the flesh was dry woodier like an overripe Chicken of the Woods.
  8. https://www.messiah.edu/Oakes/fungi_on_wood/poroid fungi/species pages/Bondarzewia berkeleyi.htm me thinks its Berkeleys... knobby fingers when young and mazelike pore structure.
  9. Thinking that I found my first seasonal Hen of the Woods, after getting it home and looking more closely, is this a young Berkeleys polypore? The smell is correct for a Hen. The colour seems to be very light for a Hen. Found at the base of an oak tree.
  10. This example was the lone one growing and I hurriedly removed it by cutting cuz it was so firmly embedded in the moss undergrowth on a popular trail east of Huntsville, Ontario. It was also slow bluing when cut. Dave, you can post on MO with photos for more input. This can’t be elusive peckii, do you think? If you post, can you give me link so i can follow it? Thanks for the info!
  11. This sturdy youngun was growing under pine/hemlock in a moss bed. Cap 2.5 in across. Bruised blue on stipe. Bruised dark blue on shallow lemon yellow pores. Dense yellowish flesh Bluing when cut in half. After half hour fade to brown. Noticed red reticulation on stem. Some red larvae holes. Taste unremarkable. A butryboletus type maybe.?
  12. so I found specimens at same area, did spore print. It’s olive brown. Dave, yer right again! Was thrown off by the rosy caps! Thx!
  13. Yup those are chestnut boletes. Hopefully no bugs in em ! The hollow pithy stipe is key.
  14. Unfortunately they are compost material now. So no spore print. Next time i won’t forget!
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