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  1. Introduce Yourselves!!

    Nice to meet all three of you,, Wes, Teajay and Evan.
  2. Congratulations on finding your first chicken!
  3. Introduce Yourselves!!

    That sounds delicious actually. I haven't had them in quite some time, but it is time to start looking for the 'crust'.
  4. Smooth chanterelles. a lot of them. I've never personally found them before until today. Very fragrant. Nice mushrooms.
  5. Leccinum?

    A few years ago, I posted a want ad on a classified site here in Canada. kijiji.com, in case you're curious. I simply said, "Wanted, mushroom field guides". I got some fantastic deals and one guy had 3 boxes of books. Mostly Dutch, I believe, but beautiful plates in every one. I got all of them for 100 dollars. I was pleased. Hopefully you can find some deal as well.
  6. I hope so too, Sunny. I always give those that pay to go with me a copy of the Audubon and he says he's using it. We'll find out tomorrow.
  7. I took a guy on a paid foray last week and thankfully the rain had cooperated enough that we were able to find some mushrooms! Anyway, he lives close and has become a mushroom animal. I'm trying to slow him down, a little. He text messaged me this afternoon thinking he's found a huge amount of both chanterelles and hens. Until now, I've had to travel some distance to find them in my area. 7 AM meet up. Wish me/us luck.
  8. Leccinum?

    Thanks, Sunny. Yes, the replacement cost is high and at this time, the ones i lost will have to remain lost. Sometimes, you can find a good, used copy of a particular field guide on ebay, although I haven't checked it out in a long time.
  9. Introduce Yourselves!!

    Hi Dave! As Mary stated already, yes, it is I. Good to read from you again.
  10. Leccinum?

    Unfortunately, my copy of the above mentioned book was destroyed in a flood, along with many others. Fortunately, I was able to salvage quite a few.
  11. Beautiful lobsters! I also am from Southern Ontario and lobster mushrooms in this area continue to elude me.
  12. Introduce Yourselves!!

    Hey everyone. I probably know of several of you, and I'm sure many of you have never seen me around here. To be honest, I've been away from this forum for a long time, mostly due to the advent of Facebook and the insane amount of mushroom and fungi groups there. I reside in Ontario, Canada and have a great love for the outdoors. Years ago, I traded in my bows, rifles, shotguns and black powder accessories for a field guide and a mushroom knife. Having hunted morels as a small child, I was always curious about other fungi I often saw. So, for the past 15 years, I've spent as much time in the woods as possible, teaching myself, using guides and the internet to broaden my knowledge of mushrooms. I love them. To me, no greater relationship exists than that of a host tree and the fungi it helps to support. I pick for my table and I also sell to a few, select chefs. I conduct small, local forays, where folks that want to learn about common fungi, both edible and otherwise compensate me for sharing with them. Most recently, with the downturn in the economy, I've been left unemployed and existing on a fraction of what I used to make. These activities help me out. Unfortunately, when one turns to a hobby for monetary gain, something becomes lost along the way. It got to the point that I wouldn't even take the time to photograph mushrooms, always looking for what might make me a dollar. A mistake, out of necessity, you might say. Although I still make money doing what I love, I've learned to take the time to remember the love and not concentrate on the end result so much. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I take an all or nothing approach to most all I do. Cheers.
  13. Welcome Everyone!

    Hello fungus heads!